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Fuhu is an El Segundo, CA based company aiming to be "the leading designer, seller and innovator of ‘thoughtful’ consumer products and services for children.”

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This is my favorite part of the year when it comes to One Day One Job because all of those annoying kids finally go back to school. Just kidding. I actually love late August for a completely different reason: the Inc. 5000 is released. In case you aren’t familiar with it, it’s a ranking of the 5,000 fastest growing privately held companies in the United States. The metric that they use is three-year revenue growth, and that makes the list an amazing tool for finding up and coming companies with great career opportunities. This year Fuhu came in at #1 on the list with 42,148% three-year growth to $117.9 million in revenue. The El Segundo, CA based company that aims to be “the leading designer, seller and innovator of ‘thoughtful’ consumer products and services for children.” When you make stuff that kids like, parents empty their pockets.

Fu Who?

Fuhu’s name has something to do with heirloom tomatoes. I find the whole thing a bit confusing, but they do a really cool job of telling their story here. What Fuhu is really all about is using technology to create great experiences for kids. The end results are producs like the nabi tablet, the Wings learning system, and the Square HD. It’s pretty obvious that Fuhu excels at taking the latest technology and putting it into kid-friendly products. I’ve seen plenty of toddlers playing with iPads, but who wants to entrust an $800 tablet to someone who still eats rocks? Fuhu is on to something big. If you’d like to join them, give their Careers page a look. There are quite a few jobs for new and recent grads including:

There are some really great career options at Fuhu, so check them out.

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