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Mindspark's websites may seem a little goofy, but they're running a serious business with serious job opportunities.

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There’s been a big uproar in the startup community because I Can Has Cheezburger just took on $30 million in venture capital funding. Now, I’m not qualified to determine whether that’s a smart investment, but I’m wary of people who are too quick to judge it. A lot of people have trouble differentiating between serious businesses and businesses that sell serious products. There’s a lot of room for fun on the Internet, and there are lots of companies that are profiting by providing fun. One of them is Mindspark, which is an IAC company. Mindspark is based in White Plains, NY with additional offices in New York City and Ra’anana, Israel. They manage a number of social and entertainment web properties including Zwinky, and Zwinky Cuties, IWON, Retrogamer, MyWebFace, and GirlSense. Mindspark also offers interactive communication products like Webfetti, My Fun Cards, SmileyCentral, Smiley Creator, Cursor Mania, Popular Screensavers and Kazulah. Additionally, Mindspark also runs Excite and DailyBurn. As you can tell by the names, this isn’t the most serious collection of sites.

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Now, I know that you never thought that visiting Zwinky Cuties would be part of your job search, but if you want to land a job at Mindspark, you’re going to have to check out all of their sites. You should be able to run through each of their sites and identify the target audience, the ways in which the sites engage their audiences, and how Mindspark is monetizing the attention from those audiences. That’s the kind of analysis that you should be doing on any company that you want to work for—it’s just going to be a little more fun for Mindspark. Once you have a handle on that, you should check out Mindspark’s Careers page and Job postings. They have a ton of jobs posted (so you have to think that they’re doing well), and a number of them seem appropriate for new or recent grads. Unfortunately, the system that they use to post the jobs, Jobvite, won’t let me link directly to the job descriptions. The positions that you’ll want to look out for include Business Development Coordinator (Ask Partner Network – Oakland, CA), Product Support Specialist/Tester (White Plains, NY), Technical Customer Support Specialist (DailyBurn – New York, NY), Online Fitness Trainer (DailyBurn – New York, NY), Flash Game Developer (Virtual Worlds – Los Angeles, CA and White Plains, NY), Web Developer (Ask Partner Network – Oakland, CA), Web Developer (IWON – New York, NY), and Web Developer (Webfetti – White Plains, NY). You can also find DailyBurn’s technical positions posted here. There’s a lot of variety here, so hopefully something will catch your eye.

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