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Flash is a platform used to create games, videos, and other applications. It is often used to stream media online through the Adobe Flash plugin, so chances are you’ve already encountered Flash online in some form.

A Flash developer uses Adobe Flash Player and ActionScript 2 or 3 to create applications. They might specialize in developing games, videos, interactive forms, advertisements, or just about anything else. As a result a Flash developer can work in almost any industry, but some popular ones include video games and marketing.

While a bachelor’s degree is useful to get started as a Flash developer, more useful are your portfolio of interesting things you’ve made and your ability to adapt to new technologies. Since Flash developers often work on the user-facing side of the web, knowledge of HTML, CSS, and Javascript are also useful.

Companies with Entry Level Jobs and Internships in Flash

TrainSignal Logo

TrainSignal - TrainSignal is a Schaumburg, IL based company that helps people improve themselves through video software training, and they're hiring.

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No current job openings.

Underground Elephant Logo

Underground Elephant - Underground Elephant is a San Diego, CA based performance marketing company that has phenomenal job opportunities for new and recent grads.

See the complete Underground Elephant profile

Captains of Industry Logo

Captains of Industry - Captains of Industry is a Boston, MA based advertising and marketing firm that has some great job opportunities available.

See the complete Captains of Industry profile

Job TitleLocation
Assembler 1Hartford, WI
WelderHartford, WI
Union Organizing InternNew York, NY
Community CoordinatorSan Mateo, CA
Cruise StaffUnited States
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Leadnomics Logo

Leadnomics - If you're interested in performance and online marketing, then a career at Leadnomics would be a great start.

See the complete Leadnomics profile

Job TitleLocation
Online Media BuyerPhiladelphia, PA
Affiliate ManagerNew York, NY
Insurance Advocate - Insurance SalesPhiladelphia, PA
QA EngineerPhiladelphia, PA
Affiliate ManagerPhiladelphia, PA
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SwarmBuilder Logo

SwarmBuilder - On SwarmBuilder’s Careers page you’ll find jobs like Member Services Representative, Graphic/Flash Designer, and Manufacturer Services & Account Coordinator

See the complete SwarmBuilder profile

No current job openings.

Lolapps Logo

Lolapps - Lolapps is in great position to be a leader in the space. If you’d like to join them, then you should check out their Jobs page.

See the complete Lolapps profile

No current job openings.

DreamBox Learning Logo

DreamBox Learning - The founder of Netflix is putting a ton of money and attention into online education, and if you want to join him, check out Jobs at DreamBox Learning.

See the complete DreamBox Learning profile

Firstborn Logo

Firstborn - The currently available jobs at NYC's Firstborn most likely to be suitable for new or recent grads are 3D/Motion Artist and Software Engineer.

See the complete Firstborn profile

Sportvision Logo

Sportvision - Sportvision is constantly developing new technology to make sports more fun to watch on tv, and they're hiring new grads to help do it.

See the complete Sportvision profile

Riot Games Logo

Riot Games - With all of the recent investment, Riot Games is growing its headcount rapidly. Their Jobs page will show you that they have nearly two dozen full-time openings

See the complete Riot Games profile

Wizards of the Coast Logo

Wizards of the Coast - Wizards of the Coast has an insanely loyal following, which is why the competition for jobs at Wizards of the Coast can be extremely fierce.

See the complete Wizards of the Coast profile

Undertone Networks Logo

Undertone Networks - Undertone Networks is an Inc. 5000 company and one of Crain’s Best Places to Work in NYC, so you know they’re the kind of place that you want to work.

See the complete Undertone Networks profile

Job TitleLocation
Data ScientistNew York, NY
Business Development Director, New YorkNew York, NY
DevOps EngineerSan Francisco, CA
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WWE (formerly WWF) Logo

WWE - If you’ve always loved professional wrestling and think that a career with WWE would be action packed, then you need to check out WWE’s Careers site.

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eRealInvestor Logo

eRealInvestor - New college grads don't have the cash to start investing in real estate, so they have to work their way into the industry another way— like a job with eRealInvestor.

See the complete eRealInvestor profile

No current job openings.

Mochi Media Logo

Mochi Media - If you want to work somewhere where getting caught playing games isn’t going to result in your getting fired, then you should check out jobs at Mochi Media

See the complete Mochi Media profile

No current job openings. Logo - is doing cool things, which is why it’s no big surprise that they’re offering some pretty cool jobs for new and recent grads.

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No current job openings.

JamLegend Logo

JamLegend - If you’re a music loving video game junkie who is fascinated by the social web, then you really couldn’t find a better fit than JamLegend.

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No current job openings.

Aplia Logo

Aplia - Aplia builds interactive learning tools for college students, and they have quite a few entry level jobs for new grads.

See the complete Aplia profile

Job TitleLocation
Analyst, Product Strategy & PartnershipsSan Francisco, CA
Brand AmbassadorPendleton, SC
Brand AmbassadorDayton, OH
Brand AmbassadorLafayette, LA
Brand AmbassadorGainesville, FL
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WooMe Logo

WooMe - WooMe is an online service that allows you to meet new people through a 60 second video chat and woo them. See if you can woo WooMe and land an entry level job.

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No current job openings.

Wikinvest Logo

Wikinvest - Wikinvest's Jobs page shows a number of positions for new grads - Software Developer, Web Developer, User Interface Architect, and Flex/Flash Developer.

See the complete Wikinvest profile

No current job openings.

Gravity Tank Logo

Gravity Tank - Looking for something “meaningfully different” in your job search? Check out Gravity Tank, a Chicago based innovation consulting firm.

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22squared Logo

22squared - 22squared, a marketing agency in Atlanta, GA and Tampa, FL, believes a brand should act more like a helpful friend than a persuasive marketer.

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