Sling Media is all about using technology to let you control how you consume media, if that interests you, check out their current job openings.

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Front-End Developer
El Segundo, CA
Email Marketing Manager
San Francisco, CA
Emergency Department Technician (#7243-2868)
Goldendale, WA
Sr. Manager, Residuals
West Hollywood, CA
Ad Ops Technologist - Newsy
New York, NY
Regional Sales Manager
Denver, CO
Fairfield, NJ
EHS Manager
Universal City, CA
Sign Hanger
Jacksonville, FL
Sign Hanger
Columbus, GA

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We’re at a transitional point right now when it comes to television. In some ways it’s easy to watch the shows that we want to see by heading over to Hulu or some other Internet destination, but in many situations we’re still at the mercy of the television networks. We are not yet able to watch what we want to watch when we want to watch it no matter where we are, but that’s quickly changing. San Francisco’s Sling Media is one of the companies that is pushing that change. They’re behind a device, called a Slingbox, that you can hook up to your tv and cable box to watch and control your television from any Internet connected computer or smartphone.

Sling Your Career Forward

The opportunities for use are endless, but here’s one example. I love the Yankees, but in Chicago they’re rarely televised. I can set up a Slingbox in my parents’ house in Connecticut, that will let me watch all of the Yankees games (and whatever other local channels that I want) right on my computer at no cost beyond the hardware investment. It’s a pretty sweet technology, and I can even control a DVR to record the game if I’m not going to be near a computer to watch it. (The other option is to watch it on my iPhone under the table at dinner.) Most of what Sling Media is about right now is the Slingbox, but the company’s main focus is letting you control how you consume media. If that sounds like something that you’d like to be a part of, then you should check out their Jobs page. Current openings that may be suitable for new or recent grads include Sling Retail Sales Associate (San Francisco/Los Angeles), Ad Operations Trafficker/Coordinator (New York City), and Video and Photo Associate (New York City). They also have a bunch of Software Development jobs, but they all appear to have pretty hefty experience requirements. To apply for any of the jobs with Sling Media, send a cover letter and resume to

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  1. James Stewart says:

    They may have more potential then they know. If they can survive this economy then they may be able to do better than Hulu. It soon may become a part paying service: Just speculation of course.

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