I’m fascinated by Japan. I’ve never been there, but my wife and I are planning a trip there for our honeymoon. There’s an intensity to the culture that I absolutely love, but there are also some things I just don’t get. Pepsi flavored Cheetos is one, and anime is another. In case you didn’t know, anime is the Japanese word for animation. But here in the U.S. it’s typically used to describe “a Japanese-disseminated animation style often characterized by colorful graphics, vibrant characters and fantastic themes” (at least that’s what Wikipedia says). While anime isn’t for me, A LOT of people love it–and most of them are adults. Crunchyroll is a San Francisco, CA and Tokyo, Japan based company that caters to this audience by offering “the leading global video service for Japanese Anime and Asian media.”

Get Your Roll On

If you’re into anime, there’s a good chance that you already know what Crunchyroll is. If you’re not, you should still be aware of them. Not only do they have 10,000 hours worth of content across 20,000 videos available on their platform, but they have an audience of more than 6 million monthly unique visitors. The best way to better understand Crunchyroll’s reach is to read their page for advertisers (it’s filled with vital stats). This is a perfect example of how using the Internet to pull together a community of people with similar interests (no matter how niche they may be) can lead to a serious business. If you are excited by what Crunchyroll is doing, take a look at their Jobs page.

There are a few specific opportunities worth investigating including Full-Stack Web Developer, Translator and Subtitler (Japanese), Product Designer (UI/UX), Subtitle Script Editor (Japanese), Mobile Application Developer, Subtitle Timer (Japanese), Translator and Subtitler (Korean), Subtitle Script Editor (Korean), Subtitle Timer (Korean), Customer Service Representative, Marketing and Brand Manager (Japanese), Crunchyroll Convention Diplomat, Marketing and Brand Manager (Korean), and Content Curator and Sourcer.

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