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Two weeks ago I told about the upcoming release of a job search training course that I’ve been developing. I also told you that I brought in a partner to make sure that this course is a comprehensive learning tool that will give you a completely revamped approach finding a job. I was going to introduce you to him last week, but I didn’t want you to be distracted by a trip home for Thanksgiving, so I waited an extra week. This guy is like that bad ass personal trainer who pushes you so hard that you almost throw up in the middle of your workout but for job search. So let me tell you a little bit about him and how you can get a free PDF version of his book, How to Self Destruct.

His name is Jason Seiden.

Jason Seiden

Jason is a management consultant who helps organizations manage and develop Gen X and Gen Y talent (that’s you). His methodology is known for its unique blend of optimism, insightfulness, and fun, counterfactual problem-solving… and also for its honesty and intense focus on personal responsibility. He’s inspirational yet sarcastic – some people say that Jason is Tony Robbins meets Jon Stewart. I think that they’ve nailed it.

Jason received an MBA from Northwestern University’s Kellogg Graduate School of Business, with dual concentrations in Organizational Behavior and Finance. He received his Bachelor of Science in Economics, with a concentration in entrepreneurial management, from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, so he’s not just some guy whom I pulled in off the street.

Beyond being a leading consultant in his field, Jason is also a Career Coach. That’s why he’s a perfect partner to help me design this course. He typically works with executives and charges $6,000 for a starter package. He has recently decided that he wants to work with more up and coming talent, which is part of why he’s partnered with me. He’s currently offering a major discount on his coaching services for young up and comers, and he’s also playing a major role in developing the curriculum for our course. That leaves you with two options to get access to Jason Seiden without having to shell out enough to buy the prize package from the HP Magic Giveaway.

Speaking of getting access to Jason…

How to Self Destruct Cover

Jason also wrote a book. It’s called How to Self-Destruct: Making the Least of What’s Left of Your Career, and it’s unlike any career advice book that you’ve ever read. It’s an easy read, and you can pick it up and put it down without missing a beat; in fact, it’s meant to be read where you do your best thinking (you know where that is). If you want to do that, you’ll have to buy the paperback version of the book; however, if you want to read it on your computer, you can do so by downloading a free copy of his book in a password protected PDF. It’s Jason’s way of introducing himself to you.

If you want to learn more about Jason’s role in our job search training course or you want to learn how to get a great deal on his coaching services, sign up below. You’ll get a free download of How to Self Destruct, and you’ll also get a great deal on our job search training course when it’s released.

Edit: No need to sign up for our mailing list any more. You can find out all the details about our job search training course at FoundYourCareer.com.

Jason and I will be working night and day to get this training course ready by the end of the year, so stay tuned to get a sneak peak. Until then, enjoy getting to know Jason by reading his book.

To find out more about Jason Seiden, check out:

Seiden Leadership
How to Self-Destruct
Jason’s Blog
@Seiden on Twitter
Jason Seiden on LinkedIn

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6 responses to “Jason Seiden Will Help You Find a Job”

  1. Jessica says:

    Are you gearing this job-search training course toward new grads and entry-level employees, or would I as a mid-level professional benefit from the course?

  2. Hey Jessica,

    Great question. Although One Day, One Job is targeted to the entry level / new grad market, this course is going to valuable to job searchers at all levels. The course is going to have a young feel with a multimedia approach, but the content will ring true across generations and experience levels.

    The way that Jason and I approach job search is significantly (almost radically) different from what most career advice experts recommend, but that’s not what is going to make this course effective. It’s going to be how we communicate the information that makes this course stand out.

  3. Adam says:

    I think any job search training that you can create for people will help. It is interesting in the past 7 months my business has really expanded only because people are looking for Jobs and many people are wanting to start thier own business. I hope the economy turns around.

  4. Mitesh says:

    I’m tired of ending up in jobs/careers that just aren’t a right fit for me. I am definately looking forward to this job-search training.

  5. Yo says:


    I was interested in knowing how can I read the password protected online copy of Jason Seiden’s How to self destruct free on my computer as you have mentioned on this site


  6. […] by Jason Seiden, who’s from Chicago and who’s an author, coach and consultant. He wrote How to Self-Destruct: Making the Least of What’s Left of Your Career, which takes those by-the-numbers career guides and blows them into […]

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