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Trefis is a Boston, MA based company that has developed a set of tools that “helps you understand how a company’s products impact its stock price.”

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Have you ever seen an article in the middle of the day explaining that a stock’s price was rising on specific news and then seen essentially the same article in the evening saying that the same piece of news caused the price to fall? There are rare occasions when it actually works out that way, but often it’s just lazy journalism. The truth is that it can be pretty hard to explain why a stock’s price moves up or down; however, we all know that specific products can have a huge impact on how a business performs. That’s why Trefis has developed a set of tools that “helps you understand how a company’s products impact its stock price.” The Boston, MA based company “was founded by MIT Engineers and former Wall Street analysts who realized that most people do not understand the seemingly familiar companies around them.”

It’s All About the Products

Apple is probably one of the companies whose business is easiest to understand by looking at their products. If they sell a lot of iPhones, iPads, and Macs, they’ll have a great quarter. But what if iPhone sales are good, Mac sales are great, and iPad sales are a little bit lackluster? That’s pretty much what happened last quarter, and the stock went up a lot. If you had been using Trefis, that might not have been a surprise from you. Their research shows that the iPhone is 50% of Apple’s business while Macs and iPads represent about 12% each (most of the rest is Apple’s cash holdings). Most smart investors could find this data on their own, but Trefis makes it really easy to visualize and understand. The Trefis business model is built on institutional subscriptions, but the site is free for your average investor. If you like Trefis’ approach, visit their Careers page. Right now there are a few positions worth checking out including Front End Developer/Designer, Java Engineer, User Experience Designer/Product Lead, and Editor / Senior Editor / Writer.

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