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Right now the The Advisory Board Company has just over 40 jobs posted, and I’ve picked out the following as being ideal for new grads.

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Consultants are typically seen as hired mercenaries. Sometimes they get a bad rap, but at least they’re compensated well for it. I have to think that those who work at The Advisory Board Company have at least a somewhat better reputation since their company’s clients are all mission driven. What does mission driven mean? Well, most of The Advisory Board Company’s clients are in the healthcare industry (think hospitals and health systems, not insurance providers), but they’ve recently moved into working with universities too. I hadn’t heard of The Advisory Board Company until a One Day, One Job reader e-mailed me (you can reach me at if you want to share a tip or success story) to tell me that he recently received a job offer from them. Apparently they do a ton of entry level hiring, and they’re continuing to grow well beyond the 5 employees that they started with in 1979. Since then they’ve grown to more than 1,000 employes, and they’ve served “more than 2,800 leading healthcare and higher education organizations.” Additionally, they’ve grown beyond their corporate headquarters in Washington, DC to having offices in Chicago, IL; San Francisco, CA; Austin, TX; Portland, OR; Nashville, TN; London, UK; and Chennai, India.

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Introducing The Advisory Board Company as a consulting firm wasn’t fully accurate. They actually operate quite differently from most consulting practices. Instead of serving clients on an engagement basis, they do most of their work as a membership organization. Hospitals or universities can become The Advisory Board Company members and gain access to the company’s different offerings, which include things like Strategy Research, Clinical Research, Leadership Development, Business Intelligence Analytics, and more. They also provide Management and Consulting services, but it seems that those aren’t the main focus. Still, if you’d consider a career in consulting, The Advisory Board Company could be a nice alternative. Their Careers page goes into a lot of detail about the company’s culture and benefits, and obviously it also has the job listings. Right now there are just over 40 jobs posted, and I’ve picked out the following as being ideal for new grads: Account Management Associate, Syndicated Research Analyst, Business Intelligence Marketing Coordinator, Marketing Associate, Paralegal, Partner Services Associate, Recruiting Coordinator, Higher Education Research Associate, and User Support Specialist. From what I can tell, all of these positions are located in DC, but the company does seem to offer some location flexibility and opportunities to work from home. The Advisory Board Company does a really nice job with job descriptions, so you shouldn’t have trouble deciding whether these jobs are a good fit for you or not.

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