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One of my favorite authors of this decade is J.K. Rowling. And what a story she has! She went from sketching a rough outline of a series of stories on a napkin to selling millions of books and having an entire portion of an amusement park dedicated to her characters and story. Grab a butterbeer while we delve into her career–and more generally, that of a writer.

Writing Entry Level Jobs and Internships

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Writing Career Guide Overview

  1. What a writer does
  2. A typical day for a writer
  3. Salary and career ladders for a writer
  4. Best locations for a writer
  5. Pros and cons to being a writer
  6. What you need to know to be a writer
  7. Things you should do to get started as a writer

What a Writer Does

A writer is a person who produces literature or nonfiction, such as novels, short stories, plays, screenplays, poetry, essays, news articles, blog posts, or other literary art. In doing so, writers use language to portray ideas and images. There is a wide range of opportunities available to writers, everything from working at a local newspaper, to content development for websites and social media, to writing comedy for Jon Stewart, to penning your own book or blog on a topic you’re passionate about.

A Typical Day for a Writer

While a typical day for a writer generally revolves around writing, here are a few things you might devote time to:

Salary and Career Ladders for a Writer

A writer on average makes between $14,000-$97,000 yearly. You can switch into editing, taking on a Senior Editor gig ($39,000-$99,000 yearly) or work as an editor at a magazine ($27,000-$93,000). Or perhaps copywriting interests you (they make about $26,000-$76,000 yearly).

Best Lcations for a Writer

Pros and Cons to Being a Writer


What You Need to Know to be a Writer

While there are no definite requirements for being a writer, you’ll have a solid background if you’ve got a college degree (or even better an MFA) in writing, English, or journalism. You also might need to be well-versed in APA or Chicago style. Beyond that it’s most important that you do a lot of writing! Getting your work into a couple publications is always a good start. Maybe there’s a newspaper you could freelance for, or you could start your own blog.

Things you should do to get started as a writer

Required reading for a writer


Blogs and Websites

Networking opportunities for a writer

Job search resources for a writer

Careers Related to Writing

Companies with Entry Level Jobs and Internships in Writing

Hayneedle Logo

Hayneedle - Hayneedle is based in Omaha, NE and “has become one of the nation’s largest online retailers, offering more than 3,000 brands and nearly 2 million products for the home.”

See the complete Hayneedle profile

Whalerock Industries Logo

Whalerock Industries - Whalerock Industries, based in Santa Monica, CA, brings together the "best and brightest minds to create world-class content, spanning all mediums and screens.”

See the complete Whalerock Industries profile

Job TitleLocation
Internship-TV/FilmSanta Monica, CA
Internship-TV/FilmSanta Monica, CA
Internship-DigitalSanta Monica, CA
Project ManagerSanta Monica, CA
Internship-DigitalSanta Monica, CA
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Worthee Logo

Worthee - Worthee is a Chicago, IL based company that offers premium dog walking and care services through a simple mobile app.

See the complete Worthee profile

American Conservatory Theater Logo

American Conservatory Theater - American Conservatory Theater is a San Francisco based non-profit that aims to "renew, and reinvent the rich theatrical traditions that are our collective legacy."

See the complete American Conservatory Theater profile

Animoto Logo

Animoto - Animoto is a New York, NY based company that helps regular people make and share extraordinary videos of anything imaginable.

See the complete Animoto profile

FaithStreet Logo

FaithStreet - FaithStreet is a New York, NY based company that helps people find a place to worship and helps religious communities find new members and gather donations.

See the complete FaithStreet profile

No current job openings.

CafeMom Logo
No current job openings.

TextLinkBrokers Logo

TextLinkBrokers - TextLinkBrokers is a Mesa, AZ based company that services the “needs of professional SEM agencies and individuals looking for high quality link development.”

See the complete TextLinkBrokers profile

Food52 Logo

Food52 - Food52 is a New York, NY based online community that brings “cooks together from all over to exchange recipes and ideas and to support each other in the kitchen.”

See the complete Food52 profile

The National Center on Time & Learning Logo

The National Center on Time & Learning - The National Center on Time & Learning is a Boston, MA non-profit that “is dedicated to expanding learning time to improve student achievement."

See the complete The National Center on Time & Learning profile

Society for Science & the Public Logo

Society for Science & the Public - The Society for Science & the Public is a Washington, DC based non-profit that is “dedicated to public engagement in scientific research and education.”

See the complete Society for Science & the Public profile

Mirrorball Logo

Mirrorball - Mirrorball is a New York, NY based consumer engagement agency “that connects brands and people through a fusion of social media and live experience.”

See the complete Mirrorball profile

Job TitleLocation
CreativeNew York, NY
Account CoordinatorNew York, NY
Client Service PeopleNew York, NY
Community ManagerNew York, NY
Account ManagerNew York, NY
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Poetry Foundation Logo

Poetry Foundation - The Poetry Foundation is a Chicago, IL based “independent literary organization committed to a vigorous presence for poetry in our culture.”

See the complete Poetry Foundation profile

The Telling Room Logo

The Telling Room - The Telling Room is a Portland, ME based non-profit that aims “to build confidence, strengthen literacy skills, and provide real audiences for students.”

See the complete The Telling Room profile

Patient Conversation Media Logo

Patient Conversation Media - Patient Conversation Media is an Austin, TX based company that publishes “doctor-reviewed health-related content online for consumers.”

See the complete Patient Conversation Media profile

Panthera Logo

Panthera - Panthera is a New York, NY based non-profit that “is the world’s leading conservation organization devoted exclusively to the protection of wild cats.”

See the complete Panthera profile

No current job openings.

Brit + Co Logo

Brit + Co. - Brit + Co. is a San Francisco, CA based “online platform and e-commerce company that inspires and enables the digital generation to make.”

See the complete Brit + Co. profile

Job TitleLocation
Camera and G&E, & MoreLos Angeles, CA
See all 1 job postings

Treatspace Logo

Treatspace - The Internet plays a huge role in how people find doctors, and Pittsburgh, PA based Treatspace wants to ensure that patients accurate, helpful information.

See the complete Treatspace profile

Youth America Grand Prix Logo

Youth America Grand Prix - Youth America Grand Prix is an NYC based non-profit that offers $250,000 through “the world’s largest student ballet scholarship competition."

See the complete Youth America Grand Prix profile

No current job openings.

Adpearance Logo

Adpearance - Adpearance is a Portland, OR based digital marketing agency that crafts campaigns that bring traditional marketing principles together with new tactics.

See the complete Adpearance profile

No current job openings.

Lean Startup Machine Logo

Lean Startup Machine - Lean Startup Machine is an NYC based company that offers “intensive three-day workshops” that teach “entrepreneurs and innovators how to build disruptive products.”

See the complete Lean Startup Machine profile

Job TitleLocation
Dev-Ops Software EngineerSeattle, WA
Search ArchitectMountain View, CA
search architectMountain View, CA
Metal Fab Production ManagerPhoenix, AZ
software engineer 2Mountain View, CA
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UrbanBound Logo

UrbanBound - UrbanBound is based in Chicago and "helps companies offer a comprehensive transition system to their newly hired and transferring employees" over the web.

See the complete UrbanBound profile

CB Insights Logo

CB Insights - CB Insights is based in NYC and “helps you track the world’s most promising private companies, their investors, their acquirers and the industries they compete in.”

See the complete CB Insights profile

PureWow Logo

PureWow - PureWow is based in NYC and offers a "free daily email for stylish women of substance, featuring the very best in culture, fashion, travel, tech & so much more!"

See the complete PureWow profile

Job TitleLocation
Director of FinanceNew York, NY
Digital Marketing AnalystManhattan, NY
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Rue La La Logo

Rue La La - Rue La La is a Boston, MA based e-commerce company that offers flash sales on "the best in women’s and men’s fashion, home, travel, kids, and more.”

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No current job openings.

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