If you’re sitting around playing video games instead of diligently job seekeing, then you’re the reason that companies like Kaos Studios are on “a hiring binge”

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If you’re sitting around playing video games instead of being a diligent job seeker, then you’re the reason that companies like Kaos Studios are on “a hiring binge.” I guess that’s a good thing because you’re creating jobs for other people. It won’t do much for you, but you can call it an act of selflessness. I continue to be amazed by how well video game companies are doing in such a rough economy. The connection between unemployment and gaming seems to be pretty clear (although the question of which comes first is yet to be answered). I’d rather you enroll in our job search training course, than buy a couple of new games, but I’d imagine that the folks at Kaos Studios would disagree. They’re a NYC based video game and their most recent title is Frontlines: Fuel of War – yes, it’s a shoot ’em up.

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It’s nice to see a company that is as aggressive about hiring right now as Kaos Studios is. They seriously have Jobs stuff plastered all over their site. They have an unannounced project that they’re working on that they need help with, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to reasons why you might want to work at Kaos. Others include Donut Fridays, Bagel Mondays, a breakroom with all kinds of games, shooting your boss with a paintball gun, and a creative and open environment. Those are just some selections from their Top 10 List, which doesn’t even include the top notch compensation and benefits that they offer their employees. Kaos is an indie studio that has a deal with a major publisher – THQ – which apparently is a good thing in the video game industry. There’s a lot more to know about Kaos Studios, but you should be able to find plenty of info on their website. Right now they’re looking for mostly Senior people, but they have a few job openings that should appeal to new or recent grads. These include Graphics Programmer, Animator, Multiplayer Programmer, HR Generalist, Level Designer, and Associate Level Designer. You can apply for each of these jobs directly from the job postings, and if you don’t see anything that suits you, you can send a resume and cover letter to Jobs@KaosStudios.com.

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