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Hostelling International USA is a Silver Spring, MD based "non-profit membership organization that has been serving young travelers for 79 years strong.”

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The Internet has made travel so much easier. Not only can you fully research all of your options, but you can use sites like Expedia and Airbnb to find affordable places to stay all over the world. Additionally, you have social networks like Facebook that allow you to stay connected with friends who might have a spare bedroom or couch in a city that you’re visiting. Before all of these options, there were hostels. Hostelling International USA is the Silver Spring, MD based American affiliate of Hostelling International, and they’re “a non-profit membership organization that has been serving young travelers for 79 years strong.” They have a network of more than 50 locations that each offer “a unique and local stay experience” with “inexpensive, safe, clean and fun accommodations.”

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I’ve never stayed at a hostel, but I’ve heard stories from plenty of friends who have. Some are great stories of adventure, and others are just about having a good place to sleep at night. All together the Hostelling International network covers 80 countries with 4,000+ hostels. The whole point is to “enrich the travel experience and create opportunities for greater intercultural awareness and understanding.” You can learn more by reading the History of Hostelling. If it all sounds good to you, take a look at HI-USA’s Careers page. The two positions that stand out are Data Operations Analyst and Community Engagement Coordinator (Santa Monica, CA), though there are quite a few openings at actual hostels too.

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