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Looking for an entry level job or internship in cars? Here's an overview of how to approach the search and a list of companies that might have entry level and internship opportunities that will interest you.

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Cars Careers

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Do you like cars or other vehicles? You have many options to turn that interest into a career.

You can work with a car manufacturer: designing new vehicle technologies in research and development, designing the most aesthetically pleasing and functional vehicles and parts in engineering, managing the timeline in designing an entire car, or testing a car or its parts for quality. You can also look into the car accessory business.

Or you can go another route and explore alternate uses for cars beyond the traditional vehicle. Car-sharing and car renting have risen in popularity in recent years. If you’d like to ride that trend, consider working in marketing, customer service, or software development (since a lot of these companies have apps and mobile websites for use on the go).

A lot of positions in the car business require bachelor’s degrees in a related field. An interest in cars is a big plus.

Companies with Entry Level Jobs and Internships in Cars

Edmunds Logo

Edmunds - Edmunds is a Santa Monica, CA based company was has become “one of the most beloved and well-known automotive resources of the 21st century.”

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TrueCar Logo

TrueCar - TrueCar is a Santa Monica, CA based company that offers “hassle-free car-buying experience from a nationwide network of certified dealers.”

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Job TitleLocation
Senior Associate, Hyundai Circle/IncentivesCalifornia
ProductSan Francisco, CA
Marketing & Corporate CommunicationsSanta Monica, CA
Dealer DevelopmentAustin, TX
ALGSanta Monica, CA
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LoJack Logo

LoJack - LoJack is a Canton, MA based company that offers “recovery systems for cars, trucks, motorcycles, equipment, cargo, and laptops.”

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Getaround Logo

Getaround - Getaround is a San Francisco, CA based company that changes the car ownership equation by offering a platform for peer-to-peer car sharing.

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Job TitleLocation
Event StaffWashington, DC
Brand AmbassadorOakland, CA
Fleet AssociateWashington, DC
Operations CoordinatorSan Francisco, CA
Marketing ManagerWashington, DC
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Wheelz Logo

Wheelz - Wheelz is a San Francisco, CA based company that offers peer-to-peer car sharing/renting. It's like AirBnB for cars.

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Urban Science Logo

Urban Science - Urban Science is a Detroit based company that helps auto manufactures manage dealership networks and improve marketing, and they're hiring.

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Jaguar Logo

Jaguar Land Rover - Jaguar doesn’t offer much information about their company or their careers on their website, but there is a bit of info on U.S. opportunities.

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Indianapolis Motor Speedway Logo

Indianapolis Motor Speedway - The Indianapolis Motor Speedway is just one venue, but it has to be one of the most storied sporting venues in the world, and you can work there.

See the complete Indianapolis Motor Speedway profile Logo - The thing that really stands out about is their culture. They’re aiming to be the “most sought after automotive web solutions provider in the world.”

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DriveCam Logo

DriveCam - San Diego based DriveCam offers devices and services that save lives by making people safer drivers, and they're hiring.

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Honda Logo

Honda R&D - With it's U.S. headquarters in Torrance, CA, Honda is one of those car companies that is successfully investing effort into research and development.

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Tesla Motors Logo

Tesla Motors - Tesla Motors is a Palo Alto, CA based company that designs and builds electric cars. Many of their jobs are technical, so an engineering background is a plus!

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