Back to School, Back to Work Starts Now


You have until 11:59 PM EDT on Friday, September 4th to enter. We have extended the contest by 12 hours.

Just over 3 weeks ago I told you that we’d be giving away an unbelievably sweet prize package from HP (check out HP’s entry level jobs), Windows, and Timbuk2. That contest starts now!

It’s called Back to School, Back to Work, and it’s part of the much bigger Back to school: Better Together promotion—25 blogs giving away 50 laptops. Although giving away laptops is a lot of fun, our first priority here at One Day, One Job is getting you back to work. For those of you who have already graduated, the idea of “back to school” season without anywhere to go can be really depressing. And for those of you who are still in school, realizing that you’re going “back to school” for what could be the last time may induce a lot of stress.

Back to School Back to Work

Either way, you need to get back to work now to make sure that your job search isn’t “prolonged” like mine was. HP’s theme for this contest is “Better Together” because they’re offering a notebook and a netbook that are better together due to their syncing capabilities. We’re going to run with that theme and encourage you to team up with someone to get your job search synced up properly.

Whom do we think that you’re better together with? Your college’s career services staff, of course! Now, let’s get to the details.

The Prizes

As part of the promotion, I received the prize package to check out, and I have to say that it looks awesome. I’m already taking the Timbuk2 bag everywhere that I go; and, I know that you’ll find it much easier to get back to work when you’re toting around the following:

HP dv6 Laptop – (Intel Core 2 Duo P7350, Windows Vista Ultimate 64 bit, 4GB RAM, 500GB SATA HDD, BluRay ROM SuperMulti with LightScribe, HP webcam, integrated fingerprint reader, WiFi 802.11 a/g/n, 16” display (1366×768 pixels), ATI Mobility Radeon HD4650 Graphics, Altec Lansing built-in speakers).

HP Mini 110 Netbook – (Intel Atom 270, Windows XP Home Edition SP3, 1GB RAM, 10.1” display (1024×576 pixels), 160GB SATA HDD, HP webcam, WiFi 802.11b/g, 6 cell battery).

Timbuk2 bag – A sweet bag to carry around the rest of your prizes.

Syncables software – For hassle-free synchronization! Easily sync emails, internet favorites and files between two PCs. Also sync to portable storage devices with HP QuickSync. Synchronize important data in a snap.

How to Win

Since we think that both you and the Career Services office at your school are better together, we want you to get acquainted with them. Whether you’re a current student or not, Career Services can help you with your job search (how much they can do for alumni varies from school to school). And if you already have a job, maybe you can help them help other students land a job with your employer. They’re a free resource that is dying to help, so use them! It could win you some awesome prizes.

There are two ways to enter.

1. Leave a comment on this post detailing how your college’s Career Services office (make sure that you name your school) is using social media to engage students. We want links to their blogs, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Ning site, and anything else they’re using. If it’s students only, then tell us all about it without the links.

This is a great way to practice your online research skills, which are essential to the job hunt.

2. Introduce yourself to someone in your college’s Career Services office, and comment here with your name, theirs, and the name of your college. You can do this in-person, over the phone, or online.

Be sure to tell him or her about One Day, One Job, One Day, One Internship, and Found Your Career. And don’t forget to encourage him or her to spread the word about us to other students and add a link to us from the Career Services website.

If you’re selected as the winner, we’ll verify with the Career Services staff member that you actually introduced yourself and told them about us.

This is a fantastic way to practice networking, which is one of the most important skills in the job search.

Either way, your comment on this post is your official entry. You can only enter once, and be sure to use a real e-mail address so that we can notify you if you win. We’ll randomly select the winner from all of the entries.

The Rules

  1. All decisions are final.
  2. You’re only allowed one entry.
  3. If you don’t follow the instructions, your entry will be disregarded.
  4. Entries must be in by 12 PM 11:59 PM EDT on Friday, September 4th. You have an extra 12 hours to enter.
  5. The winner will be announced on Saturday, September 5th.
  6. Winners can be located anywhere in the world. Due to Customs restrictions and logistical concerns, winners located outside the US will be provided a credit to for the value of the companion set.
  7. Because the retail value of this package is below US $1,200, US based winners will not be liable for associated taxes.
  8. Individuals who have already won once in the Back to school: Better Together promotion are ineligible to win again.

Other Chances to Win

Although many of the other participating sites have already given away their prize packages, there are still quite a few other chances to win. You can find all of the details at or you can check out the following sites:

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142 responses to “Back to School, Back to Work Starts Now”

  1. Waka Paul says:

    My school. University of Waikato, New Zealand

    our career services office is engaging with students through the student union website!

    and well through the university website.

    really, i’m not too sure about the career services office at our university.
    if youre at uni, you should already know what you want for your career.. maybe/ yes / no/ ooooh

  2. Jonathan says:

    Algonquin College uses Twitter to communicate with their students/alumni:

    It’s not specifically the Career Services office, but it’s the closest they have.

  3. Jess says:

    This is sad: My university’s career services has only a blog ( It hasn’t even been updated since May. No Facebook page. No Twitter account. No Ning site. And not even a good Web site. The tuition was quite low, though, so this is what you get, I guess.

    I actually went to see someone in career services just a few months ago — and I’m nearly seven years out of college. I was concerned that I wouldn’t get much out of the meeting, but I am so stuck in my job search that I am trying anything. The adviser was so nice and thorough and immediately put me at ease. She even spent an extra hour with me because I had so many resume and cover letter questions.

    I wish I could get my school to hire me to head up its social media. It’s obvious that someone needs to.

  4. Jess says:

    Hey, there might be more than one UTA around! The school I was talking about in my last comment is the University of Texas at Arlington. Oversight on my part, and I apologize for taking up another comment spot.

  5. Lisa C says:

    My school (University of Delaware)’s Career Services Center does have a Facebook page. Here’s the link Thanks for the opportunity.

  6. Kim says:

    I choose your networking option and sent an e-mail to John Robertson in the Career Services Department at University of West Georgia. My school doesn’t seem to be doing much with social networking.

  7. Adrienne says:

    I go to Brown University and our Career Development Center recently started a twitter account. They post information about upcoming events, links to relevant articles that I’ve actually found quite useful, and occasional job postings in different areas. Here’s the link:

  8. Brianna says:

    I go to the University of North Dakota. They just recently hired a marketing intern that is doing all kind of great stuff, including using social networking.

    Their Twitter site:
    Their Facebook site:

  9. My school is Central Washington University ( They are using Facebook ( and MySpace (

    They use the social networks to advertise job fairs, job opportunities and to advertise the extensive list of their services.

    Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

  10. Marty says:

    I go to St Ambrose University. It is a small private school in Davenport Iowa with a student body of about 3,000 students. They don’t really have much for a career services office. They don’t have much for the career services online in terms of blogs and forums because they are about 10yrs behind in technology. although they do offer a new database system to show their current job offerings. So I sent an email to Angela Elliott the director of career services at SAU encouraging her to have them put a link from the university web site and spread the word to students about these sites.

  11. Alicia Love says:

    UNC-Asheville’s Career Center is small but it has its own website They have a job search and career library available to both students and alums. They also work hard to engage students through the mentor program. Alums can contact students who are interested in their field and vice-versa. The Alums can network through the schools alums facebook account and the alums forum on the alumi website. It is not officially connected with the Career Center, but with a school as small as mine, all things are connected in reality.

  12. Rebeca says:

    I go to SVCC ( and the College’s Career Services Office has a couple of websites with contact information as well as links to resources that students can use:

    The college itself does have youtube ( and facebook ( accounts, but they are used for general news and not specifically by the Career Services Office, as such they announce all sorts of events that way, whether they are career-related or not. RSS feeds ( are also used for the same purpose, although they do have a job openings feed — but that’s only for regular jobs available at the college.

    Other than that, the Career Services Office advertises job fairs and job openings throughout the school and also in local newspapers.

  13. Keith says:

    While my school, Stanford University, has a strong web presence at, it also maintains a Stanford Alumni Mentoring group on FB at

  14. Jean F says:

    The University of Florida Career Resources Center has a Facebook page at

    There is a networking group for alumni at which does include job listings, but the CRC webpage does not mention this site at all. The CRC recently put on a job search webinar for alumni, but networking didn’t seem to be part of it. The CRC site does have some tips on the old fashioned sort of networking (bring business cards). The more modern online kind seems to be outside their thinking for the most part.

  15. Mikaela says:

    I go to UC Berkeley. While I couldn’t find much in the way of social media, our Career Center has a great website ( with everything you could really need.

  16. M.H. says:

    My alma mater, PHC (, doesn’t have any official career office. However, the alumni are doing a great job on our website ( need username/password to access). If an alumni knows of a job opening, he or she can post details about it on the website, then usually pass along resumes, recommendations, etc. I know several people have found gainful employment this way. The alumni association recently started using twitter ( as well.

  17. heather says:

    Surprisingly, my school (Alvernia Univ) actually has a pretty decent webpage about the services they offer. They do not (as far as I can tell) use any sort of social media program however, which is a shame because I think it would probably reach a lot more of their students if they did.

  18. Deborah says:

    The University of Memphis has a very comprehensive Career Services department and a nice website here:

    It doesn’t appear that many “outside” resources are employed (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) in the career services department at least, but there are some terrific resources on the school website itself, including the ability to post a resume online, salary surveys, and a comprehensive post-graduation survey report on employment success of alumni.

    The school does have general social networking exposure, though – and plenty of it! Some examples:

  19. Aimee W. says:

    My school: University of Texas at Arlington (UTA)
    Main Career Services website:

    UTA seems to be still catching up to the Social Web revolution. However, they do have a Career Services blog ( Although I don’t know if this would be considered Social Web, UTA offers a website for Virtual Interviews (


  20. Kezia Chee says:

    My name is Kezia and I graduated with a BA in English this year from Skidmore College ( As a sophomore, I became well acquainted with the Career Services Department at my school and still frequently exchange emails with my career counselor, Donna Marino. [Please feel free to contact her!]

    Skidmore’s Career Services has a solid online presence, with a career network ( that students can access in order to connect with alumnae, a twitter account (, and facebook page ( They also have a LinkedIn group (, a Skidmore Business Network [for Business oriented students] (, and a blog ( The Career Services Dept. at Skidmore also provides access to Career Link (, a website that provides job and internships listings (often by alumnae) for students, as well as a site specifically for alumnae and parents ( They even have their own screen name (SkidCareerSvcs
    ) for students to talk one on one with a career counselor when they cannot make it to the Career Services building.

    In addition to all of these sites, Skidmore’s Career Services also posts links on their web page ( to better inform students of how to make the most out of their career search in the digital age, such as the “How to Use Social Media in Your Job Search” article written by a Skidmore alumna (

    On the internships page of the Career Services website (, Skidmore also provides a detailed list of links that students can use to conduct job/internship searches on their own, including, the Internship Series Online, and the Liberal Arts Career Network.

    Skidmore’s Career Services also posts links for current students and alumnae to strengthen their networking skills by connecting with other members of the Skidmore community. Whether it is a specific group, such as 85Broads (, a network for women of Skidmore, or a more generalized search, such as CareerSearch ( or Yahoo! Sidekick (, Skidmore College’s Career Services really does make finding/researching a job or internship online as accessible as possible for its students. They provide the present guidance, knowledge, and online presence that is most readily understood by students and alumnae alike.

  21. Lisa says:

    I go to Barnard College, and they have practically zero social media interaction with students. In fact, many other offices on campus have blogs (like this: ) or utilize Twitter…but the office that has the most to gain from this merely updates their online databases and sends out dedicated emails once a month during the school year (here: ). They’ve also got a Facebook group, which hasn’t updated its events since April, and that offers little different from the main page:
    LAMESAUCE!! The only other outreach into social media by career services was actually initiated by a student who (as far as I know) doesn’t even work for the office, who created a Facebook group to help us keep each other abreast of the office’s events for seniors ( ).

  22. Fonda Wong says:

    I go to Ryerson University and here is their career development and employment centre webpage

    It doesn’t use alot of other methods to reach students such as twitter or facebook. It does hold alot of events and workshops to attract students to go to them and ask for help though.

    These events and workshops can be found here:

    Even though they don’t have certain websites to social media, it does allow individuals to link to those sites so that the page they are interested in can be bookmarked onto their social media of their choice, such as twitter and facebool.

  23. Winston says:

    I go to North Caroline State University
    Official Career Service Site:
    NCSU is a very good career service department, and very active at trying to help students prepare for future career. They have a facebook account ( ) to chronicle all the activities that they are hosting. And they also have set up a alumni network at to help past, current and future students share with each other about their career stories and connect with each other. Moreover, they even have an e-portfolio to host your online portfolio at

  24. I attend Marquette University. Our Career Services Center works very hard on outreach for our students.

    First MU CSC has 2 Career Ambassadors– students who work at MU Career Services with a primary focus on marketing career services. They do satellite hours at the student union, create table tents, make a facebook group page and a fan page ( Additionally, they sidewalk chalk CSC events, create beautiful signs and handout ice cream floats occasionally. The Ambassadors have a great “cart” that they take with them around campus that is full of career information.

    MU Career Services also does a variety of online marketing. They are on twitter (, they have a blog ( AND their own website through Marquette ( Finally, they also send out monthly “ENews”– an email to all Marquette students that has useful information for students of all ages. If you didn’t know enough about MU CSC by looking at these sites, they even do more.

    Career Counselors each are a liaison to a college on campus. Counselors contact professors to do “pop-ins” (15 minutes about CSC) or often can be found weekly sitting in the college’s main building. Counselors work with employers to put on amazing information sessions and panels about getting ready for a career fair (another CSC event) or on what life is like after college. Career Services even helps alumni and students with reciprocity from other Jesuit Universities!

    MU Career Services does about everything they can to get the word out about their office. They are there to help students and alumni and want them to know about it!

  25. I choose the networking office and have sent an e-mail to Karolyn Bard of the University of Wisconsin – La Crosse…she is the faculty at career services who is specifically assigned to the Communication Studies department.

  26. Jo says:

    Victoria University (Wgtn, NZL) uses a “career hub” portal to cater to student’s needs.

    Other than that though, no real other use of social networking tools….

  27. Alana says:

    I am at the University of Essex. The careers service there is quite comprehensive and much of it can be accessed online – they provide guidance on postgraduate applications and funding, career choice, help with every stage of the job application process (including drafting CVs and practicing aptitude tests), links to employment sites, networking advice and even allow people who are not their graduates to access information at the Careers Centre.

  28. Jenny says:

    Arizona State University

    Kitty McGrath is my main contact at my school’s career services. She is the executive director of Career Services.

  29. Jessica Y. says:

    I’m currently attending the University of Calgary here in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. The website for our Career Services is right here ( and they offer help to students looking for jobs or planning their careers. As for social media like Twitter or Facebook, UofC Career Services doesn’t have/use them at the moment. They host JobLink (, which is an online job board restricted just to UofC students. JobLink is full of links such as “Jobs I Qualify For” or “Campus Interviews I Qualify For.” As you can see from the main page where we login, there are two YouTube videos showing us how to use JobLink ( We can look at job postings, browse by employers, upload our resume and check our application status (and withdraw if needed). “Hiring feedback” is a tab on our profile that is super handy and helpful.

    Events are announced and organized on JobLink, such as career fairs, information sessions and workshops. All three are on campus, which is very convenient. The neat thing about career fairs is they are spread throughout the year and not only are they announced on the website, they’re in our daytimer as well. So, if I forget to write down when a career fair is, it’s printed right there in our daytimer under the date. Information sessions are from employers such as ExxonMobil Corporation, Nexen Inc., Shell Canada Ltd and if there’s one that interests us, we can RSVP online! A quick glance at the diverse workshops on campus are Resume Rescue, Networking 101 – Learn how to network and Will it WRK 4U? – Learn about Careers in Oil and Gas. Again, we can RSVP online if there’s a workshop that we want to attend.

    Through JobLink, there’s also Optimal Resume (, a partnership with UofC Career Services, which helps us build resumes or cover letters and practice interviews. It helps students in all steps of their resume creation. There are resume and letter samples, a module on how to prep for an interview and even a website builder. Optimal Resume does partner with other universities and colleges, but they do have a lot of social media to engage students. They have Twitter (, Facebook (, LinkedIn (, a blog ( and YouTube (

  30. Nick Cattin says:

    I am at Miami University (Ohio). Our Career Services office uses Twitter to stay in contact with students and inform them of programs They also us LinkedIn to connect alumni and students…great for information interviews. All of their materials and resources can also be downloaded (resume guide, etc) by visiting their website at

  31. Yair says:

    nothing too social but Ben-Gurion University of the Negev ( career guidance unit does have a private mailing list you can sign up to in
    (that’s the worst layout i ever saw in an official website!)
    their website is in and you can also sign up to that newsletter simply by emailing career[AT] with your CV

    in addition, the students body has a great “wanted” bulletin board:
    and a half official “wanted” forum:

    i am sorry that it’s all in Hebrew, i guess you can give Google Translate a try :)

  32. filipe says:

    im a college student in Portugal, Universidade Lusiada (of Porto), can be confirmed, i believe here in Portugal carrer services are not so “advanced” as probably are in United States, England, etc.. , here at my College we have “Gabinete de Estágios e Saídas Profissionais” office (meaning Carrer services office) , here´s the site to it , but asking for twitter or facebooks is really expecting to much, this office help with the first (or not) contacts with the professional world, making connections for the students (if the students want) and if they leave their curriculum vitae there, pretty simple ahh . Thats all i really don´t know about anything else and don´t know if this can count , i hope so, doesn´t do any hurt in trying , thanks!

  33. Charlie says:

    My school’s Career Services is on LinkedIn, Twitter AND Faceboook:

  34. Ver Ivanz says:

    My school is Rogationist College, a Catholic school here in the Philippines..
    Our Alumni members, like me has has put up a group in Facebook ( so that we can have connections with our co-alumni and students. It is very helpful since the members are willing to help their co-alumni to offer jobs specially when there is a vacancy in our respective company.
    Just like me, I am also helping my co-alumni to work in the company I am working by referring them to our HR.

  35. Matthew Brown says:

    I went to UNC-Asheville, a small, public, liberal arts college. Here is the career center’s website They don’t do social networking sites like Facebook or Twitter, but they do have a mentoring program; however, it is not online. They have some basic job search functionality. To sum things up: they are not tech savvy.

  36. GES says:

    I recently graduated from Harvard, where OCS ( is just now starting to reach out through social media. They have a new twitter ( and facebook page ( – both of which seem especially new given how few followers they have. Older efforts include the “Crimson Compass,” which is a mostly password protected peer network ( and a Crimson Careers database, also password protected (

    They also have class-specific listservs, which are updated fairly regularly with OCS events, and a Google calendar of events. Unfortunately, their website is so poorly designed it can be hard to figure out where useful things are. The primary function of OCS has been to prepare students for ibanking and finance jobs, so resources for other job searches are especially sparse.

  37. VJ Czar says:

    My college,Mindanao Kokusai Daigaku (Mindanao International College) has a website regarding this matter:

    There’s none other than that though…

    Thanks for this opp!

  38. Larry N. says:

    From my experience at Simon Fraser University, they have is a blog, which is seldom updated, an events hub page of a sort, which showcases job and volunteer opportunities, a Twitter account which tweets useful school information at regular intervals, and a Facebook account with important updates. Although useful, most of the information given through social networking is found on the main Simon Fraser University homepage, saving you a few seconds of checking yourself. Not very “engaging”, in that sense.

    They also have a LinkedIn page for Alumni only, as well.

    Link to Blog:
    Link to Events Page:
    Link to Twitter:
    Link to Facebook:
    Link to LinkedIn:

  39. Fraser says:

    Like the first commenter, I also live near Waikato University in Hamilton, New Zealand:

  40. brad says:

    Northern Kentucky University has several things online for students the main one for social media is a facebook account. This site list the several items.

    While norse recruiting is simply for norse I believe if you click on the site it leads to many different schools sites.

  41. Sujin says:

    Agnes Scott College, my alma mater, has finally seen the value in social media, and it wasn’t even my idea! (Seriously–I did a presentation on Pluto’s deplaneting and social media at the college’s research symposium one year, and even senior year I found myself explaining my love of social media with others. Everyone else just shakes their head.)

    The career planning office has embraced social media in various ways ( From a Facebook account ( to a Facebook group ( to a Twitter account that appears to have been created recently (, the office has latched on to one thing that students will check daily: Facebook. We’ll ignore the fact that I checked the site once every two weeks or so when I was in school. The only fault I see is that the office doesn’t even link any of these on their main CP site.

    The career planning office also sponsors an online (but not publicly viewable) employer search system that students can use to search employers.

  42. Sean C says:

    I go to Carnegie Mellon Univeristy.

    At CMU, we have a Career and Professional Development Center. They can be found at or on facebook at:

  43. My school, the University of Florida, uses Twitter to keep students updated on relevant information. Many colleges, like the College of Journalism, use their own Twitter account to direct specifically relevant information to their students.

  44. Javier Ponce says:

    I atend to the National University of Cordoba (UNC), Argentina, and searching trhoug the University Webpage I found something similar to a

    It`s a forum where people can put ther job offers and anyone can see it an ask their questions about the job and how or where to applicate.
    Thanks for the oportunity

  45. Jenna Sorenson says:

    My School: Michigan State University

    There are many great ways my school is engaging students through social media, and actually pressuring all to become engaged, as it is the new way to network and land yourself a great entry level job, or internship.

    TWITTER: Not only does Michigan State have a twitter account, they have many different twitterers! Here is the link to all the Twitter account MSU has that students can follow

    FACEBOOK: Even though Professors may tell you to stop Facebooking or “stalking people” while in class, when you are supposed to be taking notes and following along in your book, MSU has their own Facebook pages :)

    YOUTUBE: Michigan State is also our there on YouTube, actively engaging its students through great videos.

    The Career Services are always adding something new and exciting into its presence at MSU. They do a great job in trying to engage the students and help them seek employment and internships all year long!

  46. Adam says:

    I attend the University of Canterbury. The careers portal is located @

    The University provides a service open to staff, students and graduates called UCCareerHub ( . More information is available from

    UCCareerHub is a web-based information and management portal that provides an electronic communication hub between students, recent graduates, the University of Canterbury’s UC Careers & Employment and Employers.

  47. Kevin Vesga says:

    I attend Santa Ana College and heres their career center page:

    Its not career center specific, but SAC does have a Facebook and Twitter where announcements are made and information posted:

  48. Jesse says:

    My school, University of Phoenix has been the leading school in Online Distance Learning since,,, a very long time. I mean I can remember them running infomertials during the middle of the day back in like 1999. How they are using social media to interact with students is through twitter. Their twitter profile is and in my opinion, twitter is one of the leading social networks right now. They provide all sorts of information through twitter like events, changes and news about the school.

  49. Eric R says:

    My college, Dixie State College of Utah, has their own website <> but also uses the NuResume Network <> to help find careers.
    News to me – the college also has a Facebook account <> a MySpace account <> (that hasn’t been updated since 4/30/2008) and a Twitter account <> but I’m not sure the last three were what you were looking for.

  50. Sushruta says:

    The university i go has a Career Service Office .

    Their Twitter page is :- ”

    Thanks for the opportunity. :)

  51. david says:

    Massey University of New Zealand, careers services dept maintains a blog ( )

    Also the university has 2 twitter accounts

    As well as offering podcasts and Skype for counseling and careers

  52. JBP says:

    Tulane University offers a career services center to assist both current students and alumni in finding and applying to career opportunities in their field. Unfortunately, much of their media content is situated solely on their homepage; One point in their favor is that, while they don’t maintain their own blog or twitter feeds, they are partnered up with other powerful career building websites. They’re linked up with, as well as utilizing,, and to promote current job opportunities. While they perhaps rely too heavily on word-of-mouth and live, career fair events in promoting their services, they do have quite a bit to offer in terms of their ability to help in the job search and their partnered services.

  53. TJ says:

    I believe Penn State Architectural Engineering Department does the best job IN THE ENTIRE COUNTRY of placing students. Their website is:

    First, there is a limit of ~90 students admitted into the major each year but the annual career fair for the PSU AE major only consistently sells out the 20,000 seat Bryce Jordan Center arena with approximately 120 companies in attendance with a waiting list. It is not uncommon for graduating seniors to have numerous job offers. I can attest to this with 8 job offers when I graduated.

  54. Becky says:

    My school, the University of Chicago, doesn’t do very much with social media. They keep their website,, is updated fairly regularly, as is the online job recruitment, but there isn’t much beyond that. The school is very good about advising by phone, though, so that works well for recent grads.

  55. Megan says:

    Michigan State University does a lot for career services. In fact they even posted your posting on this contest and follow One Day One Job all the time, so there was nothing for me to tell.

    My Spartan Career is their career services site which connected me to my first internship at the Late Show. They also have the facebook site, above and a you tube channel:
    Courtney Chapin…career services counselor for the College of Arts and Letters, college helped me prepare for my first internship at the Late Show with David Letterman and I have been close with her since. She has her own twitter account and facebook, which is how I talk to her alot. She even put me up for a mentoring program for MSU Alumni in NYC. They have great career fairs and even do a great job of connecting former students in their careers with current students interested in the same careers in a Spartan Mentoring Program, making it easier to get that chosen job.

  56. Michigan State University has awesome social media and has helped me out a lot. We have career/intern fairs all the time for different colleges within the university. We also have one be one at the end of the year for all colleges. They are very well publicized and very available and well known. They have a facebook account and update it almost every day. They also have interview workshops and resume workshops to help you develop skills to land a job. I love our Career Services Center! They do a great job.

  57. Carrie says:

    The college that I attend off and on had a special career center website at until Jume 30th but now they are a part of WorkSource Clackamas at

    As far as I have been able to figure out, they have no other Social Media that they offer to students. I wish they did have something.

  58. Bobby says:

    My alma mater, Bowdoin College, just launched a new public-facing website that connects each constituency to suggested resources ( As part of this launch, the career center created a students-only protected Ning site that contains videos, blog posts, and discussions; many of the online conversations with students will apparently take place through this site.

    Alumni can find help in the Bowdoin Career Advisory Network ( and Bowdoin Alumni ( groups on LinkedIn. Alumni have just started to post public requests for help or connections through these groups.

    Many career planning staffers are also on Twitter (including @sherryfm) and regularly post useful tips and links.

  59. Joao Mattos says:

    My name is Joao Mattos. I graduated from Michigan State University with a B.A. in Social Science and a minor in Anthropology. My career advisers Kristi Coleman and Dave Isbell. My academic adviser is Nicolas Gisholt.

    The New Media and Web 2.0 has culturally changed the way people communicate and Michigan State University has jumped into Social Media right away. MSU is strongly involved in Social Media and making sure all students, faculty and alumni can receive information effectively and quickly. MSU has been using Social Media vehicles such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkendIN and many others. Our Career Services is strongly active as well helping students find internship, jobs or adjusting through career transitions.

    Bellow you will be able to see the incredible list of most if not all Social Media links available to all Spartans

    MSU FACEBOOK PAGES – There are 93, YES 93 other Pages under our main Page’s Favorites.
    (Voted Top 40 Facebook Pages by Social Media firm – The Kbuzz)


    MSU Alumni Association:
    LinkedIN –*2

    MSU TWITTER CHANNELS – There is a list with all (more than 50) MSU’s Twitter channels in this note located on MSU’s Main Page on Facebook


    MSU General
    MSU Admissions
    MSU Division of Housing and Food Services
    MSU Telecommunications Information Studies and Media
    MSU Communication and Arts
    MSU Career Service and Network – CASH
    MSU Spartan Career

    MSU again is an example for any higher education institution that interested in using Social Media. I am proud to be a Spartan! Go Green! Go White! Go STATE!

  60. Wang Yip says:

    UBC has created a pretty cool brand / character called Chris Irveses (sounds like Career Services) which you can find here:

    They have also created a facebook profile for Chris Irveses located here: which every once in a while, posts events, interview tips, employment advice and everything related to job search. By friending UBC students and alumni, it’s a great way to interact with students in a fairly non-invasive and friendly manner.

    UBC and UBC’s Computer Science department also have networks on LinkedIn for alumni – engagement is low on the UBC Alumni group and not too bad in the Computer Science group.

    UBC Alumni –

    UBC CS Alumni –

  61. Scott Banks says:

    Leave a comment on this post detailing how your college’s Career Services office (make sure that you name your school) is using social media to engage students. We want links to their blogs, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Ning site, and anything else they’re using. If it’s students only, then tell us all about it without the links.

    My alma mater is UMBC.

    Their career services site is:
    Their Facebook page is:
    Their Youtube page is:
    Their job board is:

  62. Hi,
    I’m from the University of Cambridge and sadly, I must say, our Careers Service does not use social media at all. The reason for this might be that a lot of the information that they provide is restricted only to current Cambridge students…other than the website (, they do not have much of an online presence. This is one of the reasons I decided to write a “How to use social media” guide for students and will talk to the Careers Service in October and hopefully get it published on the website.

  63. Kate says:

    I’m from the University of Rhode Island and I’ve introduced myself to Kim Washor, Coordinator of Internships and Experiential Education in our Career Services office. Although our Career Services office is not taking advantage of social media, you can find the University of Rhode Island on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube! See the article here:


  64. mineola says:

    Lock Haven University has a news bureau online with Twitter but does not yet seem to have specific career services social media too developed as of yet – even though their department page isn’t bad:
    However as more Facebook pages are developed for departments & sometimes even classes, I’m positive this this will quickly change & they will embrace more social media outlets & realize their full potential

  65. Joe Fusco says:

    Oklahoma State University Career Services ( uses Twitter ( They also have a link to a Facebook page but it comes up as not found.

  66. Allison says:

    Hey yall!
    If you’re not aware of University of Richmond’s Career Development Center, then you should immediately take a look at their website ( or one of these online social media sites!

    -Facebook: (
    -Twitter: (
    -Ning Site (
    -SpiderConnect, sorry there’s no link as this is “an online database exclusively for the University of Richmond that allows students and alumni to search opportunities offered by recruiting organizations and connect with programs and events offered by the Career Development Center.”

    Also, if you’re looking for a great contact at UR’s CDC, get in touch with Katybeth Lee! Not only is she super helpful, she’s responsible for creating “Destination Unknown,” a retreat designated for second-years to reflect on who they are and what they love. More info here: (

    Many thanks One Day, One Job!

  67. Cate Hemphill says:

    North Lake Community College
    They have a Twitter account that is used to update the students on the goings on at the college and they also have a Facebook page that you can become a fan of. The Facebook page also updates the students and staff about events at the college.


  68. I graduated from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte ( in May and they don’t really do much in terms of social media. They do have a job search web site available for current students and alumni – but that’s all.

    Also, the career center is very helpful with setting up face-to-face meetings with students and they send out emails regarding recent job/internship postings.

  69. Linda says:

    My college’s Career Services Office is committed to helping students get jobs. Rochester Institute of Technology will be having a Career Fair on September 30, 2009 11am to 4pm, that is open to RIT students and alumni.

    In the Alumni Career Portal which requires a password you will find wage information reported by alumni in all fields. The phone number of your contact in the career office, links to job searches, career fairs, Career Resources for Women. There are links for Networking: how to network, RIT Success Stories, a link to LinkedIn: and an online community of RIT Alumni to expand your network.

    Facebook RIT Office of Cooperative Education and Career Services:

    There are many other links and resources I have not listed. I did not even know about it until I checked it out today. I will be using it when I re-begin my career after taking time off to raise my two kids.

  70. Steven Voller says:

    I attended St. John’s University in Collegeville, MN, graduating in 1987. Until April 28th, 2009, I had been continuously employed in at least a part-time job (I’m including newspaper delivery, etc.) since 1977. Then, I was laid off. So, I’m in the job hunt again. I have been using my school’s career services and especially the alumni relations to help in the job search. They have a Facebook page and a LinkedIn group. I am giving a presentation to an alumni group in a couple of weeks on LinkedIn.

  71. Dave Isbell says:

    As the Alumni Career Services Coordinator for Michigan State University (and a current graduate student) I don’t typically work with students directly, but I do teach alumni how to use social media to build relationships and develop their own personal brand. However, as a partner in our Career Services Network, we have given many presentations to student/alumni groups on these same topics. Furthermore, we have developed a MSU Alumni Association Linkedin group that is exclusive to Spartans who want to help other Spartans and this certainly includes students! We (advisors for alumni and for students) also make career advice/job leads/connectivity available through Twitter and Facebook. However, on the student side of things, one of my favorite ways that the MSU Career Services Network is engaging students is through our YouTube videos, which feature one of our students:

  72. Anita says:

    I love my the Career Services at my school, The University of Texas at Austin. The College of Communications Career Services is very connected to social media to make sure they can reach their students and provide the best services away from their office. Here’s where they are:

    Their own Web site:

  73. Joy says:

    Drexel is using linked in to get messages across, and facebook

  74. Mia F says:

    I currently attend the University of Central Florida. The Career Services on campus does quite a bit for current students in their office. As for social media and online services, the Career Services website has a ton of helpful resources, including online workshops, a resume builder, a calendar of upcoming events, and occasional chat sessions. The Career Services at UCF also has a Facebook page that is used to promote workshops and upcoming services.

    The UCF Alumni Association has a website that contains a section dedicated to Career Services information. The Alumni Association promotes career information through their Facebook page, Twitter account, LinkedIn account, and Affinity Circles account.

    Links to all services are below:

    UCF Career Services
    — Website:
    — Facebook:

    UCF Alumni Association
    — Website (Career Services page):
    — Facebook:
    — Twitter:
    — Linked In:
    — Affinity Circles:

  75. Katelyn says:

    I attend the University of Michigan, and our career center’s Facebook page is located at: Go Blue!

  76. Marie Andrews says:

    My name is Marie Andrews I am a senior in Graphic Design and Michigan State University’s Career Service is very involved in Social Media. To complement an earlier post from a fellow Spartan – Joao Mattos, I would like to add here the link of our Career Services site with their Social Media links


    Thanks for the opportunity! Go Green!
    Marie :)

  77. DePaul has a great career center that helps with every step of the process- searching, creating a resume, applying and following up. They use their website, as well as facebook which is linked to their site

  78. Tony Tse says:

    I am a current student at the University of Auckland. The career service maintains a website at: and a physical office at the Clock Tower. However, they are not that ‘social media’ advanced, this probably is not as important as most students seek advice on campus anyway. They provide decent information and classes about anything job related: interview skiils, cv writing, career planning etc. There are also branch office within each faculty for more specific advices.

  79. Greg says:

    I study at the University of Auckland. The Career Services at Auckland University do not have their own social media pages, however Career Services sometimes uses the Auckland University Twitter account for any announcements and news –

    Careers services also has a website, found at

  80. Anne G says:

    I am an alumni of Michigan State University, so checked out how they use social media to help students and alumni. I found out they are great at using social media, which didn’t surprise me since I always found the Career Services to be extremely helpful and on top of things when I went there. They have 7 different twitter accounts set up. There are twitter accounts for students looking for internships,, accounts for 4 different colleges (Arts and letter, Engineering, Social Sciences and Ag. and Natural resources). MSU is such a large school it makes sense to have separate twitters to help job seekers in different areas. Best of all (for me) they have a twitter specifically for alumni,, which would be great for networking and job finding tips. I also noticed a bunch of the twitters were tweeting about this contest, it looks like you have lots of fans at MSU.

    They only link to a couple of facebook sites, but there is an entire you tube channel for Spartan Careers, This looks great, it has videos covering things to help a job search, like the importance of persistence and finding your strengths.

  81. Giorgio Di Stefano says:

    I attended Manhattan College in Riverdale, NY. The school is small with only about 3,000 undergrads so the career services center isn’t large. They have a career services website which has job openings, links to websites for searching for career specific jobs and help writing resumes ( Other then that, the only use of social media the school uses is a LinkedIn. The group is called “Manhattan College Career Development Alumni Networking Group” and it relies on members of the group to post job openings that they have heard about either from friends or at there current employers (

    If you search Facebook and LinkedIn for Manhattan College, there are countless other groups that are student run and pretty much accomplish the same thing as the school run group.

  82. Amy Logan says:

    I graduated from Pace University (New York) in 2008 and Acadia University (Nova Scotia, Canada) in 2006.

    Pace’s career services ( has a Facebook page (, they have e-recruiting services (available to students only- mostly job postings) and podcasts available. Their facebook page is easily their most engaging with links to their events, posts from their staff and links to other pages they are a fan of in addition to information about their location, hours and photos from past events.

    Acadia University has recently launched a new initiative The ‘Class of 2012’ and ‘Acadia on the Road’ which is prominent on their facebook page ( Acadia is known for the “Acadia Advantage” program where all students receive a laptop while they are in school. Students, professors, and university staff engage each other using various tools, including social media. College career services ( has partnered with for their job postings.

  83. Brett Kopf says:

    My name is Brett Kopf and I’m a student at Michigan State University. Watch out jobless students! Michigan State University’s Career Service Network is coming full force with Social Media. They realize its’ importance and are definitely taking full advantage of the free social platforms students are interacting on. They do have their hands full with 45,000+ students, but the Network is effective because- well it’s a network. There are hubs, or groups of career professionals strategically scattered around the University. The concept integrates into the Career Services Social Media strategy because you can’t be something to everyone. We have career counselors for Engineering, Business, Social Science, Law, etc…you name it!

    Because these individuals are spread across the University and cater to a niche area of study, they can tweet, connect and share relevant information with specific students and with each other. Social Media has affected MSU’s Career Services in three ways. Connecting and engaging with students; establishing relationships with employers; and Enhancing the communication between career staff.

    Linked in
    The Michigan State University Alumni Association is doing a killer job of connecting Spartans. Spartans helping Spartans, that’s the idea. There are currently over 13,000 members on the MSU Alumni Association Linkedin group and it’s thriving. There is job postings and great advice. The Director of the Alumni Association John Hill ( and Dave Isbell, Alumni Services Career Coordinator ( are doing a fantastic job of driving this effort. In my opinion, they understand how to use Linkedin as a tool. It’s simply a platform for people to connect and create relationships on. With their help, they are connecting and people are finding jobs.

    I personally don’t think an over abundance of students are using Twitter, but for the ones who are, the following accounts are the main Career Services Twitter accounts. They usually post job updates about MySpartanCareer (Our Career Services system students use to find jobs), events and Re-Tweet information. posts about building relationships, recruiting tips and tricks and possess’ quite a bit of Social Media knowledge. has some solid posts about internships related material. It seems uses it mostly for building relationships, which, in his position is vital. The Lear center ( does a fantastic job of Tweeting and sharing relevant career information. The school of Engineering has really blown me away, with three separate Twitter accounts: which is “your source for everything Spartan Engineering news. is anything for co-op internship related specific to Engineers. is just for Full Time Engineer related jobs. gives a broad overview of posts and updates on internships both at Michigan State and around the country.

    Websites This is the home base for the MSU Career Services. They have yet to put all their Social Media in one place, but hopefully it will be up soon! The business school’s Lear center did a fantastic job of creating an ascetically pleasing, interactive and social website. They integrated multiple Social Media platforms, not only the big ones like Facebook , Twitter and Youtube but Technorati, Digg and Delicious too! The Youtube videos they developed are pretty funny ( They also post relevant jobs to the 21st century job search: Twitter (

    The business school also has a fantastic Facebook page called Cash where they post updates on mock interviews, conferences and articles. (Internships@State) This program was developed to help students find great internship experiences both on and off campus and they post articles and updates regarding jobs and internships.

    Blogs is “A step-by-step guide to searching for a job from the eyes of a senior engineering student at Michigan State University.” This blog is helpful for students because it’s experiential; it’s nice to learn from a fellow student.

    Tyler Oakley: The man, the myth, the legend. #1 He’s a student #2 He’s a Youtube all-star with 1000’s of hits #3 He’s very engaging! MSU’s Career Services was smart enough to hire Tyler to produce some fantastically engaging videos regarding careers. Check it out, he’s even funny! The Career Network also has a Youtube site devoted to Career Services along with the Lear Center

    I think what excites me most about the Michigan State Career Service Network is that they get it. Many are trying to make an effort to connect with students using the Social tools and its working! I can’t wait to see their progress.

  84. Alison says:

    Sheridan College Student Services provides a public-facing page at .
    Employers are encouraged to post jobs free of charge.

    Linked-in sports 16 different alumni groups, starting with
    Facebook fans can visit Sheridan’s OFFICIAL Facebook page at
    Follow Sheridan on Twitter!

  85. Deanna says:

    My former college (Lone Star College – North Harris) is using social media to engage students via several avenues:

    Facebook –
    MySpace –
    Twitter –
    YouTube –

  86. Timothy Kovoor says:

    I go to The University of Oxford in England.

    The Careers Service, University of Oxford is on Facebook at:

    Oxford students can also book a 15-minute slot with a careers adviser from the main Careers Website:

    To do this, students log into their account on the Careers website and then click on the “Make Appointment” button on the left.

  87. Georgia Katopodis says:

    1. I am an undergraduate senior at Michigan State University and I one of the students on the CASH Team at Michigan State. CASH stands for Career Advice & Services Hub and it is brought to MSU Students of all majors by the MSU Career Services Network.

    CASH maintains a BLOG (, a TWITTER (, a FACEBOOK page (, and YOUTUBE channel ( I was a part of the grassroots group of students and staff that started CASH – as a way to reach students through popular mediums to get them thinking about their job hunt and provide career related information and resources! The blog posts themselves are different in that they’re written for students, BY students. Although career advisers have posts as well, the majority of the posts are written in the language used most

    CASH also comprises of a street team – “Target Street Team” that goes out and invterviews students on campus to figure out what students know or are questioning. We then talk to recruiters, corporate representatives and career advisers to figure out what students should know regarding various topics (such as career fairs, interviews, etc). CASH also started an awkward situational comedy mini-series (similar to The Office) that takes place in the Career Services Center (21 Eppley) at MSU (

    Additionally; there are many different college specific career centers that are heavily using social media. All colleges and centers are currently working together through the Career Services Network as a whole to get all of these twitters/blogs/youtubes/facebook pages connected and supporting eachother!

    Here’s some more social media sites from the Career Services Network:

    – – – – – TWITTER ACCOUNTS – – – –
    CASH Career Advice & Services Hub
    INTERNSHIP developer at MSU:
    INTERN@STATE internships at MSU for students:
    ALUMNI – John Hill Alumni Coordinator

    Engineering Specific…
    NEWS – spartan engineering news
    INTERNS – co/op, intern & summer positions
    FULL TIME – for engineering grads

    Other Twitter’s associated with specific colleges are listed here:

    – – – – – YOUTUBE ACCOUNTS – – – –
    SPARTAN CAREER – Tyler provides “quick-tips” for your job search
    CASH – Career Advice & Services Hub

    – – – – – FACEBOOK ACCOUNTS – – – –
    CASH –
    ALUMNI –

    – – – – LINKEDIN – – – –
    ALUMNI –

    – – – – BLOGS – – – –
    CASH for Careers
    JOB SEARCHING (Engineering)

    2. My career advisors are Pepa Carlson and Kylie Brooks. We discussed One Day One Job/Internship, Found Your Career and we believe it’s an extremely beneficial site for job seekers. They made sure it was listed on the CASH blog under resources (, that the CASH facebook page was a fan.

    MSU is on it’s game! GO SPARTANS!

  88. Kathryn Peck says:

    I’m Kathryn and I currently attend Lebanon Valley College. Just like other colleges, I assume, the career services here hold job & internship fairs. They have the job center online that shows you what jobs and/or community service opportunities might be right for you. I know they have a blog, but I don’t think there’s a facebook or twitter account yet.


    go flying dutchmen! haha

  89. Yarin Wilson says:

    I am attending as a freshman at East Carolina University. If it weren’t for this contest, I probably wouldn’t look at my school’s career services department till my sophomore. So here is what I have found.

    Career center home page:

    While looking through their twitter and facebook pages, I can see that they provide students with an overwhelming amount of career information, whether it be upcoming career fair, job posting, And if somebody at the career center finds something useful, let’s say career tips, at other places such as ABC news, they would post it on twitter. Of course, they also have a lot of information about employment at their home website.

  90. Preeti Agrawal says:

    Michigan State University’s career services has a lot to offer its students. They have several different pages for students to find out info and get help with almost anything related to their careers. They have a facebook page with lots of helpful information that is updated frequently. The fb page even has all the details for One day One Job, which is where I found out about this contest. The Career Services network has Twitter pages and a YouTube video as well.

  91. Winnie Yang says:

    Recently graduated from the George Washington University, and discovered that the business school career center now uses all forms of social media!

    Twitter –
    Facebook –
    LinkedIn –

    We also have a pretty extensive career website, as well as an alumni networking system.

    I set up an appointment with the Career Counselor (last name Sachs) to speak with her in detail about your website and how it has helped me! I enjoy the companies you dig up and highlight, sometimes I come here to check if a company that I’m looking into is on your website.

  92. Hi!

    I’m a recent graduate, employee, and grad student at Stetson University in DeLand, FL. My Career Services Department knows me, so I didn’t have to introduce myself, but I certainly did tell them about this blog and they already knew about you! I spoke with University Career Services Director Robin Kazmarek.

    The Career Services Office here has a Web site: That’s about all they have, though. No Twitter, no blog, no Facebook, no Ning, no YouTube. I do know that they’re exploring LinkedIn (I called and asked if they have future plans for working with social media).

    They do, however, work with the Office of Alumni Relations to network through an online community unique to Stetson. It’s called HatterNet (we’re the Stetson Hatters–go ahead, laugh). And Alumni Relations is looking to expand the ways to interact within the community (which currently includes basic info on each user, a way to search for alumni in certain job fields and locations, and a few other functions).

    So, for an office that has been understaffed and almost invisible for years, they’re doing a great job right now…but they haven’t yet explored social media.

    Thanks for all you do to give me info on companies I would never have thought to explore. And thanks, too, for doing this giveaway.

  93. Jane says:

    The main career center here at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC) has a facebook page:

    This is their website:

    However, there are many career services centers on campus targeting different groups of students, so this is not the only social media page for career services here.

  94. ossi says:

    Our university, Technical university of Tampere, is using outside firm for finding jobs for students: I’ve never used them personally but they should know what they are doing.

  95. Victoria Wong says:

    I recently graduated from the University of Washington, a well-connected school who is constantly looking for ways to reach the students. Through the Center of Career Services’ blog (, both students and alumni can always be in the know.

  96. chris swan says:

    University of Miami is pretty up-to-date in its on-line presence. They have a couple of twitter pages
    A couple of facebook pages
    one for Jewish students Hillel
    Plus there are alot of blogs from students listed at the University website,1770,29532-1;29760-2;58100-2,00.html
    It looks like a great mix of students, one public relations sophomore, one broadcast journalism sophomore, one print journalist senior, one undeclared freshman and English lit junior. Boy I wish these sites were around when I was going to school there.

    Boy this was fun. Thanks for the fun assignment I learned alot!

  97. Laura Cutshall says:

    Oh, this is embarassing. :(

    Xavier University does use the internet for its career services center:

    And there is an online job board there for students only. However, social networking? Xavier’s still catching up when it comes to that level of electronic networking. A recent graduate (ahem) would have a better chance of joining the XU Alum’s Facebook group here:

    … than waiting for the XU Career services to work that one out. I’ll be brutally honest – Xavier’s career services didn’t help me a bit with finding my post-graduate career, and I won’t be going back to them once I finish my Master’s degree, either. I salute those schools who put the proper amount of resources into their career services, though. Salud!

  98. denice p says:

    I graduated from Texas State San Marcos in 2005. Their career services I used while there was the Jobs4 Cats. Our mascot is the bobcat. This is the link for Career Services:
    twitter account is
    facebook is
    they also offer career services for alumni;

    Just a side note I still wished the school kept the name Southwest Texas, they changed it my final year. Thank you for the chance

  99. Katie says:

    Michigan State University offers many opportunities for us students to find our perfect career path, whether its an entry-level job, or a summer internship. There are 2 careers fairs for fall and spring semesters, and colleges have specific fairs too. I am part of the School of Planning, Design, and Construction (SPDC), and on our Angel page, the professors set up a group which is updated weekly to reflect news in the industry, new job postings, and new opportunities to get involved within our industry. Through this group, I have joined 4 networking groups and have found contacts within my industry all over the US. We even participated in the Extreme Makeover Home Edition last year! It was through my advisor that I found out about this, who always keeps us up-to-date DAILY with new job/internship opportunities.

    I also am involved in a TA group, called VTA’s. There are about 25 of us (mostly volunteers). We help teach AutoCAD to students here at MSU. We also have set up a group on facebook called T.I.D.E. It is a group for students to sell used materials/books/supplies to younger students. We also hope to grow this group into more of a networking experience with local professionals. We also are starting a big brother/little brother mentoring program where upper classmen pair themselves with younger students to mentor them with their classes.

  100. Maria Whitmer says:

    My school, Devry University, has a fantastic career services department. They have virtual job fairs which are really cool but they are only for students and graduates. It’s great, especially for online students, because you can interact with reps from companies all over the country. They are also on Twitter! There are new job postings daily as well as career tips and info about some of the great things other Devry students have accomplished.
    Here is the link:

  101. Jonathan Church says:

    Maysville Community and Technical College uses facebook:

  102. lace says:

    Haven’t been to my colleges website (MSU – Michigan State) in a while so I didn’t know what the career center’s social media connections were. Found out they have different twitter accounts associated with the different colleges. I’d follow the (alumni) and (social sciences)

    They also have 2 facebook pages, one for internships and another for career advice –

    Youtube has 3 channels, one a basic MSU channel and 2 just for career services:

    I think I’m going to have to follow several of these now. Thanks for the chance to win and for the new information you encouraged me to find.

  103. Justin Sadowski says:

    The Career Center at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign was a fantastic resource leading up to my graduation last spring. Still, this assistance did not land me a job right out of the gate. As of right now I’m still searching. This summer has led me into an entire world of connectivity I wish I would have known of or stumbled upon while I was still at school. The instant connectivity of online communities and the rapid expansion of Web 2.0 SaaS and APIs has altered the job searching landscape as I move through it. I am actually working part-time on a guerrilla marketing campaign on campus with one of these services now ( thanks to ODOJ!! (that’s two Cornell-student founded companies in one set of parentheses)). Nevertheless, we are quickly approaching the point where its either get on board or get left behind.

    Although I loved the service I received through our Career Center they did not prepare me or inform me of the vast array of social media networks and resources that can assist in the job search. I hope that my contact with the Center’s Assistant Director – Marketing will allow her to quickly realize the potential that exists through all of these services.

    As I have been talking to students about Wiggio on campus I am realizing that the vast majority have no clue how to utilize these services, just as I had no idea. A good example of this occurred yesterday when I learned of a ‘Wiggio-ize’ 10-day campaign for $5000 via Twitter prior to receiving the e-mail from our Marketing Director. The Social Media ‘network’ is moving faster than we can, and I am hoping that my call to attention to the Career Center will result in a massive expansion towards a Social Media education campaign.

    My name is Justin Sadowski and I contacted Katie Flint, Assistant Director – Marketing regarding its move towards a productive Social Media educational campaign. Of course ODOJ, ODOI, and FoundYourCareer were included in our conversation.

    Here are the few links they have in this realm:

    The Career Center:
    I-Link (internal Job Board) –
    Illinois inCircle:

    And independently from the Center a large alumni network on

  104. sarah says:

    University of Toronto Career Services has a main site:

    I am from the Mississauga campus and the site for that one is:

    They have a twitter page at:

    Facebook page:

    And a geat blog at where they post about any student events, job postings, and more! I love it!

  105. Chris says:

    Hey there!

    My Uni is the Politecnico Grancolombiano University in Bogota, Colombia. They do not have any social networking other than Facebook.

    They do help out with Job placements and with doing a semester (or two) abroad. (I’m in the UK right now, for example)

  106. Like many colleges, Western Carolina University offers career services to both alumni and students. The website is here , and offers a variety of online services for students and alumni looking for jobs. Their Facebook Fan Page ( includes career services events and a discussion board.

  107. Ankur Patel says:

    At the Virginia Tech Career Services center students communicate with one another and alumni throughout the world with our VT CareerLink,, and Hokies4Hire,, sites. Many of our students are placed in employment positions well within their senior years.

    Our school is definitely not cutting edge with social media, but I will definitely pass on the suggestion. I can however say our school at least one large career fair a semester for specific career paths (civil engineering, building construction, etc.) and at least one enormous career fair for each college.

    Thanks for the update on how to connect and network!

  108. Kyli Kleven says:

    Michelle Plante at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign’s College of Fine and Applied Arts is the head of our Career Services. She helped me raise money for dance festival in Europe, create a website for myself, edited my resume, edited cover letters, helped me create press packets, and even designed business cards for me.

  109. Michael Wuest says:

    Missouri University of Science and Technology uses Linked-In for alumni relations. However, the communications department uses twitter, facebook, and a few other social media websites to communicate to students and alumni.

    Our career center uses an online job engine for employers who are coming to our career fair, which is one of the largest in the midwest.



  110. Maryam says:

    DePaul University has many different services to help their students and alumni find internships and jobs. The main website for the career center has links to their blog, facebook, and youtube account. The blog is actually written by students that share their experiences about careers, academics, etc.

    Career Center:

    They also post internship and job postings through DePaul also provides networking events and one-on-one help with resumes and interviews.

  111. Kaitlyn Cunningham says:

    Saint Joseph’s College of Maine is where I just recently graduated from. Unfortunately, the career services center makes very little use of new media. They are not the services themselves but occasionally may use a search engine to find someone a job they could apply for.

  112. Hello Mr. Franzen,
    Thank you for this opportunity to talk about how The Illinois Institute of Art-Chicago’s Career Services (ILIC CS) department is using social media to help students get jobs. ILIC CS has worked very hard to create ways for students to develop professionally, gain access to the most up to date job postings, and network effectively. – ILIC’s Career Services team all have Linkedin profiles and include the link on our email signatures. I attached my profile as an example. We connect with students, recommend them, and utilize Linkedin for research, networking, groups, and the linkedin webinars to develop professionally ourselves. – You can also follow ILIC Career Services on Twitter to get the most up to date information on job fairs, employer visits, Alumni panels, Workshops (resumes, networking, interviewing, internships, elevator speeches, and properly attending job fairs).
    “Ai Chicago Career Services” on Facebook: – Students can find ILIC Career Services on Facebook to get you tube videos, Career related articles, photos of professional events and much more to help them develp professionally and learn about the opportunities on campus to network and plan for the future. – It is important for students to network within their industry of study therefore ILIC CS has developed a HauteNet group. HauteNet is basically a “LinkedIn” for the Fashion industry – our group is constantly growing!! We post events and jobs on HauteNet. – ILIC Career Services also has a Blogspot where the team of advisors can post their ideas about their area of expertise or an important aspect of job searching and professional development to our students.
    The ILIC Career Services has devoted itself to linking students to the real world as they pursue thier education.
    Thanks again.

  113. Tammy Pham says:

    Michigan State University has been using social media to help its students find jobs and internships, through YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter.
    This is the Twitter account for my college.
    This is a Facebook account from Career Services.
    And this is their Twitter account.
    Two YouTube channels.

    If it wasn’t for this contest, I wouldn’t even think about looking up the information, but I became a fan of the CASH page on FB and am following the Twitter accounts that I found!

  114. Beny says:

    My college isn’t that engaging when it comes to this issue. In fact, they are quite lacking in informing students on anything, let alone social media. But there are some student clubs that try to do that, but they do a horrible job as well.

    I offered the college students to engage in a multi platform social networks, in order to transfer all the important info of school to the students that actually care about it – the students that registered to the specific class. This way, a sharing/gathering/INFORMATIVE discussion can happen.

    The college is Santa Monica College (SMC), located at the city of Santa Monica, in CA.

    Thanks (-:

  115. Alexandra Clark says:

    The Student Industry Resource Center at The School of Hospitality Business at Michigan State University is directed by Ms. Authella Collins Hawks who dedicates her time and effort to making what seems like ten million opportunities for every student in the school online, through other students, in the “real world” and through her guidance directly.

    My name is Alexandra Clark, I’ve met Ms. Hawks and have told her about One Day One Job and this contest!

  116. Hi! My name is Blanca Rose Guzman and here is my school’s info..

    School: Illinois Institute of Art-Chicago


    Facebook Student Group: Fashion Focused Illinois Institute of Art-Chicago

    Facebook Network Name: ILIA Chicago ’09

    Facebook Page:

    LinkedIn: Our teachers encourage us to use LinkedIn and many of them have LinkedIn accounts. :-)
    Thanks for your time!
    Have a great day! :-D

  117. AG says:

    Brigham Young University has a LinkedIn profile for Scott Greenhalgh, the career services coordinator, through which every alumn can connect to another. I can’t post links since it’s all for students or alumni only.

  118. Emily Roberts says:

    Michigan State University provides several online, social media, and networking links to guide students into whichever internship or career is right for them. One of many reasons I, Emily Roberts, am very proud to call myself a Spartan!

    The following four websites are hosted by Michigan State University ( Their goal is to help move Spartans from “student” to “professional”.




  119. Ruslan Mursalzade says:

    Michigan State Univeristy Career services office uses twitter, facebook and youtube to reach to students. MSU career services announces career events (resume builders, meetings with companies, mock internviews) on their social networking page. Through facebook and twitter, they give information about resources on or off campus, websites for internships, back to school deals (which is where I heard about this promotion)

    The links above are used to give tips about resume building, interviewing skills, update on jobs that are available on or off campus, rankings etc. Also another strategy that MSU uses is that, apart from these links every college (social science, business, natural science etc.) has its own social media pages where they can get students involved for example:, a faculty member Kristi Coleman updates College of Social Sciences students about career services.

    On it’s website office of career services posts stories about how some students used social media to find a job. for example:

    MSU career services has 2 youtube channels to reach to students.
    posts video interviews about how to act to get a job and how not to act
    posts videos about using social media to find jobs

  120. Danny Boysen says:

    My name is Danny Boysen I contacted the Brigham Young University Career services and spoke with Dave Waddell and told him about one day one job and one day one internship.

  121. emilieea says:

    My school, St. Martin’s University, has a student/alumni online database for students to use called Saints4Hire. It lists jobs in the local area from companies and individuals, the hiring dates, the requirements. It has search functions using criteria such as part-time, full-time, and you can upload your resume so that companies can browse your information. It has anything from jobs at national companies to tutoring and mowing lawns.

  122. Emily says:

    The Pomona College career development office has a Facebook page:

    I actually learned about one day one job from an announcement on the career development’s Facebook page. Also, on the home page to our job search engine (which is only accessible to students) there is a link to “20 Best Facebook Applications to Assist in Your Job Search” : At one point, LinkedIn was also a featured link.

  123. Nez says:

    University of Illinois – Chicago



    Offices of Career Services

    Listing of UIC Blogs

    Current job, internship, fellowship, and scholarship opportunities for School of Public Health students.

    I won’t be starting school at University of Illinois – Chicago campus until the winter session.

  124. Amritpan Kaur says:

    UC Berkeley still seems to be learning the ins and outs of social media. As an undergrad I have anywhere btween 5 to 10 emails week from my respective departments and the career center informing me of new opportunities and internships. A lot happens through word of mouth and professors directly advertising opps in class or section, but here’s some of the www-links that Cal has managed to produce for us…

    UC Berkeley Career Center on Facebook

    Study Abroad Opportunities

    MBA Career Center on Twitter

  125. Garrett says:

    As an alumni of Tufts University I’ve used the alumni services to connect with other alumni who can help me get an “in” at a company I’m applying to. You can easily search the database of alumni and had great success getting replies from fellow alumni. I’ve also used their online informational resources to help prepare my networking skills and write my resumes and cover letters.

    Tufts Career Network:

    Exploring Careers/Self Assessment:

    Resumes & Letters:

    Job Info:

    Contacting Career Services:

    Tufts Career Services Ambassadors on Facebook: (didn’t know they had this — this is great! thanks for making me check!)


    Tufts University Professional Network on LinkedIn:

    Tufts Career Services Ambassadors Blogspot:

    Jobless Jumbos Blog (blog written by current Tufts Students networking with one another to get jobs and share advice):

    The 405 Club: New York’s Official (Un)Employment Network, co-founded by me, a Tufts University alumnus: +

    Me 2.0: Tufts Graduate Career Consultant Facebook Page:

    I’m actually impressed with the sites Tufts has to offer across the social media spectrum. I really only used the alumni services site but there’s so much more, ie Facebook, blog, etc. Thanks for making me look deeper into it!

    GO JUMBOS! (and HP! and 1Day1Job/Funnel Thru!)

  126. Jon says:

    At IUPUI (Indiana University – Purdue University Indianapolis) the office of Academic & Career Development has a Facebook page to help educate students on the services they provide.

  127. Lin lee says:

    University of Arlington Texas has career fairs and job search groups, also you can register for hireamaverick database to look for jobs.

  128. Andom Ghebreghiorgis says:

    Yale University has a lot of resources that one can use to search for jobs or network with alumni in the professional world:
    Yale Undergraduate Career Services:
    Yale’s eRecruiting Network:
    Yale Career Network:

  129. Tanya Martinez says:

    In addition to what Andom wrote, Yale UCS also has a Career Toolbox with lots of resources ( They also have alumni organizations and email-lists based on various affiliations, i.e. New York City alumni network, Yale Black Alumni Network, etc…

  130. Yuen says:

    At University of Auckland students use job database career hub to find jobs.

  131. Marvin says:

    The Center for Career Services of my school Mapua Institute of Technology doesn’t use social media, this is their only site:

    They are active on Job Fairs which they always uphold every quarter semester.

  132. Jackson Hoberman says:

    Hey Willy!

    I’m a junior at the College of Charleston ( located in Charleston, South Carolina.

    Today I introduced myself to Lindsey Gillen, the Internship Coordinator at C of C’s Career Center ( I informed her of the existence of One Day, One Internship as well as One Day, One Job. I told her that I felt that the daily emails I receive from you would be beneficial for current students looking for internships as well as young alums looking for entry-level jobs. I suggested that our Career Service’s site feature a link to your respective sites or, at the very least, recommend taking a gander at them via one of the frequent emails sent by the Career Services staff.

    Career Services at C of C is definitely up and coming in terms of its online social media presence. We have a number of different resources for current students and alums.

    Our best resource:
    * CisternOnline ( – Our very own social networking site devoting to building relationships between students and alums and between alums and alums.

    The College also successfully uses Facebook pages to engage current students and alumni, with pages specifically devoted toward…

    – strengthening ties between students and alumni *College of Charleston Page* (

    – facilitating meet-ups and building professional relationships among members of Alumni Chapters *College of Charleston Alumni Page*

    Career Services also has a LinkedIn group found @

  133. Mandy Yeung says:

    The career center at the University of Southern California (USC) offers a regularly updated blog called sc@work at They also offer Podcasts in case students miss career center events such as workshops on resumes and networking at

    I attend the engineering school at USC, and we have our own career center for the school. The engineering school uses twitter at

  134. My college is using primitive methods such as post and telephone to contact the employers and bring them into contact with the students who are graduating.The website of the college is yet to see the light of the day. The old computers of the college are not helping me to get the website up and running. The new laptops will help establish a faster and a more efficient interface between the employers and the students.

  135. Katie Booms says:

    I am in the Writing department at Michigan’s Grand Valley State University, which is one of the newest and most proactive departments. GVSU has two job sites, the Job Tree for on-campus jobs and Laker Jobs for the rest of the big wide world. Those are only available to students but do a good job promoting themselves with giveaways and booths at events like Student Life Night every year.
    The Writing Department itself does an even better job of promoting local jobs and internships. Students can stop by the office or check out the regularly updated bulletin board. There are also department information meetings at the start of the semester, regular writing internship meetings, and a stream of department emails to all majors. The most useful tools, however, are on-line. Unsurprisingly, the GVSU Writing Department page on Facebook is a great source of information (, but my personal favorite is the blog from past interns at GV-run There’s a similar wiki page for those interested in grad school:

  136. Gaurav Rana says:

    Hi, This is Gaurav Rana from Surat, Gujarat, India.

    I am a software developer and i finished my graduation 2 yrs back. i finished my graduation from SCET, Surat, India.
    Here is the link to our college web site. :

    Basically, they don’t use any social media for development.
    They main activities of our training & placement cells are as mentioned below:
    1. To assist students for summer (Vocational) training which help them understand and experience the implementation of knowledge being imparted to them in the class-rooms, laboratories.
    2. Providing students bio-data to organisation for scrutiny.
    3. Co-ordination between organisations & college/ department for planning and execution of campus interview.
    4. To provide all necessary facilities to the visiting team during campus interviews.
    5. To organize study tour programmes.

  137. Auriette says:

    It’s misleading that HP’s Back to School central site lists your giveaway as taking place from Sept. 1 to Sept. 5 when in fact, you were only accepting entries through the 4th.

  138. […] Back to School, Back to Work Starts Now on One Day, One Job from 21 hours ago I attended Manhattan College in Riverdale, NY. The school is small with only about 3,000 undergrads so the career services center isn’t large. They have a career services website which has job openings, links to websites for searching for career specific jobs and help writing resumes ( Other then that, the only use of social media the school uses is a LinkedIn. The group is called “Manhattan College Career Development Alumni Networking Group” and it relies on members of the group to post job openings that they have heard about either from friends or at there current employers ( If you search Facebook and LinkedIn for Manhattan College, there are countless other groups that are student run and pretty much accomplish the same thing as the school run group. Giorgio Di Stefano […]

  139. Hi Auriette,

    I’m sorry that you found the rules misleading. We were asked to announce the winner on September 5th and to do so, we wanted to make sure that we could confirm the winning entry in time to do so. That’s why we ended on the 4th. The rules were posted here from the start, and each site runs the contest individually.

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