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What Is One Day One Job?

We introduce college students and recent grads to exciting employers by profiling a new company every day (even on Christmas and Groundhog Day).

Our career-focused editorial content tells the stories of exciting businesses and organizations that are hiring new grads and interns. We write about what these companies do, who they are, why they’re interesting, and what kind of entry level career opportunities they offer.

How We Communicate

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Our goal is to be a part of our readers’ every day job search routine. That means that we need to reach them in the format that they’re most comfortable with. We distribute our daily posts through e-mail, RSS, and on the web. Additionally, we broadcast our posts to our Facebook fans, LinkedIn Group members, and Twitter followers.

Web: Everything starts on our website. It’s where our readers first find us, and it’s the easiest way to browse through our in-depth articles and archived employer profiles. When readers want to dive into One Day, One Job, the web is place to do it.

RSS Feed: Every time that we publish something to the web, it shows up in our RSS feed. Those who read One Day, One Job via RSS are typically tech savvy and used to consuming lots of information quickly..

Daily E-mails: The large majority of our repeat readers are subscribed through e-mail. That means that they happily receive an e-mail from us every single day. In fact, many people love the e-mails so much that they stay subscribed after they land jobs.

Our Audience

The concept may seem simple, but it’s changed the way that thousands of new college grads find jobs. When job seekers understand the meaning behind a company, they make better decisions. They stop carpet bombing recruiters’ inboxes with résumés, and they start taking a focused approach towards landing jobs that are good fits. Everyone wins.

Our website and e-mail newsletter are all about creating great content on exciting career opportunities, but it’s nothing without an audience of smart, well-educated readers who are eager to learn about exciting career opportunities. We have that, and we keep growing. At last count we had:

One Day, One Job

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  • 60,000+ monthly unique visits
  • 11,000+ daily subscribers
  • 3,700+ Facebook Fans
  • 4,600+ Twitter followers
  • 2,000+ LinkedIn Group Members

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  • 10,000+ monthly unique visits
  • 6,000+ daily subscribers
  • 2,800+ Facebook Fans
  • 3,600+ Twitter followers

Our audience is more than twice as big as the largest single campus in the United States—Arizona State University in Tempe. Traveling from campus to campus is great, but you can reach students from thousands of schools all at once with One Day, One Job—and at a much lower cost.

Our Top Colleges

Just to give you a sense of what kind of students our audience consists of, we’ve put together a list of the top 20 college and universities in terms of One Day, One Job readership (based on web visits from on campus IP addresses).

ODOJ Colleges

Here’s the list:

  1. Columbia University
  2. New York University
  3. Stanford University
  4. University of Michigan
  5. Cornell University
  6. University of Chicago
  7. Michigan State University
  8. Harvard University
  9. University of Maryland
  10. Dartmouth College
  11. Yale University
  12. Duke University
  13. Claremont Colleges
  14. Boston College
  15. Penn State University
  16. Boston University
  17. University of Virginia
  18. University of Pennsylvania
  19. University of Washingon
  20. Northwestern University

How much would it cost your company to do on campus recruiting at those 20 schools? Now, what if you add the other 2,300+ colleges and universities that we reach?

The One Day, One Job Effect

Over the past 3 years One Day, One Job has become one of the most trusted brands for information on entry level employment opportunities. When we feature a company, our readers respond in force. Here’s what some employers had to say after they were featured on One Day, One Job:

This post has meant a steadysource of applicants for us. We hired 2 recent college graduates as editors on our craft team in June, 2010 shortly after the post appeared. They are both excellent.
– Stuart Hochwert, Prime Publishing

Results have been great so far, I’m still getting 1-2 resumes a day that seem to originate from the posting. We’re definitely going to be able to fill our hiring needs.
– Adam Liebman, SinglePlatform

Willy, thanks for featuring ShipCompliant’s open positions on your site. We’ve been flooded with interested candidates since Friday.
– Jason Eckenroth, ShipCompliant

I got 20 very impressive resumes in one day from students all over the country. Your website works!
– Gina Stingley, Populous

The three summer interns that we found through OneDayOneInternship have been fantastic, thank you. Based on the success of the summer internship program, we were hoping to expand the program in the fall.
– David Temple, LiveIntent

Based on one tweet about a job opening at Tocquigny, One Day, One Job wrote an article about us that generated the greatest amount of referring traffic to our website all month.
– Sherry Holdridge, Tocquigny

Just following up on your post about Ifbyphone last month. We hired someone today who told me he read about our company on your site. Once again, thanks for the publicity!
– Elan Mosbacher, Ifbyphone

Even though we were featured back in 2009, we still get applications for the Reasoning Mind program mentioning that they found us through ODOJ. This year alone, we’ve had 4 people mention it by name when they applied.
– Julie Fry, Reasoning Mind

Thanks for taking the time/effort to feature Agency Nil last week. It made for a flood of talented, eager inquiries for work.
– Hank Leber, Angency Nil

I want to thank you for your piece on Framework:CR. Since your post, we’ve received dozens of résumés. We appreciate the good words.
– Kathee Rebernak, Framework:CR

In an average month, One Day, One Job sends more than 30,000 outbound clicks to employer websites.

Although a “flood of traffic” to your Careers page is nice, what’s really nice is when it’s a flood of qualified applicants. Considering that MWW Group, DailyCandy, Shmoop, Ifbyphone, Academy for Educational Development, Motley Fool, and All Terrain are just some of the companies that have hired people who found out about them from One Day, One Job, I think that it’s safe to say that our readers make top flight candidates.

Sponsoring One Day, One Job Delivers Results

Although all of our daily posts are editorial in nature, we do offer access to our audience through sponsorship opportunities. We offer both e-mail and web based advertising solutions, and past sponsors include Yext, New York City Teaching Fellows, Nestle Purina, Blue Wolf, MATCH Charter School, PatientsLikeMe, U.S. Space & Rocket Center, and more.

Click the logos to see examples of our campaigns.

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Here’s what we’ve done for previous sponsors:

  • Delivered nearly 150 qualified applicants during a three-week campaign.
  • Sent 500+ clicks to a College Recruiting Careers website in the course of a week
  • More than 75% of the applicants from a One Day, One Job campaign met the company’s recruitment criteria
  • Drove more than 100 clicks to a job posting with a single day sponsorship

The results speak for themselves.

One Day, One Job in the Press

Not only do job seekers and employers both love us, but so does the press. Whether they’re talking about an article that we’ve published, telling the One Day, One Job story, or quoting Willy Franzen, there’s a ton of interest in a small startup that’s helping hundreds of thousands of people through the job search.

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Here’s what the media is saying about One Day, One Job:

In essence, the site can help your company reach entry-level candidates online, use the Internet to manage your employment brand or optimize your career Web site.

If you’re a recent college grad or about to become one, One Day One Job is a resource you should be using as part of your job search. (which also named us one of its Top Niche Job Search Websites)

If you’re interested in making your own Facebook ad to find a job, I recommend you follow Franzen’s step-by-step guide.

Additionally we’ve been featured or linked to by: Time Magazine, Freakonomics/, Slate, Reader’s Digest, Sports Illustrated on Campus, The Minneapolis Star-Tribune, The Baltimore Sun, Weekly Reader, and quite a few more publications, blogs, websites, and e-mail lists.

Sponsor One Day, One Job

We often get asked how much it costs to be featured as One Day, One Job’s company of the day. Unfortunately, that kind of placement isn’t for sale. All the companies that we feature in our daily posts are selected editorially.

What we can offer are some exciting ways to reach our audience through advertising and sponsorships.

Sponsor a Single Daily E-mail

One Day One Job Single Email Sponsorship

Every day we send out an e-mail to our 7,200+ subscribers about a new employer. Many of our readers start their day with a cup of coffee and their One Day, One Job e-mail. You can reach this group of talented college students and grads by sponsoring an e-mail. We’ll include your message and a link to whatever you’re trying to promote

Cost: $119 per e-mail for One Day, One Job; $59 per e-mail for One Day, One Internship

Sponsor Our Site

Our website includes archived profiles of more than 1,000 companies, so it’s no surprise that it attracts more than 20,000 unique visits every week. You can reach our web audience through text or banner advertising.

Cost: $499 per week for One Day, One Job; $299 per week for One Day, One Internship

Full Sponsorship One Day, One Job (Includes Dedicated E-mail)

One Day One Job Sponsored E-mail

If you’re looking to maximize your exposure to our audience of talented college students and grads, this is the option for you. You’ll get their full attention. It’s the ultimate option for both employment branding and delivering quality applicants.

  • A post about your company covering your topics, but written in our tone and voice
  • Promotion of that post across the entire site for the duration of the sponsorship
  • Short advertisements at the beginning of our daily e-mails for each week of sponsorship
  • A permanent link to your company’s post in our archives
  • Exclusivity—we won’t accept other advertising during your sponsorship.

Cost: $999 per week for One Day, One Job; $599 per week for One Day, One Internship. Contact for more information.

* If your company has already been featured editorially on One Day, One Job or you are representing a non-profit organization, contact us about discounted rates.

Non-Employer Advertising

If you have a product, service, website, or something else that you think our readers will love, we want to help you reach them. Although our main focus is on working with employers, we do accept non-employer advertising on a CPM, CPC, or CPA basis. Contact for more information.

Contest and Other Promotions

Have another idea on how One Day, One Job and your company might be able to work together? We’re open to all kinds of ideas. We’ve participated in a number of contest and promotions (some sponsored, some not) that have delivered great results for both us and the sponsors, so we’re always looking for new opportunities. Contact for more information.

Jobs for Post Entry Level Jobs and Internships Majors

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work at home
Amazon Ashburn, VA
Data Entry Clerk Work From Home - Part-Time Focus Group Participants ($750/Week)
Apex Focus Group Ashburn, VA
Entry-Level Research Assistant (Remote)
Maxion Research Centreville, VA
Paid Research Participant- No Experience Needed
IncomeFindr Ashburn, VA
Scouting Intern
D.C. United Leesburg, VA
Remote Part-Time Focus Group Participants (Up To $750/Week)
Apex Focus Group Washington, DC
FT Data Entry Clerk (Work From Home)>
Radon Solutions Reston, VA
Work From Home
FedEx Herndon, VA
FT Data Entry Specialist - Work From Home>
NewOak Capital Herndon, VA
Home-Based Product Tester (No Experience Required)- Full-Time/Part-Time, $25/hr-45/hr
Survey | American Consumer Panels Leesburg, VA

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