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The New Yorker is a well known brand that tons of people want to work for, but they're mysterious about what kind of opportunities they offer for college grads.

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When I was a kid, I’d read almost anything. When we had free reading time in elementary school, I’d often grab the dictionary out of my desk and start reading (I always forgot to bring another book to read). Not surprisingly, kids made fun of me for this. I’d also often pick up whatever was lying around my house. That often meant that I’d end up with a copy of The New Yorker in my little hands. The illustrations on the cover would draw me in, and then I’d get frustrated as I rustled through page after page of black text. Occasionally, I’d come across one of the cartoons, read it, not get it, and continue on. But for some reason, I’d keep picking up copies of The New Yorker in hope of finding a cartoon that I could understand (or an Absolut ad, which was the hot thing to collect in middle school). Since The New Yorker doesn’t really say anything about themselves on their About page (besides the fact that they’ve been published since February 21, 19250, I went to Wikipedia which says, “The New Yorker is an American magazine of reportage, commentary, criticism, essays, fiction, satire, cartoons and poetry published by Cond√© Nast Publications.”

A True New Yorker

Now, our approach with The New Yorker is going to be a bit different from how we usually look at companies and their entry level jobs. The New Yorker is a well known brand that tons of people want to work for, but they’re super mysterious about what kind of opportunities they offer for recent college graduates. The Careers page that they link to is just, and that doesn’t actually have any information on positions with The New Yorker. It may have job postings when they’re current, but right now they’ve got nothing. Googling “The New Yorker jobs” or “The New Yorker entry level jobs” doesn’t turn up much at all. In fact, the most interesting thing that I could find was the Wikipedia article on Fact checker, which says, “fact-checking is an entry-level publishing job at major magazines; fact-checker jobs at The New Yorker are considered prestigious and can lead to higher-level positions, usually at other magazines.” So there are in fact entry level opportunities at The New Yorker. So, how do you find them? Go to The New Yorker’s LinkedIn Company Profile, take a look at the types of positions that appear to be entry level and backgrounds of the people who hold them, then network, network, network. It’s low probability, but if you want to work at prestigious name like The New Yorker, it’s probably your only shot.

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