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Take a look at SpeakerText, their Jobs page, and the Entry Level Hustler position. If you want to get into the startup world, this is the perfect opportunity.

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Amazon Grocery Warehouse Associate
Brunswick, MD
Amazon Grocery Warehouse Associate
Knoxville, MD
Deliver Food with Gopuff - No Riders, No Restaurants
Reston, VA
Vehicle Condition Assessor
Rockville, MD
Part Time Apartment Trash Collector - Nights - Pickup Truck or Trailer Preferred Up to $17 per Hour
Fairfax, VA
Helpdesk Specialist, Ashburn
Ashburn, VA
Drive with Gopuff
Mc Lean, VA
Allstate Agency Owner - Start Your Own Small Business!
Gaithersburg, MD

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I’m always amazed by how lame job postings are (why do you think I started doing this?). If a Marketing department tried to sell products the way HR departments sell jobs, they’d have been fired a long time ago. Even the job postings that I consider to be good are pretty mediocre in the grand scheme of things—and they look a lot like other “good” job postings. Yesterday I came across a job posting that really stood out from any others that I’ve seen lately—maybe it’s because the “Entry Level Hustler” position is pretty unique on its own. But first let’s talk about the company offering the position. They’re called SpeakerText, and they’re a San Francisco, CA based startup that offers “a premium service for video publishers that turns video into text so that it can be searched, shared and accessed by everyone.” We’ve all become accustomed to being able to search text (I know I get aggravated at not being able to search a hard copy book). But now that video is so popular, we have this new mass of online information that can’t be searched. SpeakerText is trying to solve this problem through crowdsourcing.

You Can’t Transcribe the Hustle

By combining human intelligence with artificial intelligence, SpeakerText is able to offer “low-cost, high-quality video transcription.” This has the potential to be huge not only for users, but also for publishers. Many websites (like this one) rely on Google for a lot of traffic. Google relies on text to determine if content is relevant to a search query. Videos have been left out of the party to some extent. SpeakerText makes video content indexable by Google, while also offering users an experience that makes finding relevant parts of the video simple. Here’s how it works. If I ever start developing more video content, I’ll definitely look to SpeakerText to help me make the most of it. Now, an awesome job posting shouldn’t be enough to sell you on a company. Back in my days as a job seeker, I applied for a “Best Available Athlete” position that sounded amazing. After a few rounds of interviews, I realized that it wasn’t. However, take a look at SpeakerText, their Jobs page, and the Entry Level Hustler position, and see if SpeakerText really is as awesome as they seem. If you want to get into the startup world and don’t have technical skills, this is the perfect opportunity. And if you do have tech skills, they’re also looking for ML Hackers, Web Developers, and UX Designers (all of which oddly don’t have job descriptions).

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