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HSN is a St. Petersburg, FL based company that built an amazing business by selling stuff to people who are sitting on their couch.

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Sales Lead - Full Time
Dhs, VA
Amazon Delivery Station Amazon Delivery Station Associate - Jobs at Amazon
Sterling, VA
Dishwasher (Spanish)
Ashburn, VA
Team Member: Food Champion
Gainesville, VA
Automotive Apprentice Technician
Sterling, VA
Real Estate Agent -- No Experience Necessary
Ashburn, VA
Temporary General Clerk I 1st shift
Sterling, VA
Truck Driver - No CDL Required - Earn $50,000/Year - Recent Grads
Ashburn, VA
S&W C2 Operator (OCONUS)
Herndon, VA
Mac Tools Seeking Mechanics - Automotive Technicians - Full Training
Gaithersburg, MD

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When I was a kid, I was a sucker for infomercials. I would wake up early on Saturday mornings and learn all about amazing products like Colorcoat 2000, Ab Flex, Brown N Crisp, and, my favorite, The Flying Lure. Excluding the latter, these products all solved problems that I didn’t have, but I was still fascinated by them. I wish I could say it was because of my early love for marketing, but I was just a dumb kid who believed all of the outrageous claims. If I really wanted to learn about marketing and selling products on tv, I should have been watching HSN. The St. Petersburg, FL based company has built an amazing business by selling all kinds of things to people who are sitting on their couch. While infomercial hucksters have been burning people with products that don’t work, HSN has been cultivating relationships with loyal customers.

Home Job Searching Network

The story about how Home Shopping Network got its start is pretty awesome. You can check out their Wikipedia entry for the whole thing, but the short version is that a radio station got paid by a broke advertiser in the form of can openers. One of the deejays went on the air and sold all of them at $9.95. That deejay became the first ever home shopping host, and the station manager was the founder. Buying something on your couch may not seem that revolutionary now, but it sure was back in 1985. What’s more impressive is that HSN still seems to be growing (a lot of companies in their position would have rested on their laurels and gotten crushed but the Internet). Their stock price has increased steadily since they went public in 2008, and they were “one of the top 10 most trafficked e-commerce sites” as of 2009. Unfortunately, HSN’s About page is down as I’m writing this, but when it gets back up you should be able to learn a lot more about their business there. Luckily, their Jobs page is working, and there are some great opportunities posted (we can’t link directly to them, but you should be able to search for the position titles):

  • Writer – Product Information
  • Social Media Systems Analyst
  • Ready Pool – Visual Coordinator
  • Production Assistant
  • Merchandise Assistant – Seasonal & Home Improvement
  • IT Service Center (Help Desk) Representative
  • Fraud Detection Specialist
  • Customer Service Representative
  • Culinary Assistant
  • Coordinator – Imports
  • Content Producer – Digital Visual Merchandising
  • Compensation Specialist
  • Associate Show Planner
  • Assistant Buyer – Housewares
  • Assistant Buyer – Bon Appetit & Small Kitchen Appliances
  • Assistant Buyer – Home Fashions and Textiles
  • Assistant Buyer – Gemstones
  • Assistant Buyer – Electronics
  • Assistant Buyer – Apparel & Accessories
  • Affiliate Marketing Coordinator
  • Administrative Assistant – Planning

There are a ton of jobs at HSN, so check them out and see if all that time spent watching HSN as a kid will pay off.

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