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You might have caught Volkswagen’s 2011 Super Bowl commercial. It featured a young boy imitating Darth Vader, which won the heart of America and went viral. This year Volkswagen built on the success of that ad and kept its communications consistent by staying with the Star Wars theme. However, they did introduce a new protagonist: a dog. Volkswagen is clearly executing a communications strategy designed to promote their products. The person behind this is a Communications Specialist.

Communications Careers

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Communications Career Guide Overview

  1. What a Communications Specialist Does
  2. A Typical Day for a Communications Specialist
  3. Salary and Career Progression for a Communications Specialist
  4. Best Locations for Communications Specialists
  5. Pros and Cons of Being a Communications Specialist
  6. What You Need to Know for a Career in Communications
  7. Communications Resources
  8. Careers Related to Communications
  9. Companies with Jobs and Internships in Communications

What a Communications Specialist Does

A Communications Specialist develops communications programs that effectively describe and promote an organization and its products. To do this they research and create content for publication of products. This content might be graphics, brochures, company or product fact sheets, logos, media kits, or other promotional products. The job can also involve preparing presentations or speeches as well as communicating across teams to ensure the program’s success.

A Typical Day for a Communications Specialist

A typical day for Marketing Communications Specialist can vary a lot but may involve any of these tasks:

Salary and Career Progression for a Communications Specialist

On average a Communications Specialist makes $62,000 per year. From there you could go on to become a Corporate Communications Specialist ($65,000) or a Marketing Manager ($86,000 per year on average).

Best Locations for Communications Specialists

Here are some hot spots for communications specialists:

Pros and Cons of Being a Communications Specialist


What You Need to Know for a Career in Communications

You’ll need a college degree in the marketing or PR field, as well as some experience. Beyond that, you will need to know the principle behind Integrated Marketing Communications–the same “look and feel” that strengthens the marketing effectiveness of a company’s products and services. The skills that you need in order to succeed in this field are persuasive writing skills, great communication skills, graphics design and layout, commercial arts, and photography.

Communications Resources

If a career in communications sounds like your cup of tea, here are a few things you should do to get started.

Required Reading

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Networking Opportunities

Careers Related to Communications

Companies with Entry Level Jobs and Internships in Communications

Spatial Logo

Spatial - Spatial is a Broomfield, CO based company that is “the leading provider of 3D components for technical application development across a broad range of industries.”

See the complete Spatial profile

Small Business Majority Logo

Small Business Majority - Small Business Majority is a San Francisco, CA based “national small business organization" that focuses "on solving the biggest problems facing small businesses today.”

See the complete Small Business Majority profile


HDMZ - HDMZ is a Chicago, IL and San Francisco, CA based healthcare and life science marketing agency that was founded in 1936.

See the complete HDMZ profile

Job TitleLocation
SEM ManagerSan Francisco, CA
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Local Initiatives Support Corporation Logo

Local Initiatives Support Corporation - LISC is an NYC based non-profit that connects "local organizations and community leaders with resources to revitalize neighborhoods and improve quality of life.”

See the complete Local Initiatives Support Corporation profile

Room to Grow Logo

Room to Grow - Room to Grow is a New York, NY based non-profit that aims “to enrich the lives of babies born into poverty throughout their critical first three years of development.”

See the complete Room to Grow profile

Triggit Logo

Triggit - Triggit is a San Fran based company that “enables advertisers and agencies to build, run, measure, and optimize retargeting-driven display campaigns from a single platform.”

See the complete Triggit profile

Job TitleLocation
VP of MarketingSan Francisco, CA
Account InternSan Francisco, CA
Product ManagerSan Francisco, CA
Account ManagerSan Francisco, CA
Sales Development RepresentativeSan Francisco, CA
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Emmi Solutions Logo

Emmi Solutions - Emmi Solutions is a Chicago based healthcare communications company that has developed “interactive solutions to achieve meaningful business and clinical outcomes.”

See the complete Emmi Solutions profile

Amazon Watch Logo

Amazon Watch - Amazon Watch is a San Francisco based non-profit that "campaigns for human rights, corporate accountability and the preservation of the Amazon’s ecological systems.”

See the complete Amazon Watch profile

Global Financial Integrity Logo

Global Financial Integrity - Global Financial Integrity is a Washington, D.C. based non-profit that is focused on "curtailing the cross-border flow of illegal money.”

See the complete Global Financial Integrity profile

Groundspeak Logo

Groundspeak - Groundspeak is a Seattle, WA based company that aims “to make everyone an explorer and to put an adventure in every location.”

See the complete Groundspeak profile

No current job openings.

RocksBox Logo

RocksBox - RocksBox is a San Francisco, CA based company that lets you “experiment with different looks, discover the latest designers, and only buy the jewelry that you truly love.”

See the complete RocksBox profile

Job TitleLocation
Marketing InternSan Francisco, CA
Operations AssociateSan Francisco, CA
VP of OperationsSan Francisco, CA
VP of EngineeringSan Francisco, CA
Full Stack Software EngineerSan Francisco, CA
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Digital Promise Logo

Digital Promise - Digital Promise is a Washington, DC based organization that “supports comprehensive research and development to benefit lifelong learners."

See the complete Digital Promise profile

Tri-State Transportation Campaign Logo

Tri-State Transportation Campaign - The Tri-State Transportation Campaign is a New York, NY based “non-profit advocacy organization dedicated to reducing car dependency in NY, NJ, and CT.”

See the complete Tri-State Transportation Campaign profile

Vitamix Logo

Vitamix - Vitamix is an Olmsted, OH company that is “improving the vitality of people’s lives and liberating the world from conventional food and beverage preparation boundaries.”

See the complete Vitamix profile

Job TitleLocation
Web Data SpecialistTownship of Olmsted, OH
Senior DesignerTownship of Olmsted, OH
Sr. Network EngineerTownship of Olmsted, OH
Regulatory & Compliance ManagerOlmsted Falls, OH
Lead DeveloperTownship of Olmsted, OH
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Friends of the Forest Preserves Logo

Friends of the Forest Preserves - Friends of the Forest Preserves is a Chicago, IL based non-profit that "exists because the Cook County forest preserves need help."

See the complete Friends of the Forest Preserves profile


PROVAIL - PROVAIL is a Seattle, WA based non-profit that “supports people with disabilities to fulfill their life choices.”

See the complete PROVAIL profile

ShopHQ Logo

ShopHQ - ShopHQ, based in Eden Prairie, MN, creates “the ultimate interactive shopping experience by uniting live TV, online and mobile shopping opportunities with social media engagement."

See the complete ShopHQ profile

Job TitleLocation
Packer - Hiring Immediately!Eden Prairie, MN
Packer - Flexible ScheduleEden Prairie, MN
Scenic Production AssistantEden Prairie, MN
Buyer - HomeEden Prairie, MN
Assistant Buyer - ElectronicsEden Prairie, MN
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The San Francisco Foundation Logo

The San Francisco Foundation - The San Francisco Foundation is a non-profit founded in 1948 “to pull the community together to create pride and unity and improve quality of life” in the Bay Area.

See the complete The San Francisco Foundation profile

Museum Hack Logo

Museum Hack - Museum Hack is a New York, NY based upstart that developed a “tour to turn one of New York’s most spectacular cultural institutions into a totally unique experience.”

See the complete Museum Hack profile

Food52 Logo

Food52 - Food52 is a New York, NY based online community that brings “cooks together from all over to exchange recipes and ideas and to support each other in the kitchen.”

See the complete Food52 profile

Job TitleLocation
Editorial InternChelsea, NY
See all 0 job postings

AcroSports Logo

AcroSports - AcroSports is a San Francisco, CA based “non-profit organization whose mission is to teach and develop the physical, performing, and circus arts.”

See the complete AcroSports profile

Chemical Education Foundation Logo

Chemical Education Foundation - The Chemical Education Foundation is an Arlington, VA based non-profit that “is committed to enhancing science education among every generation."

See the complete Chemical Education Foundation profile

Sterling-Rice Group Logo

Sterling-Rice Group - Sterling-Rice Group is a Boulder, CO based, food-focused “strategy, innovation, and communications firm that grows businesses and builds brands in considerable ways.”

See the complete Sterling-Rice Group profile

Panthera Logo

Panthera - Panthera is a New York, NY based non-profit that “is the world’s leading conservation organization devoted exclusively to the protection of wild cats.”

See the complete Panthera profile

HL Group Logo

HL Group - HL Group is an NYC based agency that offers services ranging “from media relations and corporate communications strategies to flawless event execution.”

See the complete HL Group profile

Yoga Alliance Logo

Yoga Alliance - Yoga Alliance is an Arlington, VA non-profit trade association that exists “to sustain and support the field of yoga.”

See the complete Yoga Alliance profile

Center for Clean Air Policy Logo

Center for Clean Air Policy - The Center for Clean Air Policy is a Washington, DC based non-profit that is “a recognized world leader in climate and air quality policy."

See the complete Center for Clean Air Policy profile

Art House Co-op Logo

Art House Co-op - Art House Co-op is a Brooklyn, NY based company that is democratizing art by organizing “global, collaborative art projects.”

See the complete Art House Co-op profile

Brandwatch Logo

Brandwatch - Brandwatch is a New York, NY based company that is “all about monitoring what people say about your brand, products, competitors, industry or any related topics.”

See the complete Brandwatch profile

Levitt Pavillions Logo

Levitt Pavilions - Levitt Pavilions is a Los Angeles, CA based non-profit that “partners with cities to build and transform outdoor music venues into community treasures.”

See the complete Levitt Pavilions profile

Job TitleLocation
Outpatient Coding ManagerArlington, TX
Program AssociateBeverly Hills, CA
Program AssociateCalifornia
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National Healthy Mothers Healthy Babies Coalition

National Healthy Mothers Healthy Babies Coalition - National Healthy Mothers Healthy Babies Coalition is an Alexandria, VA based non-profit started in response to the US Surgeon General’s conference on infant mortality.

See the complete National Healthy Mothers Healthy Babies Coalition profile

No current job openings.

The Trust for Public Land Logo

The Trust for Public Land - The Trust for Public Land is a San Francisco, CA based org that was “founded in 1972 with goals of protecting land in and around cities and pioneering."

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