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On Thursday I got to see Seth Godin at a live event that he put on in Chicago (it was awesome). One of the most powerful things that he said was on the topic of education and how our system is broken. He said that “parents should home school their kids every day from 3 PM to 10 PM.” He doesn’t mean helping them with homework or reteaching them what they learned earlier in the day. He means that parents should get their kids working on interesting problems that are stimulating and worth doing. Kid Power is a Washington, DC based non-profit organization “that provides [after school] educational programming for 275 youth from underserved communities.” They step in for parents who may not be available or equipped to provide their kids with “home schooling” opportunities.

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Kid Power’s programs seem as though they could offer some pretty exciting opportunities for kids. There’s baking, gardening, sculpture, performing arts, and more. The goal is to empower “youth to become informed and engaged advocates for change in their own lives and in their communities.” Kid Power offers “after-school programs at six public elementary schools, two middle schools, and four neighborhood/DPR sites,” so they’re operating on a relatively small scale now, but that’s how successes start. If you’re intrigued by their programs, you should check out their jobs on Idealist. There’s only one position posted right now—Spanish Speaking Site Coordinator. It’s only part-time, but the non-profit job market is tough right now, so this is the kind of opportunity that you shouldn’t be overlooking.

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