This is a sponsored post for New York City Teaching Fellows. Check out our editorial post on entry level jobs with New York City Teaching Fellows to see what we said when we first covered them.

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Before I launched One Day, One Job in 2007, I shared my idea with employers at a Cornell University career fair. One of the organizations from the fair that I was most impressed with was New York City Teaching Fellows. They are an alternative teacher certification program that firmly believes that putting the highest quality teachers in New York City public schools will lead to better academic outcomes for the students in those schools. Out of 30 or so employers that I spoke with at the fair, they were the only one forward-looking enough to actually follow up with me. As a result, they were one of the first non-profits that we featured, and now, more than 2 years later, they’re leading the charge again as one of our first sponsors. Since their inception in 2000, New York City Teaching Fellows has placed more than 13,500 teachers in New York City schools, so they are constantly looking for innovative ways to reach talented new grads. That’s why they’re working with us to reach you.

Fellowship of the Teachers

In 2000, the New York City Department of Education faced a serious teacher shortage, and in response they launched New York City Teaching Fellows. Ten years later NYCTF’s Fellows account for 11% of New York City’s population of teachers. Since 2000, the Fellowship has focused specifically on the highest need subject areas such as special education, science, math, bilingual education and Spanish. Today, the highest need subject areas are special education and science, and NYCTF anticipates most Fellows for 2010 to be trained to teach in these subject areas. As an alternative certification program, NYCTF recruits and prepares high-quality, dedicated individuals who have no prior background or experience in education. These people are often new college graduates, but they may also be career changers or people coming from graduate school.

If candidates meet NYCTF’s highly selective criteria—the organization only accepted 9% of 14,500 applicants in 2009—they are then fast-tracked into full-time teaching positions in New York City’s public schools. These Fellows first go through an intensive 7-week pre-service training program, and then continue their education through a subsidized Master’s degree program in conjunction with their teaching. It’s a tough path to becoming a teacher, but it’s intensely satisfying—at least that’s what NYCTF’s 92% first-year retention rate would indicate. I guess it also helps that Fellows with only a Bachelor’s degree will earn an annual salary of $45,530 with full benefits as a full-time teacher in the program.

Who Will Remember Your Name?

You know as well as anyone how important education is. It’s the reason that you’re able to read about New York City Teaching Fellows and say, “That’s something that I can do.” Not everyone has that opportunity, but you do. And by choosing to teach you can pass that opportunity on to your students. Getting a job is hard enough these days. Through the New York City Teaching Fellows program, you have the opportunity to earn a great salary, excellent benefits, a subsidized Master’s degree, and the ability to make a lasting difference in the lives of New York City’s children. Whether a career in education is in your long-term plans or it’s something that you are in the process of exploring, New York City Teaching Fellows is the perfect program for pursuing your ambition.

You can find all kinds of detailed information about New York City Teaching Fellows—from Fellow profiles to all of the details of the Fellowship—by visiting their home page at

To apply for New York City Teaching Fellows’ June 2010 program, you should visit their Application page (be sure to use this link so that they know you came from One Day, One Job). The final deadline to apply is Monday, January 25, 2010 at 11:59 p.m. (EST), so get your act together soon!

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