Magnetism | Foundation 5 – Lesson 7

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The hardest part about needing a job is not pushing too hard to get one.

It’s the same thing as in dating, where the hardest part is not appearing desperate when asking someone out.

(Have you ever seen someone and thought they sounded desperate? How did you respond? My guess is you extricated yourself from the situation as quickly as possible!)

Do you spend enough time testing your message—and more importantly, your delivery—to ensure it comes through confidently?

You’ve been developing a series of communications messages during this module—stories to engage, a personal elevator pitch, and an “ask”—but you need to be able to deliver these messages with confidence… without want.

If you have not had a chance to get out there and practice your delivery, it is imperative today that you begin to do so!

These messages are like little magnets: used correctly, they will create a powerful bond between you and others. But positioned the wrong way, they will repel! So the next time you engage someone and get rebuked, don’t blame them, blame yourself for not delivering your message well!


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