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DramaFever is a New York, NY based company that gives “you a better way to find and watch the best TV and movies from around the world.”

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This Gangnam Style craze is kind of ridiculous, right? I originally saw the video in July and found it pretty amusing, but didn’t think much more of it. A couple months later it has over a quarter billion views on YouTube. I’m not sure if the interest will carry over into other Korean entertainment acts, but if it does, DramaFever is extremely well positioned. They are a New York, NY based company that gives “you a better way to find and watch the best TV and movies from around the world.” Their original focus was on Korean dramas, but they are rapidly expanding their offerings of tv shows and movies from Taiwan, China, Singapore and the Philippines. Bollywood films and latin telenovelas will come next. What’s interesting about DramaFever is that they target their content toward English speaking audiences, so it’s not just about giving expats the content that they miss from home.

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The Internet is truly the ultimate platform for delivering video content. Anybody should be able to watch whatever they want wherever they want. Unfortunately, rights holders haven’t jumped on board as quickly as we’d all like. DramaFever still has to deal with all of that stuff, but they’ve done an exceptional job of making lots of content available for free (it’s ad supported). For users who can’t tolerate advertising and want to watch on mobile devices, there’s a premium membership. There’s a ton of money to be made bringing existing content to new markets, so it’s hard not to love what DramaFever is doing. If you want to join them, check out their Careers page. They have a ton of great opportunities available including:

There are a ton of career options at DramaFever, so check them out and see which ones appeal to you the most.

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  1. Jessica Sadoway says:

    I’ve used DramaFever more than a few times… *ahem*

    I had no idea they were US-based, though!

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