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PureWow is based in NYC and offers a "free daily email for stylish women of substance, featuring the very best in culture, fashion, travel, tech & so much more!"

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Lately it seems like we’ve looking at companies with previously trendy business models. We did the subscription gift box (Glossybox), the flash sale site (Rue La La), and now we’re doing the daily e-mail (obviously my favorite model). What usually happens when a business model gets hot is that a ton of copycats come along and quickly oversaturate the market. Most of them eventually fail, and people see that as evidence that the original business model was unsustainable. It’s really just that most people who copy other business aren’t very good at running businesses. PureWow is a lot like DailyCandy or even Thrillist (they even have the same backers), but they’ve chosen a distinctly different market. The New York, NY based company realized that most women-focused online content was made for the under 30 crowd, so they decided to change that.

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PureWow is “the free daily email and website for stylish women of substance, featuring the very best in culture, fashion, travel, tech & so much more!” They don’t advertise the fact that they’re targeting women over 30, but they let their content do the talking. PureWow already has over 1 million subscribers, so they definitely seem to have found an addressable market. Right now they offer eight editions: National, NYC, LA, Chicago, Hamptons, Dallas, San Francisco, Books, and Recipes. The plan is to add more, since tighter niches usually generate better advertising revenue (and that’s what PureWow’s business model is based on). If you like what PureWow is doing, check out their Careers page (and don’t worry if you’re under 30). Right now they’re looking for a Digital Sales Coordinator and a Graphic Designer. I’m sure more jobs will pop up as they continue to grow. (They offer internships in Creative Services, Graphic Design, Marketing + Subscriber Acquisition, Social Media, Operations, Editorial, and Ad Sales, so those might be areas with future opportunities.)

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