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If you're fired up about education, then you need to start reading up on BlueEngine’s Fellowship Program. They're recruiting lots of new grads.

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There’s a lot of talent out there on the labor market–so many smart college grads with great educations dying to work. Yet a lot of employers only want to hire people with real work experience. I get it. Someone who has spent the past 17+ years in a school environment may struggle with the transition from the classroom to the workplace (and employers don’t think they can afford to pay people to struggle in this economy). That’s not as much of a problem when the classroom is the workplace. We’re seeing more and more non-profits that are built entirely on the idea of taking fresh college graduates and putting them to work–often in education. BlueEngine is one of these organizations. They’re based in New York, NY, and they’re building a “professional teaching assistant corps that harnesses the power of service to advance educational equity and excellence in America.” Instead of turning grads into full-fledged teachers, BlueEngine Fellows work in New York City public schools as small-group tutors, so that they can maximize their impact on individual students.

Thinking You Can Isn’t Enough

The story behind BlueEngine is pretty cool, which is why you should watch the video below (e-mail readers will have to click through).

If that has you fired up, then you need to start reading up on BlueEngine’s Fellowship Program. There is a ton of information available on their website–everything from a day in the life to frequently asked questions. The best thing to read is probably this Open Letter to Applicants though (and after that you might want to read an Open Letter from a Fellow). It really sounds like an amazing program, so you should spend an hour or two on their website learning more, and then think about applying. The application deadline is Wednesday, April 6th, 2011.

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