Harlem Success Academy is doing a lot of hiring now. They're looking for people in Elementary School Teaching, Student Support Services, and Administration.

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Did your Kindergarten class have a special name? Something beyond the teacher’s name? If it did, you probably don’t remember it, but kids at Harlem Success Academy are going to remember the names of their classes for a long time. Not only are their classes named by the colleges that their teachers went to, but the classes are identified by the year that they will be graduating from college (if my math is right, then this year’s Kindergarteners are the Class of 2025). I think that’s pretty inspirational, and that’s the point. Harlem Success Academy is a charter elementary school that is exactly what its name says it is.

You Can Succeed Too

Harlem Success Academy has a different culture and a different take on academics. It all comes down to results, and that’s what Harlem Success Academy is all about. They’ve only been around for just over two years, but they were able to take their first class of 1st Graders from 44% reading at grade level to 96% reading at grade level by the end of the year (and 2/3 were reading at 2nd Grade Level or above). That’s a serious accomplishment in a short amount of time. It seems that Harlem Success Academy has cracked the code when it comes to improving educational outcomes in underserved communities.

If this sounds like something that you’d like to be a part of, then you’re in luck, because Harlem Success Academy is doing a lot of hiring. Their job listings show 25 current positions that they’re hiring for. Three of these are in Elementary School Teaching – Elementary School Teacher (with openings in Kindergarten, First Grade, Second Grade, Third Grade, Science, Special Education, Music, Dance, Sports, and Art), Assistant Teacher, and Special Education Teacher. It’s hard to tell whether these jobs will be well suited to a new college grad since the job descriptions aren’t very clear about what the experience and degree requirements are, but they’re certainly worth inquiring about. There are also openings that are seemingly entry level in Student Support Services (Educational Associate, Speech Therapist, and Teacher Aide) and Administration (Instructional Data Analyst, Technology Assistant, School Affairs Coordinator, Finance Assistant, Recruitment Assistant, Executive Assistant, and Special Projects Manager). You can find full descriptions of each of these jobs on the category pages that we just linked to, and you can apply for the jobs directly from the descriptions. And in case it wasn’t obvious, the jobs are located in Harlem, NY. Now go tie your personal success to the success of Harlem Success Academy and apply for a job!

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What do you think about getting Kindergarteners focused on going to college?

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2 responses to “Harlem Success Academy”

  1. Ana says:

    I’ve heard about the success of Harlem academy in the local newspapers but never really knew what it was about.

    I think it’s wonderful to encourage kids to go to college at such a young age. I think the problem with the NYC education system is that too many times HS kids just dropout of school and opt to take the GED instead because it’s “easier.” They don’t even make it to college!

    I have a college degree and already find the job hunt to be so difficult, can only imagine what it would be like without a degree. Children should be taught early on that education is the most useful tool in life, no matter how old you are.

  2. Nells says:

    Yeah, they ACT like they’re hiring. Like damn near every other company in NYC, they make it impossible to contact them and follow up resume submissions. They’ve had the same jobs listed for weeks on end. What’s taking so long, anyway? It can’t be because they couldn’t find anyone to work for them.

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