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I bet you can remember cracking a pretty big smile when you visited Walt Disney World for the first time as a kid. If I recall correctly, there’s not much that compares to the magic of Mickey Mouse. Perhaps now you still occasionally flip through old photo albums and stumble upon quality relics like big ol’ Goofy with you on his lap. If it weren’t for the photographers in the park, these memories might not have been captured and could have easily slipped away. Photographers are able to capture fleeting moments and emotions through the pictures they shoot.

Photography Careers

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Photography Career Guide Overview

  1. What a Photographer Does
  2. A Typical Day for a Photographer
  3. Salary and Career Progression for a Photographer
  4. Best Locations for Photographers
  5. Pros and Cons of Being a Photographer
  6. What You Need to Know for a Career in Photography
  7. Photography Resources
  8. Careers Related to Photography
  9. Companies with Jobs and Internships in Photography

What a Photographer Does

A photographer is a person who takes photographs. Some photographers explore subjects like landscapes and portraits. Other photographers specialize in subjects unique to photography, including street photography, documentary photography, wedding photography, and commercial photography.

A Typical Day for a Photographer

A typical day for a photographer can range a lot but generally involves taking pictures in a studio or at an event and editing the pictures. Here are some things you might encounter:

Salary and Career Progression for a Photographer

The average yearly salary for a photographer is $17,000-$86,000, which is a pretty large range. Where your salary falls in that range depends on how long you’ve been in the industry or what type of photography you do (fashion and commercial generally make more than news and sport). Beyond that you can consider becoming a Commercial Photographer ($21,000-$83,000), a Graphic Artist/Designer ($23,000-$57,000), or a Freelance Photographer ($18,000-$201,000).

Best Locations for Photographers

Here are some hot spots for photographers:

Pros and Cons of Being a Photographer


What You Need to Know for a Career in Photography

Photography is generally self-taught, although there are a few degree programs. To be a photographer you’ll need to have both business technical knowledge and creativity. To get your pictures to look the best you’ll need to know about specific cameras, lighting, and digital imaging. It’s a good idea to try to get some hands-on experience with an established photographer. You could also do a local workshop to get experience. Either way you’ll want to showcase your work in albums online. By doing this you put your name out there, and you can get feedback on your work.

Photography Resources

If photography still sounds like your cup of tea, here are a few things you should do to get started.

Required Reading

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Networking Opportunities

Careers Related to Photography

Companies with Entry Level Jobs and Internships in Photography

Things Remembered Logo

Things Remembered - Things Remembered, based in Highland Heights, OH, is “the nation’s largest and most prominent retailer of personalized gifts.”

See the complete Things Remembered profile

Industrial Color Logo

Industrial Color - Industrial Color is an LA and NYC based company that offers “digital still and video capture, post-production, color and video editing services,"

See the complete Industrial Color profile Logo - is based in Emeryville, CA, and it “is a leading authority in wall décor and the world’s largest online retailer of posters, prints, and framed art.”

See the complete profile

Museum Hack Logo

Museum Hack - Museum Hack is a New York, NY based upstart that developed a “tour to turn one of New York’s most spectacular cultural institutions into a totally unique experience.”

See the complete Museum Hack profile

Wedding Party Logo

Wedding Party - Wedding Party is a Palo Alto, CA based company that offers an app that allows you to “capture all the amazing photos from your wedding.”

See the complete Wedding Party profile

Sartori Logo

Sartori - Sartori is a Plymouth, WI based “fourth-generation family owned and operated” cheese company that is known for its high quality Italian cheeses.

See the complete Sartori profile

ThinkGeek Logo

ThinkGeek - ThinkGeek is a Fairfax, VA company that sells stuff for the "thousands of people out there who were on the front line and in the trenches as the Internet was forged.”

See the complete ThinkGeek profile

DNA Footwear Logo

DNA Footwear - DNA Footwear is a Brooklyn, NY shoe retailer that is now working to be “the top online destination for today’s latest trends in the world of footwear.”

See the complete DNA Footwear profile

Lumi Logo

Lumi - Lumi is a Los Angeles, CA based company that has developed “a revolutionary photographic print process for textiles and natural materials.”

See the complete Lumi profile

Job TitleLocation
Relationship ManagerNew York, NY
Route Driver/SalesCharlottesville, VA
Accountant - Part-timeMinneapolis, MN
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Kembrel Logo

Kembrel - Kembrel is a Philadelphia, PA based company that is blending traditional retail with e-commerce to reach college students, and they're hiring.

See the complete Kembrel profile

No current job openings.

deviantART Logo

deviantART - If you love art and want to be part of the world's biggest online art community, then you should definitely consider a job with deviantART.

See the complete deviantART profile

Job TitleLocation
Media InternCambridge, MA
Social Media Outreach AssociateUnited States
Graphics AssistantPensacola, FL
Account ExecutiveNew York, NY
Media InternSan Francisco, CA
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Shecky's Logo
No current job openings.

Corbis Logo

Corbis - All creative works belong to someone and Corbis is a company based in Seattle, WA that buys and sells the rights for creative intellectual property.

See the complete Corbis profile

New York Daily News Logo

New York Daily News - The New York Daily News doesn't list jobs, but does typically hire in Advertising, Circulation, Marketing, Production, Technology, Finance, and Digital.

See the complete New York Daily News profile

Converse Logo

Converse - If you love Chuck Taylors and consider yourself an All-Star, you'll probably want to check out job opportunities with Converse.

See the complete Converse profile

Joby Logo

Joby - Joby is still a relatively small company, but they’re expanding their products lines by filling new niches with the same idea and technology. And they're hiring

See the complete Joby profile

Engadget Logo

Engadget - If it's hardware (or really cool software), and it's cool, Engadget will be all over it. Yesterday they published a blog post that said that they are hiring.

See the complete Engadget profile

International Center of Photography Logo

International Center of Photography - If you love photography, but want to do more than just take pictures, then the International Center of Photography is a perfect place for you.

See the complete International Center of Photography profile

20x200  Logo

20×200 - Despite their artsy fartsiness, 20×200 is most focused on hiring techies right now—they’re looking for a System Admin and a Web Developer.

See the complete 20×200 profile

Sling Media Logo

Sling Media - Sling Media is all about using technology to let you control how you consume media, if that interests you, check out their current job openings.

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POLITICO - It’s hard to discern which positions at POLITICO are most appropriate for new college grads, but we've found a few that are worth a look for politics junkies.

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Pi Media Logo

Pi Media - Pi Media is a Toronto, Canada based content creation company – North America’s largest in fact.

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