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Looking for an entry level job or internship in animation? Here's an overview of how to approach the search and a list of companies that might have entry level and internship opportunities that will interest you.

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Animation Careers

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Every animation you watch, from a full-screen feature to a two-minute clip on Youtube, takes a lot of work to make. The animation itself can be divided into two rough areas: the art and the programming. In both cases, standing out with an outstanding demo reel or portfolio is the best way to get a job in animation.

If the art of animation interests you, then some possible careers include a 2D or 3D animator, a digital cel animator, a character designer, or a mixed media animator, depending on where your animation interests lie. If the programming interests you more, jobs in software development and production–writing the scripts that make the animations animate–would be more up your alley. No matter which side of animation interests you more, knowing a little about the other part of animation will only help you.

While entering a career in entertainment is a popular option, it’s not the only one. Game companies, movie studios, and cartoon channels employ a lot of animators, but simulations and virtual reality are becoming more common, and animations are often used for training as well.

Companies with Entry Level Jobs and Internships in Animation

Gameloft Logo

Gameloft - Gameloft is a New York, NY based company that allows its “fans to play games anywhere, anytime, and on any digital platform.”

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Job TitleLocation
Intern ProgrammersNew York, NY
Intern Game DesignersNew York, NY
ProducerNew York, NY
Account ManagerNew York, NY
Graphic Designer/IllustratorNew York, NY
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Fuhu Logo

Fuhu - Fuhu is an El Segundo, CA based company aiming to be "the leading designer, seller and innovator of ‘thoughtful’ consumer products and services for children.”

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Job TitleLocation
PR ManagerEl Segundo, CA
Illustrator - FreelanceLos Angeles, CA
Script EditorLos Angeles, CA
Creative WriterLos Angeles, CA
Data Entry (Contractor)Los Angeles, CA
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Edventure More Logo

Edventure More - Edventure More is a San Francisco, CA based non-profit that “inspires the playful pursuit of enrichment for the next generation.”

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Job TitleLocation
Graphic DesignerSan Francisco Bay Area, CA
Java / J2ee Developer with Mobile Development Exp- Santa Clara, CASanta Clara, CA
Non Profit Office Administrative AssistantSan Francisco, CA
Development ManagerSan Francisco Bay Area, CA
Enrichment School Year StaffSan Francisco Bay Area, CA
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Z2Live Logo

Z2Live - Z2Live is a Seattle, WA based company that “creates original next-generation, free-to-play, social and multiplayer games for mobile devices.”

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Job TitleLocation
Sr. DevOps EngineerSeattle, WA
Game ProgrammerSeattle, WA
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TrainSignal Logo

TrainSignal - TrainSignal is a Schaumburg, IL based company that helps people improve themselves through video software training, and they're hiring.

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No current job openings.

38 Studios Logo

38 Studios - 38 Studios is “combining the ages-old art of the story with 21st century interactive entertainment" and they're hiring lots of people to help achieve this.

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Organic Motion Logo

Organic Motion - The technology behind Organic Motion is pretty complex, so you should probably read up on it before considering a job with them.

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Lucasfilm Logo
Job TitleLocation
Production AssistantSan Francisco, CA
Executive AssistantSan Francisco, CA
VFX ProducerSan Francisco, CA
Video Content WriterSan Francisco, CA
Associate, Corporate FinanceBurbank, CA
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Watercooler Logo

Watercooler - Watercooler has already raised $9.5 million in venture capital, so they’re certainly in a growth stage. This is also evident when you look at their Jobs page.

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DreamBox Learning Logo

DreamBox Learning - The founder of Netflix is putting a ton of money and attention into online education, and if you want to join him, check out Jobs at DreamBox Learning.

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Firstborn Logo

Firstborn - The currently available jobs at NYC's Firstborn most likely to be suitable for new or recent grads are 3D/Motion Artist and Software Engineer.

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Job TitleLocation
RNDialysis ManagerMartha's Vineyard, MA
RNICUProvidence, RI
Full Time Care NeededHendersonville, TN
Newborn Care Needed to Start March 2015Wright City, MO
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Sportvision Logo

Sportvision - Sportvision is constantly developing new technology to make sports more fun to watch on tv, and they're hiring new grads to help do it.

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Riot Games Logo

Riot Games - With all of the recent investment, Riot Games is growing its headcount rapidly. Their Jobs page will show you that they have nearly two dozen full-time openings

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Bungie Logo

Bungie - I don’t know if it’s because unemployed people buy video games or it’s hard to find people w/ the right skills, but I’m shocked to see Bungie has 21 job openings

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Kaos Studios Logo

Kaos Studios - If you’re sitting around playing video games instead of diligently job seekeing, then you’re the reason that companies like Kaos Studios are on “a hiring binge”

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No current job openings.

Blizzard Entertainment Logo

Blizzard Entertainment - Even in this down economy, Irvine, CA based Blizzard Entertainment, the company behind World of Warcraft, seems to be on a hiring binge.

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Marvel Logo

Marvel Enterprises - Are you a superhero whose alter ego is looking for a job? Just for cover, of course, because superheroes don't actually need to work. How about a job at Marvel?

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Armstrong White Logo

Armstrong White - Armstrong White has a number of job openings that could presumably be good fits for new grads who love cars and are trying to get into Computer Graphics.

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No current job openings.

AngelVision Technologies Logo

AngelVision Technologies - Based in Portland, OR, AngelVision Technologies creates “impact movies” that go beyond the normal text-based marketing that drives most online business.

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No current job openings.

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