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Education Assistant - $55K- $60K - Arlington, VA
Beacon Hill Staffing Group, LLC Arlington, VA
Evaluation and Improvement Specialist
Fairfax University of America Fairfax, VA
Business Development Manager - Education K-12 - Remote (Anywhere, USA)
Mohawk Industries Ashburn, VA
Early Childhood Education Teachers (Leads, Teachers, Assistants)
Early Learning Academies Ashburn, VA
Instructional Designer
Fairfax University of America Fairfax, VA
Primary Montessori Trained Lead Guide-Ashburn- $2,000 SIGN ON BONUS AVAILABLE!
Guidepost Montessori Leesburg, VA
Early Preschool Teacher
Primrose School of Aldie Aldie, VA
Montessori Assistant Pre-School Teacher (VA): $1,500 sign on bonus!
Guidepost Montessori South Riding, VA
7th to 9th Grade Learning Specialist
Holton-Arms School Bethesda, MD
Testing Technician
Adecco Ashburn, VA

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Companies with Entry Level Jobs and Internships in Education

The Forum for Youth Investment Logo

The Forum for Youth Investment - The Forum for Youth Investment describes itself as an “action tank,” and you can work with them to ensure that youths are ready for life by 21.

See the complete The Forum for Youth Investment profile

Tribeca Film Institute Logo

Tribeca Film Institute - The Tribeca Film Institute offers a variety of programs for both filmmakers and youth, and they're hiring right now.

See the complete Tribeca Film Institute profile

The Mountain Institute Logo

The Mountain Institute - If you’re intrigued by what The Mountain Institute does, you should check out their jobs listings. They look pretty cool.

See the complete The Mountain Institute profile

Lurn Logo

Lurn - When you combine online marketing with online education, you have the potential for a huge success. That's where Lurn is headed.

See the complete Lurn profile

GameDesk Logo

GameDesk - GameDesk doesn’t have jobs posted on their Idealist page at this moment, but you have to think that some will be coming as the launch of the school gets closer.

See the complete GameDesk profile

National Board for Professional Teaching Standards Logo

National Board for Professional Teaching Standards - A congressionally mandated study has found that the NBPTS’s work has “a positive impact on student achievement,” so you may want to consider getting involved.

See the complete National Board for Professional Teaching Standards profile

Kid Power Logo

Kid Power - If you’re intrigued by Kid Power's programs, you should check out their job opportunities on Idealist.

See the complete Kid Power profile

National September 11 Memorial & Museum

National September 11 Memorial & Museum - If you were greatly affected by 9/11, then you should browse through the open positions at the National September 11 Memorial & Museum.

See the complete National September 11 Memorial & Museum profile

LitWorld Logo

LitWorld - Just as I have big goals to keep putting people into exciting jobs, LitWorld has some serious ambition—and that's going to require new faces.

See the complete LitWorld profile

Green Education Foundation Logo

Green Education Foundation - If the Green Education Foundation sounds like something that you want to get behind, then you should check out both their job openings.

See the complete Green Education Foundation profile

Underwater Adventures Aquarium Logo

Underwater Adventures Aquarium - Whether it’s sharks, sea turtles, boring old fish, or one of their other 5,000 aquatic creatures that get you excited, Underwater Adventures is worth a look.

See the complete Underwater Adventures Aquarium profile

SOSMentor Logo

SOSMentor - If you like the sound of the work that SOSMentor is doing, then you should check out their Jobs page.

See the complete SOSMentor profile

LearnBoost Logo

LearnBoost - LearnBoost has raised nearly $1 million in venture capital funding to allow them to build out their idea, and they’re starting to spend some on hiring.

See the complete LearnBoost profile

A Wider Circle Logo

A Wider Circle - From what I can tell, A Wider Circle really makes the most of the resources they have, and that includes their people.

See the complete A Wider Circle profile

Manhattan GMAT Logo

ManhattanGMAT - If you like the test prep market and think that it could be a cool place to start your career, then you’ll want to check out Careers with ManhattanGMAT.

See the complete ManhattanGMAT profile

Urban Enrichment Logo

Urban Enrichment - If you want to get in with an exciting startup non-profit like Urban Enrichment, you’re going to have to reach out to them before they start posting jobs.

See the complete Urban Enrichment profile

Daughters of the American Revolution Logo

Daughters of the American Revolution - If you’re impressed by the DAR and want to be a part, you might have to check your bloodlines (and presumably your gender); or you could get a job with them.

See the complete Daughters of the American Revolution profile

ARKive Logo

ARKive - ARKive has put together a fascinating resource on endangered species, and you should really spend some time checking it out along with their jobs.

See the complete ARKive profile

Bridging Nations Logo

Bridging Nations - Bridging Nations pursues their mission in 4 program areas: India-China-US Relations, Energy Technology/Policy, Education/Innovation, and Leadership/Governance

See the complete Bridging Nations profile

Grassroot Soccer Logo

Grassroot Soccer - If Grassroot Soccer sounds like something that you want to be involved with, then check out their Join the Team page.

See the complete Grassroot Soccer profile

Achievement First Logo

Achievement First - The success of Achievement First’s schools has proven that “demographics aren’t destiny," and you can help them achieve their mission of improving education.

See the complete Achievement First profile

The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Logo

The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation - If you’d like to have a job giving money away (not Ed McMahon style though), then you should check out The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation’s Jobs page on Idealist.

See the complete The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation profile

DreamBox Learning Logo

DreamBox Learning - The founder of Netflix is putting a ton of money and attention into online education, and if you want to join him, check out Jobs at DreamBox Learning.

See the complete DreamBox Learning profile

The Institute for College Access & Success Logo

The Institute for College Access & Success - If you’re concerned wit college accessibility, and you have a background in research, then you might want to check out Jobs at TICAS.

See the complete The Institute for College Access & Success profile

The Advisory Board Company Logo

The Advisory Board Company - Right now the The Advisory Board Company has just over 40 jobs posted, and I’ve picked out the following as being ideal for new grads.

See the complete The Advisory Board Company profile


PMCA - The PMCA does have staff, but it’s hard to say whether they’re hiring or not. You'll have to reach out to them to find out.

See the complete PMCA profile Logo - has created an amazing platform for giving, and I’ve heard nothing but good things about it. I'm sure it'd be a great place to work.

See the complete profile

Applied Physics Laboratory Logo

Applied Physics Laboratory - The Applied Physics Laboratory is known for is hiring the best and the brightest, and they have a significant College Recruiting program.

See the complete Applied Physics Laboratory profile

Extreme Sports Camp Logo

Extreme Sports Camp - If you’d like to join the staff, you should check out Extreme Sports Camp’s Jobs page along with their job application which lists positions.

See the complete Extreme Sports Camp profile

WebMD Logo

WebMD - One indication of WebMd's expectation for growth is the fact that they have 85 jobs posted right now, quite a few of which are entry level.

See the complete WebMD profile

Institute for Environmental Awareness Logo

Institute for Environmental Awareness - There’s not much more information about the Institute on their website; however, their job descriptions tell you a lot about what they do.

See the complete Institute for Environmental Awareness profile

Zinch Logo

Zinch - Zinch is growing and hiring. If you check out their Jobs page, you’ll see they're looking for people in a number of positions to work in their San Fran office.

See the complete Zinch profile

Appalachian Mountain Club Logo

Appalachian Mountain Club - The scope of their work is really impressive, and if you want to be a part of it, you should check out the AMC’s Jobs page.

See the complete Appalachian Mountain Club profile

Academy of Natural Sciences Logo

Academy of Natural Sciences - The Academy is now approaching its 200th anniversary, and if you want to be able to celebrate it with them, you’ll want to take a look at their Jobs page.

See the complete Academy of Natural Sciences profile

Knewton Logo

Knewton - The test prep market is huge, and Knewton is primed to take a big bite out of it. They're a growing company, and they're hiring to keep the growth going.

See the complete Knewton profile

National Football Foundation Logo

National Football Foundation - Just as it’s hard to find information about the organization, it’s nearly impossible to find information on jobs at the National Football Foundation.

See the complete National Football Foundation profile Logo - If you’re as excited about this idea as I am, you should check out’s Jobs page. Right now they’re looking for a Software Engineer.

See the complete profile

U.S. Green Building Council Logo

U.S. Green Building Council - The U.S. Green Building Council is a non-profit that serves the $60 billion green building industry, and they have some pretty cool job offerings.

See the complete U.S. Green Building Council profile

Educational Testing Service Logo

Educational Testing Service - A career with the Princeton, NJ based Educational Testing Service would take you right back to Junior year in high school with all the standardized tests.

See the complete Educational Testing Service profile

The Food Trust Logo

The Food Trust - If you think the answer to hunger and poor nutrition goes beyond 89 cent burritos, then you might want to check out jobs at The Food Trust.

See the complete The Food Trust profile

New York City Teaching Fellows Logo

New York City Teaching Fellows - New York Teaching Fellows is an NYC-based alternative teacher certification program that places high quality teachers in New York City public schools.

See the complete New York City Teaching Fellows profile

International Center of Photography - If you love photography, but want to do more than just take pictures, then the International Center of Photography is a perfect place for you.

See the complete International Center of Photography profile

2tor - I think 2tor has a great shot at changing the world of online education, and if you do too, you may want to check out their job opportunities.

See the complete 2tor profile

Second Nature - Second Nature is a Boston based non-profit organization that aims to promote sustainability on college campuses, and they're hiring.

See the complete Second Nature profile

Flat World Knowledge - Flat World Knowledge is a Nyack, NY based startup that is changing the textbook industry, and they have some exciting career opportunities.

See the complete Flat World Knowledge profile

Minnesota Children’s Museum - But what about intellectually stimulating jobs for you? The Minnesota Children’s Museum Jobs page has those for you.

See the complete Minnesota Children’s Museum profile

Common Cents - There are billions of dollars in pennies out there, so I think that there’s a ton of potential for Common Cents to keep growing. Maybe you can be a part of it.

See the complete Common Cents profile

Rosetta Stone - If you love languages, then it’d be hard to find a company as interesting to work at as Rosetta Stone. And luckily they have entry level positions.

See the complete Rosetta Stone profile

Child Trends - If you want to be a part of developing research on child development, then you should check out Jobs at Child Trends.

See the complete Child Trends profile

First Book Logo

First Book - If First Book already has you reminiscing about your early days of reading, then you should check out their jobs.

See the complete First Book profile

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