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When I was younger, my neighborhood would hold a yard sale one Saturday each Spring. It would start at the crack of dawn, and I’d jump out of bed those mornings knowing it was my time to shine. The more things I sold, the more money I’d make. And the more money I made, the more candy I could buy! My first tactic was to get people “in the door” by yelling out that I had fresh hand-baked sticky buns for sale for $1.00 each. Turns out nothing grabs attention like the allure of breakfast in the morning. After I’d hooked folks with my food, I’d ask them what they were looking for, hunt my most similar item down for them, and bargain over the final price. That was my introduction to sales–a job function in which a person helps to sell goods and services to new or current customers.

Sales Careers

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Sales Career Guide Overview

  1. What a Sales Professional Does
  2. A Typical Day in Sales
  3. Salary and Career Progression for a Sales Professional
  4. Best Locations for Sales
  5. Pro/Con: Being a Sales Professional
  6. What You Need to Know for a Career in Sales
  7. Sales Resources
  8. Careers Related to Sales
  9. Companies with Jobs and Internships in Sales

What a Sales Person Does

A sales person tries to sell products, services, or facilities to people who might be interested in them. Sales is a function that can be found in nearly every organization in some form. A salesperson’s goals is to teach potential customers learn more about the product or service and help them overcome any objections they may have to making a purchasing decision. Sales jobs can range from the retail level where you convince someone to buy a particular cell phone to the enterprise level where you are hammering out multi-million dollar contracts between businesses.

Inside Sales vs. Outside Sales

There are two types of sales jobs–one is called “outside sales” and the other is referred to as “inside sales.” Outside sales representatives generally sell goods outside of the office–this could range from going door to door to flying across the world to make a pitch. People in outside sales typically focus on bringing in entirely new business or at least opening up the opportunity for a business relationship in the future. People who work in inside sales primarily close over the phone or e-mail, and their job is geared towards closing new sales with current customers. This may mean upselling, convincing a client to renew a contract, or closing a sale with a warm lead.

A Typical Day in Sales

The day of a Sales Associate is dominated by communication with prospects–this may be over the phone, by e-mail, or in person. Depending on what is being sold, the time spent on an individual prospect could be minutes or weeks (for instance some companies will require employees to make 200 calls a day or schedule 20 meetings a week). This means that there is a lot of variance in the day to day activities of someone in sales, but the days typically consist of following up on previous interactions, searching for and researching new prospects, and reaching out to these new prospects. Some businesses provide their salespeople with leads, while others require their sales team to find new prospects on their own.

The most successful salespeople are able to understand their customers’ problems and then frame the product they are selling as the best solution. The key to selling is overcoming a customer’s objections, so people in sales typically need to excel at reading people and asking questions. Jobs in sales are heavily shaped by what is being sold, but the skills that are most important in the job span across all industries.

Salary and Career Progression in Sales

A sales person on average makes $52,000 per year. But that can range a bit depending upon what industry you’re selling in. For example, in advertising sales, the average person makes $43,000 per year, but in medical sales, the average sales associate makes about $67,000 per year. There are endless possibilities for growth, as you can expand across industries, or add on additional territories within your current industry to become Regional Sales Manager ($50,000-$160,000), Sales Director ($45,000-$210,000), and National Sales Manager ($50,000-$165,000). Many Sales jobs come with relatively small base salaries and significant commission structures or performance bonuses.

Best Locations for Sales Careers

These hot spots have the highest salaries for salespeople:

Pro/Con: Working in Sales


What You Need to Know for a Career in Sales

To work in Sales you’ll need to develop specific skills like good listening, exceptional self-confidence, and persuasiveness. It’s also important that you’re self-motivated, and a real people person. On top of that, beyond a basic college degree (which isn’t always required) you’ll probably need to undergo some company specific training, so that you can learn the products you’re pitching inside and out.

Sales Resources

If Sales still sounds like your cup of tea, here are a few things you should do to get started.

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Careers Related to Sales

Companies with Entry Level Jobs and Internships in Sales

The Business Backer Logo

The Business Backer - The Business Backer is based in Cincinnati based and “is helping small business owners flourish and grow by re-inventing relationship-based lending for the 21st century.”

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CompStak Logo

CompStak - CompStak is based in NYC and creating "transparency in commercial real estate by gathering information that is hard to find, difficult to compile or otherwise unavailable.”

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Job TitleLocation
See all 1 job postings

ListenLogic Logo

ListenLogic - ListenLogic is a Conshohocken, PA based company that extracts “insights from unstructured big data to drive business outcomes.”

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Tripping Logo

Tripping - Tripping is a San Francisco, CA based company that has build “the world’s largest search engine for vacation and short-term rentals.”

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Chalkfly Logo

Chalkfly - Chalkfly is a Detroit, MI based office supply startup that provides “the supplies you need to do your best work.”

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No current job openings.

Vayable Logo

Vayable - Vayable is based in SF/NYC and offers “a home for anyone looking to experience honest, local culture through experiences created and hosted by passionate local Insiders.”

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No current job openings.

OneIMS Logo

OneIMS - OneIMS is a Skokie, IL based company that offers “everything from services like branding and web design to online marketing strategies like SEO and PPC.”

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Job TitleLocation
Jr Account ManagerSkokie, IL
SEO CopywriterSkokie, IL
Development SupportSkokie, IL
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The Resumator Logo

The Resumator - The Resumator is a Pittsburgh, PA based company that helps “great people build great companies” by bringing “talented professionals and compelling companies together.”

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Radio One Logo

Radio One - Radio One is a Lanham, MD based media company that focuses on targeting African-American and urban consumers through 54 radio stations.

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No current job openings.

Balboa Capital

Balboa Capital - Balboa Capital is an Irvine, CA based company that “has been providing equipment leasing and working capital loans to US businesses for over two decades.”

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FreshAddress Logo

FreshAddress - FreshAddress is a Newton, MA based company that helps “companies that depend on email to drive revenue by building, updating, segmenting, and cleaning their email lists.”

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MOO Logo

MOO - MOO is an East Providence, RI based company that loves to print. They’ve even invented a word to describe what they do: “printfinity.”

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Job TitleLocation
Office AssistantFairfield, NJ
R&A Support SpecialistReno, NV
UI DesignerMarina del Rey, CA
GE Independent ContractorGrand Prairie, TX
Front End DeveloperNew York, NY
See all 31 job postings Logo - is a Houston, TX based company that is “the world’s largest online window covering store.”

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Luminate Logo

Luminate - A lot of companies have put ads alongside images, but Luminate is a Mountain View, CA based company that is putting them in the actual images.

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71lbs Logo

71lbs - 71lbs is a Fort Lauderdale, FL based startup “with a ‘set-and-forget’ system that allows our customers to easily and automatically collect late-shipment refunds."

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Job TitleLocation
B2B Marketing CoordinatorFort Lauderdale, FL
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Eataly Logo

Eataly - Eataly is a New York, NY and Chicago, IL based gourmet Italian marketplace inspired by the famous chef Mario Batali.

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Job TitleLocation
Human Resources & Recruiting InternNew York, NY
Produce Associate - BaldorNew York, NY
ServerNew York, NY
Line CookNew York, NY
Sous ChefNew York, NY
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Triggit Logo

Triggit - Triggit is a San Fran based company that “enables advertisers and agencies to build, run, measure, and optimize retargeting-driven display campaigns from a single platform.”

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No current job openings.

SmartBear Logo

SmartBear - SmartBear is based in Beverly, MA, and they make “tools to help you manage the quality of your desktop, web, mobile, and api-based applications."

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Sojern Logo

Sojern - Sojern is based in San Francisco and has developed a travel-focused “robust audience engagement platform [that] is powered by machine-learning technology."

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inDinero Logo

inDinero - inDinero is a San Francisco, CA based company that will "take care of your accounting, file your corporate tax returns, and manage your payroll.”

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nrelate Logo

nrelate - nrelate is an NYC based company that "helps Publishers give their readers an easy way to find more great content from within their site or from around the web."

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No current job openings.

FranConnect Logo

FranConnect - FranConnect is a Reston, VA based company that offers Franchise Management Systems to big name clients like Dairy Queen and The UPS Store.

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Worthee Logo

Worthee - Worthee is a Chicago, IL based company that offers premium dog walking and care services through a simple mobile app.

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Job TitleLocation
Brand AmbassadorChicago, IL
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FATHOM - FATHOM is an Oakland, CA studio that uses its “expertise in 3D printing and additive manufacturing to help customers innovate faster and more efficiently.”

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