With it's U.S. headquarters in Torrance, CA, Honda is one of those car companies that is successfully investing effort into research and development.

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We mentioned a couple weeks back that Facebook now has a valuation on par with that of the Ford Motor Company. In our post about Facebook, we focused on how impressive the growth has been of “Web 2.0” companies, but didn’t mention the equally impressive decline of American auto manufacturers. It’s sad to say, but the reason for the decline has a lot to do with foreign auto companies making better products, and doing it with American talent! Honda is one of those companies that has been kicking the Big Three’s butts by putting out great cars, and a big part of it has been because of their research and development.

Honda R&D starts their recruiting of American talent with a strong co-op/internship program and goes from there. Considering they compensate interns well, it’s obvious that they value talent as the key driver of innovation and success in R&D. Honda follows up by offering a litany of what appear to be entry-level jobs. There are jobs in a number of disciplines, but all current openings are engineering related.

The reason we said that the jobs appear to be entry-level is that they all say that they require 1+ years of experience. Considering Honda’s excellent co-op program and the fact that there are no jobs with a requirement of 0 years of experience, we think that they intend these jobs to be entry-level. Another reason we think that the jobs are entry-level is that the job requirements say that equivalent education can replace the need for experience. One final confusing detail is that Honda’s jobs have the same title regardless of required experience. An Automotive Exterior Engineer is an Automative Exterior Enginer, whether he or she has no experience or 4 years’ experience. So, pay attention to which job you apply for!

Here’s a rundown of the jobs that look to be entry-level. Some job titles are posted multiple times with slightly different descriptions, but we only listed the first occurrence, so look at the full job listings for more jobs.

For all you car buffs who happen to be near completing your degree in engineering, it doesn’t get any better than this. Honda will treat you well and allow you to jump into some really exciting work. Now get researching so you can build us a sweet car that gets 90 MPG!

Note: On April 25th we revisited entry-level jobs at Honda R&D.

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