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Looking for an entry level job or internship in teaching? This is an overview of how to approach the search and a list of companies that might have relevant entry level and internship opportunities.

Although dredging to my neighborhood bus stop early in the morning with my Ninja Turtles lunchbox in tow used to be a real drag, I can look back confidently and know it was worth it. Not because of the pranks I learned to pull, like placing fruit in the road so the bus would crush it, but because it led me to school, where I learned almost everything that has helped me lead the happy life I live today. The most important people in my learning process were the teachers in my schools, who provided students with instruction and guidance, as we delved into new subjects and covered the classics.

Teaching Careers

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Teaching Career Guide Overview

  1. What a Teacher Does
  2. A Typical Day for a Teacher
  3. Salary and Career Progression for a Teacher
  4. Best Locations for Teaching
  5. Pros and Cons of Being a Teacher
  6. What You Need to Know for a Career in Teaching
  7. Teaching Resources
  8. Careers Related to Teaching
  9. Companies with Jobs and Internships in Teaching

What a Teacher Does

A teacher provides education for students in a formal ongoing process often carried out at a school. Teachers facilitate student learning by creating lessons plans that line up with a curriculum (a course of study). Teachers may provide instruction in a number of areas including literacy and numeracy, craftsmanship or vocational training, the arts, religion, civics, music, or life skills.

Our schools employ more than 3.7 million teachers, and that number is projected to increase 13% over the next decade. That’s nearly half a million new teaching jobs. Not only are shifts in our country’s demographics forcing schools to hire more teachers, but the federal government has committed to making a significant investment in preparing thousands of new teachers.

A Typical Day for a Teacher

A typical day for a teacher may vary more than you’d expect, but these are some things that will most likely occupy your time:

  • Teaching class for several periods a day
  • Grading papers and tests
  • Preparing lessons
  • Working on school-wide service programs
  • Helping students make up work or get extra credit after hours
  • Calling parents of students who have been absent
  • Writing and mailing letters to students who are in danger of failing
  • Checking your office mailbox for messages
  • Writing the agenda for class on the board
  • Placing the materials on desks for students
  • Decorating the classroom

Salary and Career Progression for a Teacher

On average teachers make between $25,000-$63,000 per year, and teachers just starting out earn about $34,000 in their first year. It may take a few years for a teacher to build up the experience required to move very far beyond that starting salary. But for a teacher with five or more years of experience, salary begins a fairly steady increase. Salary also varies by the type of teaching job you desire:

  • High School Teacher: $43,000 per year on average
  • Elementary School Teacher: $40,113 per year on average
  • Middle School Teacher: $41,000 per year on average
  • Special Education Teacher: $40,000 per year on average

Best Locations for Teachers

Here are some great locations for teachers:

  • New York, New York
  • Los Angeles, California
  • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • Houston, Texas
  • Dallas, Texas
  • Atlanta, Georgia
  • Chicago, Illinois

Pros and Cons of Being a Teacher

  • You can positively impact students
  • Lots of available positions everywhere
  • Ability to be creative in your instructional methods
  • You can share the field you love with students
  • Lots of planning and preparing
  • Long hours
  • Each class of students is different
  • Not a lot of control over curriculum

What You Need to Know for a Career in Teaching

We can all remember the qualities that we valued most in our favorite teachers. A multitude of intangibles separate great teachers from good teachers and good teachers from not so good teachers. However, there are certain requirements that all teachers must meet just to be able to work in a public school.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics: “All 50 States and the District of Columbia require public school teachers to be licensed.” Licensing requirements vary from state to state (there is no national teacher certification), but they’re generally similar in that they require a minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree along with a certain level of education specific coursework. Here’s a more expansive explanation of how a teaching certification works from

A teacher certification determines your eligibility to teach specific grade levels and subjects. You generally receive a teacher certification for a specific grade level and subject, and then have the opportunity to add credentials by taking and passing the appropriate examinations. For example, if you received your teacher certification to teach math at the fifth grade level, you could then receive additional credentials to teach math at the fourth or sixth grade level, or to teach another subject at the fifth grade level.

While most entry level teaching jobs don’t require a Master’s Degree in Education to teach, having such a degree can be an enormous benefit for those who want to accelerate their careers. For instance, teachers with Master’s Degrees:

  • Get advanced training that provides the skills and knowledge necessary to excel in the front of the classroom.
  • Are far more likely to get hired at the school of their choice
  • Meet the requirements for jobs like principal, counselor, and educational administrator.
  • Start with higher salaries and benefit from improved job security.

Teaching Resources

If teaching still sounds like your cup of tea, here are a few things you should do to get started.

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Networking Opportunities

Job Search Resources

Careers Related to Teaching

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Teaching Assistant
Swing Education Washington, DC
Teaching Fellow
Friendship Schools Washington, DC
Work from home - Teach English Online with YiYi
YiYi English Ashburn, VA
Work from Home Teacher and Instructor
Fud Washington, DC
Teacher Membership Manager (Remote)
Teaching Strategies, LLC Bethesda, MD
Teaching Assistant
Swing Education Bethesda, MD
Adjunct Faculty- SOE City Teaching Alliance (Open Continuous)
American University Washington, DC
Teacher - Infant
Cadence Education Ashburn, VA
work at home
Amazon Silver Spring, MD
Teachers at Cascades KinderCare
KinderCare Education Sterling, VA

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Companies with Entry Level Jobs and Internships in Teaching

Generation Citizen Logo

Generation Citizen - Generation Citizen is a Boston, MA based non-profit that “teaches teenagers direct political action through an innovative in-class curriculum.”

See the complete Generation Citizen profile

The Learning Experience

The Learning Experience - The Learning Experience is a Boca Raton, FL based company that aims to "give every child the opportunity to develop to their greatest potential.”

See the complete The Learning Experience profile

Chincoteague Bay Field Station Logo

Chincoteague Bay Field Station - Chincoteague Bay Field Station is a Wallops Island, VA based non-profit that helps people learn through experience while fostering environmental stewardship.

See the complete Chincoteague Bay Field Station profile

New York Kids Club Logo

New York Kids Club - New York Kids Club is an NYC based company that aims to "provide children the opportunity to build confidence and express their individuality" through enrichment programs.

See the complete New York Kids Club profile

Educational Alliance Logo

Educational Alliance - The Educational Alliance is a New York, NY based community organization that “currently serves 50,000 New Yorkers annually via 39 programs.

See the complete Educational Alliance profile

Hot Bread Kitchen Logo

Hot Bread Kitchen - Hot Bread Kitchen is a New York, NY based non-profit that sells a multi-ethnic line of breads that are inspired by the people whom they are training for jobs.

See the complete Hot Bread Kitchen profile

Project Adventure Logo

Project Adventure - Project Adventure is a Beverly, MA non-profit organization that offers adventure with a goal, but it’s all about personal and group development.

See the complete Project Adventure profile

Story Pirates Logo

Story Pirates - Story Pirates is a non-profit that pairs “experienced teachers with talented artists to collaborate with schools and community organizations."

See the complete Story Pirates profile

826 National Logo

826 National - 826 National works with 8 centers to "provide under-resourced students, ages 6-18, with opportunities to explore their creativity and improve their writing skills.”

See the complete 826 National profile

The Literacy Lab Logo

The Literacy Lab - The Literacy Lab is a Washington, DC based organization is aiming “to provide high-quality, individualized reading remediation to low-income students."

See the complete The Literacy Lab profile

Gooru Logo

Gooru - Gooru is a Palo Alto, CA based non-profit that is “organizing free, online education resources into searchable collections" available online.

See the complete Gooru profile

Teton Science Schools Logo

Teton Science Schools - Teton Science Schools is based in Jackson, WY based and has “been educating, training, and inspiring students about the natural world” since 1967.

See the complete Teton Science Schools profile

NatureBridge Logo

NatureBridge - NatureBridge is a non-profit that has introduced “1 million young people to the wonder and science of nature in the world’s best classrooms—our national parks.”

See the complete NatureBridge profile

Bike New York Logo

Bike New York - Bike New York is an NYC based non-profit that promotes cycling across the city and they have some great job opportunities for new grads.

See the complete Bike New York profile

Chewonki Logo

Chewonki Foundation - The Chewonki Foundation is a Wiscasset, ME based non-profit that helps "foster an understanding, appreciation, and stewardship of the natural world."

See the complete Chewonki Foundation profile

Urban Sprouts Logo

Urban Sprouts - Urban Sprouts is a San Francisco based non-profit that is using gardening to grow "healthy schools and communities," and they're hiring.

See the complete Urban Sprouts profile

HealthCorps Logo

HealthCorps - HealthCorps is a NYC based non-profit founded by Dr. Oz to help American students take charge of their health, and they're hiring.

See the complete HealthCorps profile

French Institute Alliance Française Logo

French Institute Alliance Française - If you love French culture, then a career with French Institute Alliance Française would be a perfect fit.

See the complete French Institute Alliance Française profile

Citizen Schools Logo

Citizen Schools - Citizen Schools aims to improve middle school education by "expanding the learning day," and they're hiring new grads to help them.

See the complete Citizen Schools profile

Revolution Prep Logo

Revolution Prep - If you loved taking standardized tests then a career with Revolution Test Prep might be just what you're looking for.

See the complete Revolution Prep profile

Sports & Arts in Schools Foundation Logo

Sports & Arts in Schools Foundation - If you think that arts and sports are essential parts of a good education, then you should consider a job with the Sports & Arts in Schools Foundation.

See the complete Sports & Arts in Schools Foundation profile

Bach to Rock Logo

Bach to Rock - If you love music and education, then Bach to Rock would be a perfect place for you to start your career.

See the complete Bach to Rock profile

The Steppingstone Foundation

The Steppingstone Foundation - If you don’t hate the term “back to school” and want to be part of what The Steppingstone Foundation is doing, you should check out their jobs.

See the complete The Steppingstone Foundation profile

Global Language Project Logo

Global Language Project - If you want to be part of Global Language Project's mission to teach elementary students new languages, check out their job opportunities.

See the complete Global Language Project profile

Row New York Logo

Row New York - If you have a background in rowing and a passion for promoting academic achievement, you’ll want to check out Row New York’s job opportunities.

See the complete Row New York profile

Education Pioneers Logo

Education Pioneers - Education Pioneers is "building the pipeline of talent to address the urban education crisis,” and they'd love to have you in that pipeline.

See the complete Education Pioneers profile

BlueEngine Logo

BlueEngine - If you're fired up about education, then you need to start reading up on BlueEngine’s Fellowship Program. They're recruiting lots of new grads.

See the complete BlueEngine profile

MATCH Charter Public School Logo

MATCH Charter Public School - MATCH High School opened with the goal of preparing "inner-city Boston students to succeed in college and beyond" and they're hiring grads as teachers & tutors.

See the complete MATCH Charter Public School profile

The Public Learning Media Laboratory Logo

The Public Learning Media Laboratory - he Public Learning Media Laboratory isn’t explicitly hiring, but their Get Involved page mentions that they plan on adding to their team in January.

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The Island School Logo

The Island School - If you’d like to spend some time in The Bahamas, you should check out The Island School’s Teaching positions along with their Teaching Fellowship Program.

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GameDesk Logo

GameDesk - GameDesk doesn’t have jobs posted on their Idealist page at this moment, but you have to think that some will be coming as the launch of the school gets closer.

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LitWorld Logo

LitWorld - Just as I have big goals to keep putting people into exciting jobs, LitWorld has some serious ambition—and that's going to require new faces.

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Manhattan GMAT Logo

ManhattanGMAT - If you like the test prep market and think that it could be a cool place to start your career, then you’ll want to check out Careers with ManhattanGMAT.

See the complete ManhattanGMAT profile

Achievement First Logo

Achievement First - The success of Achievement First’s schools has proven that “demographics aren’t destiny," and you can help them achieve their mission of improving education.

See the complete Achievement First profile

Knewton Logo

Knewton - The test prep market is huge, and Knewton is primed to take a big bite out of it. They're a growing company, and they're hiring to keep the growth going.

See the complete Knewton profile

New York City Teaching Fellows Logo

New York City Teaching Fellows - New York Teaching Fellows is an NYC-based alternative teacher certification program that places high quality teachers in New York City public schools.

See the complete New York City Teaching Fellows profile

A Better Chance - As for Jobs, A Better Chance has a number of opportunities across the country that seem as though they may be suitable for new grads.

See the complete A Better Chance profile

HotChalk - HotChalk is an educational startup in Campbell, CA that provides online learning management systems for free and they're targeting more than just teachers.

See the complete HotChalk profile

Green Chimneys - Green Chimneys is a Brewster, NY based non-profit organization that is perfect if you love working with special-needs children and also love animals.

See the complete Green Chimneys profile

School On Wheels - If you’re looking to work at an education focused non-profit, then School On Wheels is definitely worth a look.

See the complete School On Wheels profile

Math for America Logo

Math for America - If you really love math and want to share that love with the next generation, then Math for America is perfect for you.

See the complete Math for America profile


KIPP - KIPP has jobs in School Sustainability, Alumni Services, Innovation, Database and Reporting, and Recruitment & Selection in addition to teaching positions.

See the complete KIPP profile

Harlem Success Academy - Harlem Success Academy is doing a lot of hiring now. They're looking for people in Elementary School Teaching, Student Support Services, and Administration.

See the complete Harlem Success Academy profile

Bright Beginnings - Bright Beginnings currently has 6 job openings, and a number of them look well suited for new college grads.

See the complete Bright Beginnings profile

StreetSquash - 2008 is a big year for StreetSquash. They\'re opening a new facility and looking to hire for 2 entry-level positions that start in September of this year.

See the complete StreetSquash profile

Internationals Network for Public Schools - Internationals Network for Public Schools calls their alternative certification program ISTART, and they are still hiring Teacher Apprentices for 2008-2009.

See the complete Internationals Network for Public Schools profile

Chicago Botanic Garden Logo

Chicago Botanic Garden - The Chicago Botanic Garden has a wide variety of employment opportunities for new college grads. The three focuses are collections, education, and research

See the complete Chicago Botanic Garden profile

Inner-City Arts - Inner-City Arts is currently looking for Visual and Performing Art Instructors to teach students to love and appreciate art.

See the complete Inner-City Arts profile

The New Teacher Project - Headquartered in NYC, The New Teacher Project recruits on college campuses and most of these positions are in Communications or Operations

See the complete The New Teacher Project profile

Harlem RBI - Located in NYC, Harlem RBI is a non-profit that is cultivating the love of baseball in the city's youth.

See the complete Harlem RBI profile

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