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Getting a job begins with a single step, which is why we're going to take a look at entry level jobs with TOMS Shoes.

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Instacart Delivery Driver - Flexible Hours
Great Falls, VA
Housekeeping Aide
Sterling, VA
Instacart Delivery Driver - Flexible Hours
Poolesville, MD
Team Member - starting at $12/hr - Leesburg - Urgently Hiring
Ashburn, VA
Sterling, VA
Bakery Load
Reston, VA
Warehouse Worker
Sterling, VA
Packaging Operator
Gaithersburg, MD
Restaurant Staff - starting at $12/hr - Gainesville - Urgently Hiring
Arcola, VA
KFC Team Member
Ashburn, VA

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I hate shoes. Ok, that’s not really true, but after spending a week in Aruba over the holidays, it was a sad realization for me when I had to put my sneakers back on for the trip home to Chicago. I appreciate that I have boots that keep my feet warm and dry, slippers that are extremely comfortable, and basketball shoes that give me enough ankle support to prevent a sprain, but I still prefer the feeling of sand between my toes. I’m lucky. It’s a luxury to be able to enjoy the feeling of being shoeless. There are a lot of children who don’t know what it’s like to have a good pair of shoes to protect their feet. TOMS Shoes is a Santa Monica, CA based company that is trying to change that. They’re a shoe company, but they’re more than that. For every pair of shoes that TOMS Shoes sells, they give a pair of shoes to a child in need. So far, they’ve given over 200,000 pairs of shoes to children in places like Argentina, Ethiopia, and South Africa via “Shoe Drops.” They say that “changing life begins with a single step…” and we have to agree.

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Getting a job also begins with a single step, which is why we’re going to take a look at entry level jobs with TOMS Shoes. I first heard about TOMS Shoes from a reader who is currently interning with them. Here’s the note that she sent us:

Hey guys, great website! I’m about to start interning for this company called
TOMS Shoes (, they have a great internship program (a friend
interned for them last summer) and are ALWAYS hiring.

Internships aren’t paid, but they provide intern housing 2 blocks from Venice
Beach, compensation for gas, AND a $100 biweekly stipend. Internships are
available in pretty much all departments, I’m working in their finance

Hope it helps!

That definitely caught my attention, as did the feature in Inc. Magazine’s List of America’s Coolest Internships. A cool internship program usually means that an employer is a great place for new grads to look for an entry level job, so I started looking. Despite the fact that TOMS Shoes offers internships in Marketing/Events, Special Projects, Copy Writing, Graphic Design, Web/IT, and Film (and apparently Finance too), they don’t seem to be nearly aggressive when it comes to making full-time hires. That’s probably because they have something like 25 full-time employees and 16 interns. What TOMS Shoes does offer is a little bit confusing. Most of their Jobs page is devoted to internships; however, there is one section called Paid In-Store Sales Part & Full-time (we can’t link to it because they’re using frames). It sounds like these are Merchandising/Sales jobs, since the e-mail address that you should send a cover letter and resume to is There’s no additional information, and there’s nothing on how to get a corporate job at TOMS Shoes. Maybe you have to go through the internship program? There was a Campus Programs Recruiter position posted a while back, but we can’t find the posting now. Let us know if you have the scoop on how to land an entry level job with TOMS Shoes.

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Full-Time Assistant Store Manager
ALDI Hyattsville, MD
Instacart Delivery Driver - Flexible Hours
Instacart Ashburn, VA
Overnight Stocker
Wegmans Food Markets Leesburg, VA
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  1. Jen Larkin (Ussery) says:

    Hi there,
    I just wanted to share…. well, actually, I guess this email isn’t so innocent as to just want to share. I bought my first pair of Toms at a store in Portland, Oregon, where the company I work for is based.
    Portland is a unique city in that it is VERY liberal. If you don’t recycle, you are banned from town. If you do not give to charity, you are banned from town. If you do not know how to prepare a vegan meal, you are banned from town. All things, that at first, I thought were a bit crazy. But now that I return to my NEW home in Fairhope Alabama (yes, I did say/type ALABAMA) I have realized that I want to “spread the love.” For lack of a better term…
    Although this email probably means nothing, I just wanted to say…I have a significant amount of sales experience (over 6 years), a HUGE heart and just want to make a difference. I am putting it out there that I would/could be a FABULOUS contributor to your company in many ways. Wherever you would want to put me!!! I have a lot of time, ambition and energy to put towards a good cause. TOMS sparks my interest so I thought, “why not send a cooky email and see where it gets me?!”
    I am here. If there is a need for an extra body with lots of time to give and with absolutely no personal agenda what-so-ever, I am available. Why not – in these times, put yourself out there to help, right?!
    Anyhoo, thanks for your time, your cute and purposeful shoes make me smile. Which we all know, is a universal language. Thank you for reading thus far, if you did. ;-)
    Nice kicks anyway,
    Jen Larkin

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