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As I was grocery shopping yesterday, something new caught my eye–Cap’n Crunch’s Chocolately Crunch. Not only did the cereal sound delicious, but it had a beautifully designed box (with “NEW!” across the top) and prime placement at the beginning of the cereal aisle. I’m not trying to make your stomach growl, although mine surely did, but I want you to think about how this situation arose. Presumably a client, The Quaker Oats Company, approached an ad agency with a brief, asking them for help with creating and introducing a new product. Within the ad agency an account manager worked closely with the agency’s creative team and the client, to make the product a success and to grow the relationship with client into a long-lasting one.

Account Management Careers

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Account Management Career Guide Overview

  1. What an Account Manager Does
  2. A Typical Day for an Account Manager
  3. Salary and Career Progression for an Account Manager
  4. Best Locations for Account Management
  5. Pro/Con: Being an Account Manager
  6. What You Need to Know for a Career in Account Management
  7. Account Management Resources
  8. Careers Related to Account Management
  9. Companies with Jobs and Internships in Account Management

What an Account Manager/Coordinator/Executive Does

An advertising account manager is the liaison between the clients and their agency, and is responsible for bringing in and keeping clients as happy as possible, so that they come back for more business. They work with every department inside the agency, as well as vendors and partners outside the agency, and clients. They guide a campaign or project from before its inception, to its very end. Basically they take preojects all the way through the brief and concepting and back and forth with clients, and into production to create the work. Then they’re actively involved in pushing that work out into the world, and play a role in the post-launch analytics and continual optimizing. Many of these projects overlap so they’re always juggling and managing something. Account managers need to be experts of their clients’ industry, and they need to be champions for everyone within the agency.

Account management isn’t exclusive to advertising, though that may be where it’s best known. Account positions are also extremely common at Marketing and PR firms, advertisers (as opposed to ad agencies), daily deal companies, and anywhere else that ongoing relationships are important. Account managers are responsible for keeping clients happy so that they can be sold on more business in the future.

A Typical Day for an Account Executive

On a typical day, an advertising account manager does a lot of communicating and “hand-holding.” They discuss with a client about their needs and wants and then relay this information to the creative team within the ad agency. The strategist might also present the final advertising product to another client. This might involve selling the client on the idea, negotiating the price, and working to secure future business. The account manager could also monitor current campaigns to make sure they end up successful. If a campaign wraps up, the account manager will talk with the client to ensure they’re happy and guide them through thinking about what projects might be up next.

The position looks quite similar in other industries.

Salary and Career Progression in Account Management

As an Account Manager you should make between $32,000-$76,000 per year. And there’s plenty of room for advancement. You could become an Advertising Account Director ($64,735 – $160,792) or an Account Supervisor ($48,000-$95,000). Some Account Management positions can come with a commission structure or bonus incentive if they entail more selling than hand holding.

Best Locations for Account Managers

These hot spots have the highest salaries for Account Managers:

Pro/Con: Working in Account Management


What You Need to Know for a Career in Account Management

To be an Account Coordinator you’ll probably need a four year degree from a university, with a focus on advertising or business. You’ll also need at least one internship in the field to build the skills for the job. It’s important that you’re able to take calculated risks, be curious, have a sense of diplomacy, and possess passion and ambition. Also, you’ll need to have organizational and project management skills, interpersonal strengths, salesmanship, strategic thinking, domain expertise, and collaboration. If you’re a people-person you can really rock this role!

Account Management Resources

If Account Management still sounds like your cup of tea, here are a few things you should do to get started (though Mad Men should teach you everything that you need to know).

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Careers Related to Account Management

Companies with Entry Level Jobs and Internships in Account Management

Sojern Logo

Sojern - Sojern is based in San Francisco and has developed a travel-focused “robust audience engagement platform [that] is powered by machine-learning technology."

See the complete Sojern profile

Job TitleLocation
Paid Graphic Design InternshipSan Francisco, CA
Technical Account Manager - NYCNew York, NY
Production DesignerSan Francisco, CA
Account ManagerNew York, NY
Product ScientistSan Francisco, CA
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inDinero Logo

inDinero - inDinero is a San Francisco, CA based company that will "take care of your accounting, file your corporate tax returns, and manage your payroll.”

See the complete inDinero profile

RevTrax Logo

RevTrax - RevTrax is a New York, NY based company that is taking a more modern approach to using coupons to track customer behavior.

See the complete RevTrax profile

Emmi Solutions Logo

Emmi Solutions - Emmi Solutions is a Chicago based healthcare communications company that has developed “interactive solutions to achieve meaningful business and clinical outcomes.”

See the complete Emmi Solutions profile

Clever Logo

Clever - Clever is a San Francisco, CA whose software syncs "with your school’s student information system to provide an amazing experience for teachers and students.”

See the complete Clever profile

xAd Logo

xAd - xAd is a New York, NY based company that allows advertisers to pinpoint “target audiences at pivotal moments during the consumer’s decision-making journey.”

See the complete xAd profile

Kellen Company Logo

Kellen Company - Kellen Company is a "professional services company serving associations, companies and foundations” with offices in Atlanta, New York, Denver, Chicago, and D.C.

See the complete Kellen Company profile

Olo Logo

Olo - Olo is a New York, NY based company that makes it easy for restaurants to offer "reliable, fast, and secure digital ordering for restaurants."

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FATHOM - FATHOM is an Oakland, CA studio that uses its “expertise in 3D printing and additive manufacturing to help customers innovate faster and more efficiently.”

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Relias Learning Logo

Relias Learning - Relias Learning is based in Cary, NC and offers “online training to senior care, health and human services, corrections, and intellectual and developmental disabilities organizations.”

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Extole Logo

Extole - Extole is a San Francisco, CA based company that specializes in helping “brands acquire new customers at scale by rewarding existing customers.”

See the complete Extole profile

Job TitleLocation
Product DesignerSan Francisco, CA
Account Executive (SF)San Francisco, CA
Account ManagementSan Francisco, CA
Java Developer/ArchitectSan Francisco, CA
JavaScript & HTML/CSS DeveloperSan Francisco, CA
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AllTrails Logo

AllTrails - AllTrails is a San Francisco, CA based startup that provides outdoor enthusiast "with the information and tools to discover top destinations near them.”

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No current job openings.

Anomaly Logo

Anomaly - Anomaly is an NYC based agency that blurs “the borders between providing traditional marketing services and working as a business development partner.”

See the complete Anomaly profile

Sparks Logo

Sparks - Sparks is a Philadelphia, PA based agency that “creates dyanmic brand experiences anywhere in the world a customer engages with your brand.”

See the complete Sparks profile

Escalate Logo

Escalate - Escalate is an NYC based experiential marketing agency that escalates “customer relationships to the point of brand advocacy, with measurable results.”

See the complete Escalate profile

Hiebing Logo

Hiebing - Hiebing is a Madison, WI based marketing and ad agency “with a keen focus on the target market and the cartwheeling curiosity of a bright-eyed first grader.”

See the complete Hiebing profile

Optimal Logo

Optimal - Optimal “is the leading social advertising and analytics platform, with offices in San Francisco, Palo Alto, New York, Chicago, and London.”

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EasyPost Logo

EasyPost - EasyPost is a San Francisco, CA based startup that “is changing the way shipping works and helping a lot of people” at the same time.

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No current job openings.

RealScout Logo

RealScout - RealScout is a Sunnyvale, CA based company that “leverages over 500 datapoints to make home search more personal for clients and more efficient for Realtors.”

See the complete RealScout profile

Job TitleLocation
Inside Sales Account ExecutiveMountain View, CA
Lead UX & Graphic DesignerMountain View, CA
Director of EngineeringMountain View, CA
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Homejoy Logo

Homejoy - Homejoy is a San Francisco, CA based company that makes “cleaning services available to a broad audience, rather than a luxury for the rich.”

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Food52 Logo

Food52 - Food52 is a New York, NY based online community that brings “cooks together from all over to exchange recipes and ideas and to support each other in the kitchen.”

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Dollar Shave Club Logo

Dollar Shave Club - Dollar Shave Club is a Venice, CA "men’s lifestyle brand and e-commerce company on a mission to change the way men address their shaving and grooming needs.”

See the complete Dollar Shave Club profile

Job TitleLocation
Video Production InternMebane, NC
Mobile Media Ops ManagerSanta Monica, CA
Associate DesignerSanta Monica, CA
Member Services AssociateSanta Monica, CA
Director of DesignSanta Monica, CA
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Tinypass Logo

Tinypass - Tinypass is an NYC based company that believes "that bloggers, magazines, newspapers, and all creators shouldn’t have so much trouble making money online.”

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Mirrorball Logo

Mirrorball - Mirrorball is a New York, NY based consumer engagement agency “that connects brands and people through a fusion of social media and live experience.”

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Job TitleLocation
CreativeNew York, NY
Associate EditorNew York, NY
Client Service PeopleNew York, NY
Account CoordinatorNew York, NY
Community ManagerNew York, NY
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