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FranConnect is a Reston, VA based company that offers Franchise Management Systems to big name clients like Dairy Queen and The UPS Store.

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For me entrepreneurship is about starting something brand new and building it. For others it could be buying an existing business or becoming a franchisee. Today we’re going to talk about the latter. Odds are that you patronize quite a few franchises. Franchising is a cool model because it gives local businesspeople the opportunity to tap into an already successful network and brand. The only issue is that strong communication between the franchise and its franchisees is essential to the health of the brand. FranConnect is a Reston, VA based company that offers Franchise Management Systems. These are software solutions that “allow franchise organizations to manage all aspects of their operations including Sales, Marketing, Financial Data Collection and Analysis, Royalty Invoicing and Automated Funds Transfer” and much much more.

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FranConnect already works with more than 500 franchise brands and 75,000 franchisees. Some of the names that they serve include Dairy Queen, The UPS Store, Gold’s Gym, and The Melting Pot. I’ve never worked anywhere near a franchise business, so I don’t have a grasp on what kind of issues they run into, but it would make sense that improved communication and resource sharing could have significant benefits. I guess that’s why FranConnect claims that many customers see a return on investment in the first month of deployment. If working with franchises sounds interesting to you, take a look at FranConnect’s Careers page. They’re currently looking for a Bookkeeper/Admin, an Inside Sales Representative, an Online Digital Marketing Associate, and a Recruiter/HR Administrator.

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