If you like HP's products, then you should head over to HP’s Jobs site to see if any of their entry level jobs catch your eye.

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Computer and Forensic and Intrusion Analyst
Sterling, VA
Reston, VA
Amazon Connect Specialty Consultant
Ashburn, VA
PC/Network Support 2
West Mclean, VA
Application Migrations Consultant
Herndon, VA
PC Support Tech 4 - Executive Support
Dulles, VA
Computer Forensic & Intrusion Analyst with Security Clearance
Sterling, VA
Fairfax, VA
Field Technician II
Springfield, VA
Computer Network Operations Officer with Security Clearance
Chantilly, VA

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In case you haven’t already noticed, we announced the beginning of our part of the HP Magic Giveaway contest today. HP has given us $6,000 worth of their products to give away, and we’re giving them all away to one lucky winner. We thought that it would be cool to take a look at HP’s entry level jobs on the same day that the contest launches, but we had an internal debate over whether we should label it a sponsored post or include it with the rest of our posts. The contest is all about paying it forward, and since we haven’t received any compensation from HP for the contest (nor have we had any communication with HP’s HR department either), we thought that we’d send some goodwill back their way by featuring their jobs. Sorry to muddy up the post with this, but I wanted to make sure that we’re staying transparent.

I’m a Mac guy, so when I think about HP, I think about Hewlett-Packard and the clunky PCs that they used to make. Things have changed. They now mostly go by the name HP, and their computers are anything but stodgy. I have an office full of their products (until I have to send them to one of you), and I’m extremely impressed by how innovative they are. Their “technology solutions,” as they like to call them, really stand out from the crowd. I’m also impressed with HP’s approach to social media and buzz marketing. They understand that old media is dying and that they need to find a new way to market their products. What’s better than giving out products to bloggers to review and then having those bloggers giveaway the products during the holiday season? The success of the promotion is yet to be determined, but you have to like the prospect of working for a company that is willing to make a huge investment in trying something new.

Are HP’s Jobs as Magical as Their Products?

HP’s story is their products. If you want to know more about HP, all that you need to do is to head over to HP.com. It’s a consumer focused site, not a corporate site (if you want that, go here), so it’s going to give you a great feel for the direction that HP is moving their business without all of the corporate jargon. If you like what you see, then you should head over to HP’s Jobs site to see if they have any opportunities that are well suited to your background.

As forward thinking as HP seems to be with their products, they don’t seem to have the same attitude towards their recruiting. Their Jobs site is relatively generic, and so is their section for Students and Graduates. They do have a page that provides a list of typical jobs at HP, but it only offers a short blurb about each career path. The main point of HP’s Students and Graduates page is to direct you towards their Job and Internship listings on the right hand side of the page. Unfortunately, both of these links lead to job search pages that deliver no results no matter which query you enter. To actually find Graduate Jobs and Internships with HP, you need to use HP’s main job search page and then used the advanced search function to select Graduate Jobs or Internships. There were 358 results for Graduate Jobs when we checked. These include jobs like IT Infrastructure Consultant, Hardware Engineer, Software Designer, Packaging Engineer, and many more. I recommend that you narrow your search down by using more search criteria to find something that better suits you, since many of the jobs listed are not based in the US. You can apply for these jobs online directly from the job listings that show up in the search results. HP does have another page for US based campus recruitment, but it doesn’t really add too much more information.

So what’s our key takeaway when it comes to entry level jobs with HP? There are a lot of them, but HP’s online recruitment process isn’t very easy to navigate. They need to fix some links so that people don’t think that there aren’t any jobs available, and they need to get some of the people who worked on the HP Magic Giveaway to help them with their recruitment marketing and employment branding.

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Don’t forget to enter our HP Magic Giveaway contest.

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Lyft Driver - No Experience Needed
Lyft Ashburn, VA
High Demand For Quality Contractors - Get New Clients In Your Area
HomeAdvisor Ashburn, VA
Food Delivery - Weekly Pay
Uber Eats Ashburn, VA
Restaurant Depot Chantilly, VA
Delivery Driver / Courier
DoorDash Dulles, VA

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