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I’ve always been bad at generating ideas for presents. But with the help of Etsy’s gift recommender, which gives you gift ideas based on each of your Facebook friends’ interests, I found a Sarah Palin flask. As odd as that flask sounds, it was the perfect gift. Etsy is all about connecting people with great hand-crafted local art while simultaneously helping small businesses grow. Rather than just being a marketplace, it brands itself as a community of artists, creators, collectors, thinkers, and doers. As such they encourage people to meet up in person by attending workshops, connecting online for learning labs, and joining forum threads to discuss business, crafts, and more. The person in charge of fostering this sense of community between their millions of sellers and buyers is a Community Manager.

Community Management Entry Level Jobs and Internships

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Community Management Career Guide Overview

  1. What a Community Manager Does
  2. A Typical Day in Community Management
  3. Salary and Career Progression for a Community Manager
  4. Best Locations for Community Management
  5. Pros and Cons: Being a Community Manager
  6. What You Need to Know for a Career in Community Management
  7. Community Management Resources
  8. Careers Related to Community Management
  9. Companies with Jobs and Internships in Community Management

What a Community Manager Does

A Community Manager fosters a sense of community by building close relationships with, and between, a company or brand’s customers. Basically a Community Manager strives to create a virtual world that all the key players in an industry want to take part in. They do this by synthesizing conversations, facilitating discussion, curating and creating content, and pushing the community to evolve. Community Managers play an important role in involving a large number of people in innovation, collaboration, evangelism, and loyalty for a company or product.

A Typical Day in Community Management

While a typical day for a Community Manager varies, these are some of the tasks you might encounter:

Salary and Career Ladders for a Community Manager

The great news is that demand for this position is continuing to grow. Currently the average yearly salary for a Community Manager is $57,000. With this role you have the opportunity to work for an agency or for a brand. As you grow, you might take on a more senior role or switch between agencies or brands. You could also become a Social Media Manager ($25,000-$70,000), Program Manager (average $113,000), or even Community Director ($33,000-$94,000).

Best Locations for a Community Manager

Pros and cons to being a Community Manager


What You Need to Know for a Career in Community Management

To be a Community Manager you will probably need a bachelor’s degree in journalism, marketing, advertising, business or psychology. In addition you should have great written and verbal communication skills, an understanding of marketing and online culture and trends, and the ability to speak publicly. The cool thing about community management is that there are a few ways you can get experience even before your first gig:

Community Management Resources

If community management still sounds like your cup of tea, here are a few things you should do to get started.

Required Reading

The Art of Community by Jono Bacon
The New Community Rules by Tamar Weinberg
Online Community Management for Dummies by Deborah Ng

Key Folks to Follow on Twitter

Blogs and Websites

Networking Opportunities

Careers Related to Community Management

Companies with Entry Level Jobs and Internships in Community Management

Fullscreen Logo

Fullscreen - Fullscreen is a LA based agency aiming to build “the first media company for the connected generation—together, right at the intersection of tech and entertainment.”

See the complete Fullscreen profile

Job TitleLocation
Account ExecutiveNew York, NY
Events Coordinator Boca Raton BowlBoca Raton, FL
Community Manager InternLos Angeles, CA
PR InternshipLos Angeles, CA
Social Media InternshipLos Angeles, CA
See all 109 job postings

Groundspeak Logo

Groundspeak - Groundspeak is a Seattle, WA based company that aims “to make everyone an explorer and to put an adventure in every location.”

See the complete Groundspeak profile

Job TitleLocation
Marketing InternshipSeattle, WA
Communications SpecialistSeattle, WA
UX ManagerSeattle, WA
Product OwnerSeattle, WA
Art DirectorSeattle, WA
See all 5 job postings

RocksBox Logo

RocksBox - RocksBox is a San Francisco, CA based company that lets you “experiment with different looks, discover the latest designers, and only buy the jewelry that you truly love.”

See the complete RocksBox profile

Job TitleLocation
Strategy & Marketing Analyst InternSan Francisco, CA
VP of MerchandisingSan Francisco, CA
Strategy & Marketing AnalystSan Francisco, CA
Strategy & Marketing AnalystSan Francisco, CA
Operations AssociateSan Francisco, CA
See all 4 job postings

Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association Logo

Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association - Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association is a Frederick, MD based non-profit that “is the largest, most influential general aviation association in the world.”

See the complete Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association profile

Vitamix Logo

Vitamix - Vitamix is an Olmsted, OH company that is “improving the vitality of people’s lives and liberating the world from conventional food and beverage preparation boundaries.”

See the complete Vitamix profile

Job TitleLocation
Product Management InternTownship of Olmsted, OH
LEAN InternStrongsville, OH
Marketing Strategy InternOlmsted Falls, OH
LEAN InternStrongsville, OH
Engineering Intern - SystemsTownship of Olmsted, OH
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Relias Learning Logo

Relias Learning - Relias Learning is based in Cary, NC and offers “online training to senior care, health and human services, corrections, and intellectual and developmental disabilities organizations.”

See the complete Relias Learning profile

AllTrails Logo

AllTrails - AllTrails is a San Francisco, CA based startup that provides outdoor enthusiast "with the information and tools to discover top destinations near them.”

See the complete AllTrails profile

No current job openings.

Fitocracy Logo

Fitocracy - Fitocracy is a New York, NY based company that aims “to make fitness a more fun, more addictive experience.”

See the complete Fitocracy profile

FaithStreet Logo

FaithStreet - FaithStreet is a New York, NY based company that helps people find a place to worship and helps religious communities find new members and gather donations.

See the complete FaithStreet profile

No current job openings.

GiveGab Logo

GiveGab - GiveGab is an Ithaca, NY based company that has built a “social network for volunteers and volunteer managers.”

See the complete GiveGab profile

TextLinkBrokers Logo

TextLinkBrokers - TextLinkBrokers is a Mesa, AZ based company that services the “needs of professional SEM agencies and individuals looking for high quality link development.”

See the complete TextLinkBrokers profile

newBrandAnalytics Logo

newBrandAnalytics - newBrandAnalytics, a D.C. based company, has developed “a social media monitoring and online reputation management tool" to deliver operational social intelligence.

See the complete newBrandAnalytics profile

No current job openings.

Black Diamond Equipment Logo

Black Diamond Equipment - Black Diamond Equipment is a Salt Lake City, UT based company that is “all about climbing and skiing.”

See the complete Black Diamond Equipment profile

Firecracker Logo

Firecracker - Firecracker is a Cambridge, MA based company that has built the “most advanced learning platform for the next generation of Physicians.”

See the complete Firecracker profile

Mirrorball Logo

Mirrorball - Mirrorball is a New York, NY based consumer engagement agency “that connects brands and people through a fusion of social media and live experience.”

See the complete Mirrorball profile

Job TitleLocation
CreativeNew York, NY
Associate EditorNew York, NY
Client Service PeopleNew York, NY
Account CoordinatorNew York, NY
Community ManagerNew York, NY
See all 8 job postings

Panthera Logo

Panthera - Panthera is a New York, NY based non-profit that “is the world’s leading conservation organization devoted exclusively to the protection of wild cats.”

See the complete Panthera profile

See.Me Logo

See.Me - See.Me is a New York, NY based company that offers a platform that allows artists of all kinds to share the best of what they do with an international community.

See the complete See.Me profile

Riskive Logo

Riskive - Riskive is a Baltimore, MD based company that provides " technology dedicated to identifying, monitoring and preventing risk across the socially connected enterprise.”

See the complete Riskive profile

No current job openings.

Lumi Logo

Lumi - Lumi is a Los Angeles, CA based company that has developed “a revolutionary photographic print process for textiles and natural materials.”

See the complete Lumi profile

Job TitleLocation
Accounting SpecialistSan Francisco, CA
Lead Back-End DeveloperLos Angeles, CA
See all 2 job postings

HelloWallet Logo

HelloWallet - HelloWallet is a Washington, DC. based company that offers a “financial wellness” tool designed with the help of behavioral economists.

See the complete HelloWallet profile

Desmos Logo

Desmos - Desmos is a San Francisco, CA based startup that offers a free online graphing calculator for students, teachers, and anyone interested in math.

See the complete Desmos profile

Job TitleLocation
Front End EngineerSan Francisco, CA
System EngineerSan Francisco, CA
UX / Design LeadSan Francisco, CA
See all 3 job postings

Schoology Logo

Schoology - Schoology is a NYC based company that provides teachers with "tools and connections to engage students more efficiently and improve educational effectiveness."

See the complete Schoology profile

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