Thrillist, headquartered in NYC, is a men's lifestyle brand that watches and writes about trends that appeal to their male audience.

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The word in the chat rooms (psyche, chat rooms are so 90’s) is that the latest trend in trend watching is the daily e-mail list. For the ladies there’s Daily Candy. For the dudes there’s Thrillist. And for the college seniors there’s One Day, One Job (yes, we have an e-mail list, and clicking that link will allow you to subscribe). It doesn’t get any easier than having other people do the hard work of trend hunting, while you sit back and read about their newest finds in your e-mail. Why pay attention when you can have people on the Internet tell you what’s hot and what’s not?

In case you’ve spent too much time in the library (or drinking), we’ll get you up to speed on why trend watching is big business. Daily Candy didn’t invent e-mail lists, but they put them to use like nobody had before. By focusing on a couple major urban centers and the wealthy women who stalk them for the best new ways to consume conspicuously, Daily Candy found itself a market of net savvy readers with a crazy amount of buying power. Advertisers like that. A lot. By adhering to a strict editorial policy (this links to Thrillist’s, because that’s whom we’re really talking about, despite a few paragraphs on Daily Candy) and only talking about what they like, Daily Candy is trusted by millions (yes, millions) of daily readers. Advertisers like this even more. They may not be able to buy themselves a review, but they can buy advertising that is inevitably linked to Daily Candy’s brand. And that’s how Daily Candy ended up with a valuation in the 9-figures.

Daily Candy will tell you that they have plenty of male readers, but it’s definitely not their target demographic. Thrillist, and a few other competitors, have picked up where Daily Candy dropped the ball and catered to manly men who want to read about things like babes, baseball, and bacon. There’s not much more to what they do, so if you want to entirely grasp what Thrillist is about, look through their vault (archive) and subscribe. If you’re really dying for more info, we did find these interviews with Thrillist founders (here and here), as well as some posts at Gawker about the daily e-mail for men.

Now, we’re not hiring yet, and Daily Candy doesn’t have any entry-level jobs at the moment (we check often), but Thrillist has one, possibly two, great jobs for our trend watching readers. They’re looking for a Marketing Coordinator/Design Assistant. This is a job that is tailor-made for new college graduates. You’ll be responsible for increasing brand awareness, helping Thrillist to draw more subscribers, and taking care of the little design-related issues that make Thrillist’s message come across more effectively. They want someone who can juggle 25 balls at once, so it will probably be intense, but not like juggling chainsaws or flaming knives. Their jobs page says to send a cover letter, resume, work sample, and salary requirements to

There’s also a position as an Advertising Sales Executive open. This is definitely not an entry-level job, so, unless you managed advertising for a major campus daily, or were doing some serious moonlighting from your dorm room, you probably won’t cut it. They want someone with experience in media planning or online sales who has a legit contact list that will help make deals happen. We almost didn’t mention it, but we thought the job description left the door open just enough to appeal to a few of our readers.

If either of these jobs is remotely interesting to you, why not apply? We’d be shocked if Thrillist wasn’t a fun place to work with a ton of weird perks.

Note: On April 24th we revisited entry-level jobs at Thrillist.

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