Based in Portland, OR, AngelVision Technologies creates “impact movies” that go beyond the normal text-based marketing that drives most online business.

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Sales is a field that is an odd mix of art and science. A lot of things that should work don’t, and a lot of things that shouldn’t work do. In fact, you’d probably be amazed at what tactics most effectively convert people from readers to buyers. Getting your online visitors to read is one way to get them to convert, but Portland, Oregon based AngelVision Technologies has found a much better way to help businesses make sales. They create “impact movies” that go beyond the normal text-based marketing that drives most online business. These animations are exceptional sales tools, and AngelVision has made a big business out of developing them – their revenue has increased 1,441.2% over the past three years.

To get a sense of what AngelVision Technologies does, you really need to look around their website. You can look at their list of testimonials, clients, and sample movies, or you can watch AngelVision’s own impact movie. You’ll quickly realize that these aren’t the most beautiful flash animations, nor are they the kinds of advertisements that will get you searching for them on YouTube. AngelVision’s animations are created with one goal in mind, and that’s converting sales, often in a business to business setting. Here’s why they work.

AngelVision is a bit quirky, from what we can tell, but they still look like a great place to work. First off, their website isn’t all that sharp looking for a company that is in the business of designing things. We’ll give them a break, since they’re the first to say that they’re not about being flashy (despite the fact that Adobe Flash is their preferred medium). What’s more interesting is that AngelVision Technologies Founder and President Michael Jingozian is running for President with hopes of securing the Green Party, Reform, and Libertarian nominations. We also are a bit befuddled by their careers page, which has great content, but also has a few items thrown in there that must have been added with the intent of checking to make sure that you’re paying attention.

For instance, AngelVision’s job openings include: Flash Developers, Telemarketers, Customer Service, Project Managers, Picture Hanger, Office/IT Support, and Messaging Experts. Or, you could look at their list of desired qualifications which include gems like “Must be able to kiss-up and say ‘yes’ to anyone, and then actually follow-through on those promises.” and “Knowledge of sprinkler system repair and sushi-making are a definite plus.” Obviously, having a good sense of humor is important if you’re going to apply for a job at Angelvision Technologies. Then again, having a good sense of humor is like being a self-starter – everyone thinks it applies to them.

We like this approach to a careers page because it gets the self-selection process started off early. Those of you who aren’t amused by AngelVision’s antics won’t apply, and those of you who are laughing through the job descriptions will send out a resume right away. This is smart, because it saves time for everyone. It also sounds like AngelVision’s interview process takes a similar approach to finding people who will be a good fit without investing a lot of time in the process. AngelVision doesn’t explicitly say that they have entry-level opportunities available, but the attitude of their careers page makes it pretty obvious that they’ll be open to anyone who is talented and has the right personality traits, regardless of experience.

AngelVision’s online recruiting message is in a lot of (good) ways a caricature of what we think most companies should adopt. AngelVision certainly goes over the top, but they’re honest and authentic about who they are and what they’re looking for. Instead of having to spend hours of research trying to find dirt on them, you can just visit their careers page to get a vision of their corporate culture. If more companies would be this upfront, they’d waste a lot less time and money (their own and the candidate’s) on candidates who aren’t good matches.

Note: On April 25th we revisited entry-level jobs at AngelVision Technologies.

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2 responses to “AngelVision Technologies”

  1. Jeff Otis says:

    Hey – I was just passed along this article… Looks like a great place to work…
    oh wait… I already work here…

    Seriously however… we do have a lot of fun and we are creating some incredible results for our clients but don’t let the casualness fool you… we are busy and we are serious about doing something incredible, the difference we are making for companies around the world is important.

    Willy – thank you for taking the time to write about us… it’s appreciated…

  2. Jeff, you’re welcome. If you have anything to add about AngelVision’s entry-level opportunities, feel free to comment on this post again.

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