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It took Justin Bieber only 22 minutes to sell out Madison Square Garden. In my humble opinion, this feat was the result of a combination of things including:

  1. his hair
  2. his very personal connection with his fans developed over social media

Because there was no clear channel or precedence for Justin to expose the world to his music when he got started, he had to be creative. So he strove to connect directly with fans. He shared videos of jam sessions on Youtube and engaged with people on Twitter, replying to their questions and doing status updates about where he was going to be. By creating a strong presence for himself across many social media sites like Twitter and Facebook, he was able to communicate with more people and spread his message. Ultimately he has branded himself in a way that many companies hope to. In order to attract and serve customers, many companies are hopping on the social media train and hiring people familiar with the digital marketing space. One of these new roles is that of a Social Media Coordinator. A Social Media Coordinator creates a communication strategy for a brand or company to connect with its potential and current customers, and executes it across various social media platforms.

Social Media Careers

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Social Media Coordinator Career Guide Overview

  1. What a Social Media Coordinator Does
  2. A Typical Day for a Social Media Coordinator
  3. Salary and Career Progression for a Social Media Coordinator
  4. Best Locations for Social Media Coordinators
  5. Pros and Cons of Being a Social Media Coordinator
  6. What You Need to Know for a Career as a Social Media Coordinator
  7. Social Media Coordinator Resources
  8. Careers Related to Social Media
  9. Companies with Jobs and Internships in Social Media

What a Social Media Coordinator Does

A Social Media Coordinator works to raise awareness of a company’s mission, products, programs, and services among its customers by communicating with them across social media channels. To accomplish this a Social Media Coordinator creates written stories, blog posts, messages, and videos and disperses them across social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and Pinterest. Beyond that they might spend time searching the internet for useful information and curating it, providing customer service, and working with other teams like marketing and PR.

A Typical Day for a Social Media Coordinator

While a typical day for a Social Media Coordinator might vary, it will probably include some of the following tasks:

Salary and Career Progression for a Social Media Coordinator

The great news is that national salary trend data shows that annual earnings for Social Media Coordinators are on the rise and more jobs are projected to become available as the industry evolves. Currently a Social Media Coordinator on average makes $46,000 per year. An entry level person (with an online writing background, at least 3 months consistent writing experience, and familiarity with social media tools) can expect to make around $30,000 per year. Beyond that you might grow into the role of Director of Social Media (a manager who has a background in building teams, who really gets the purpose and strategy of social media) and make between $60,000-$90,000 per year.

Best Locations for Social Media Coordinators

Here are some great locations for social media coordinators:

Pros and Cons of Being a Social Media Coordinator


What You Need to Know for a Career as a Social Media Coordinator

To be a Social Media Coordinator you’ll most likely need a bachelor’s degree in communications, marketing, advertising, public relations, or business. You should also have excellent written and verbal skills and the ability to multi-task and prioritize. Specific skill sets you should work to build out include copywriting skills, video production and editing skills, and knowledge of digital analytics. Furthermore, you should have some experience with social media, even if it’s just your own Twitter or Facebook account.

Social Media Coordinator Resources

If a career as a social media coordinator still sounds like your cup of tea, here are a few things you should do to get started.

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Networking Opportunities

Careers Related to Social Media

Companies with Entry Level Jobs and Internships in Social Media

Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition Logo

Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition - Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition is a San Jose, CA based non-profit that is working to “to create a healthy community, environment, and economy through bicycling."

See the complete Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition profile

ListenLogic Logo

ListenLogic - ListenLogic is a Conshohocken, PA based company that extracts “insights from unstructured big data to drive business outcomes.”

See the complete ListenLogic profile

BustedTees Logo

BustedTees - BustedTees is a New York, NY based t-shirt company that was started by the same team as CollegeHumor.

See the complete BustedTees profile

No current job openings.

Chute Logo

Chute - Chute is based in SF and has developed a “visual content engine for brands” that makes “it easy to keep pace with your customers and create compelling, fresh content."

See the complete Chute profile

SumAll Logo

SumAll - SumAll is a New York, NY based company that allows “you to see all your information in one place and provide you visibility into the past, present, and future.”

See the complete SumAll profile

WPromote Logo

WPromote - WPromote is an El Segundo, CA based company that calls itself “the country’s leading Online Marketing firm." They help clients with SEO, PPC, and Social Media.

See the complete WPromote profile

Spatial Logo

Spatial - Spatial is a Broomfield, CO based company that is “the leading provider of 3D components for technical application development across a broad range of industries.”

See the complete Spatial profile

StyleCaster Media Group Logo

StyleCaster Media Group - StyleCaster Media Group is based in NYC and aims “to bring style to the people, empowering millions of readers to discover and share their style.”

See the complete StyleCaster Media Group profile

Job TitleLocation
Systems AdminNew York, NY
Systems AdminNew York, NY
Social Media Manager, StyleCasterNew York, NY
See all 2 job postings Logo - is a San Francisco, CA based lobbying organization that promotes "policies to keep the United States and its citizens competitive in a global economy."

See the complete profile

Job TitleLocation
Digital Advcoacy FellowshipSan Francisco, CA
Law School AmbassadorVillanova, PA
LA Regional OrganizerLos Angeles, CA
Bay Area Chapter FellowSan Francisco, CA
Front-end EngineerSan Francisco, CA
See all 3 job postings

Betaworks Logo

Betaworks - Betaworks is an NYC company that works "to create beneficial and transformative products for the socially connected world.”

See the complete Betaworks profile

Triggit Logo

Triggit - Triggit is a San Fran based company that “enables advertisers and agencies to build, run, measure, and optimize retargeting-driven display campaigns from a single platform.”

See the complete Triggit profile

Job TitleLocation
Sales Development RepresentativeSan Francisco, CA
Head of SalesSan Francisco, CA
Account ManagerSan Francisco, CA
Sr. Account ManagerSan Francisco, CA
Marketing DirectorSan Francisco, CA
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Stitcher Logo

Stitcher - Stitcher is a San Francisco, CA based company that lets you access “over 20,000+ radio shows and podcasts on your iPhone, iPad, Android or PC–anytime, anywhere.”

See the complete Stitcher profile

Fullscreen Logo

Fullscreen - Fullscreen is a LA based agency aiming to build “the first media company for the connected generation—together, right at the intersection of tech and entertainment.”

See the complete Fullscreen profile

Gameloft Logo

Gameloft - Gameloft is a New York, NY based company that allows its “fans to play games anywhere, anytime, and on any digital platform.”

See the complete Gameloft profile

Job TitleLocation
Concept ArtistSeattle, WA
3D ArtistsNew Orleans, LA
AnimatorNew Orleans, LA
Game DesignersNew Orleans, LA
Cover ArtistNew Orleans, LA
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Groundspeak Logo

Groundspeak - Groundspeak is a Seattle, WA based company that aims “to make everyone an explorer and to put an adventure in every location.”

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No current job openings.

RocksBox Logo

RocksBox - RocksBox is a San Francisco, CA based company that lets you “experiment with different looks, discover the latest designers, and only buy the jewelry that you truly love.”

See the complete RocksBox profile

Vitamix Logo

Vitamix - Vitamix is an Olmsted, OH company that is “improving the vitality of people’s lives and liberating the world from conventional food and beverage preparation boundaries.”

See the complete Vitamix profile

Relias Learning Logo

Relias Learning - Relias Learning is based in Cary, NC and offers “online training to senior care, health and human services, corrections, and intellectual and developmental disabilities organizations.”

See the complete Relias Learning profile

Extole Logo

Extole - Extole is a San Francisco, CA based company that specializes in helping “brands acquire new customers at scale by rewarding existing customers.”

See the complete Extole profile

Job TitleLocation
Business Development RepresentativeSan Francisco, CA
Product DesignerSan Francisco, CA
Product Marketing LeadSan Francisco, CA
Client Services ManagerSan Francisco, CA
Manager - eCommerceDodgeville, WI
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AllTrails Logo

AllTrails - AllTrails is a San Francisco, CA based startup that provides outdoor enthusiast "with the information and tools to discover top destinations near them.”

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No current job openings.

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