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Does anyone else find it vexing that gyms get completely packed in the first few weeks of January? I have a lot of respect for people who use the new year to motivate themselves into getting in shape, and I’m certainly approaching my workouts with more energy than I was in December, but I hate the crowds. Last month I mentioned that I was reading Tim Ferriss’ new book, The 4-Hour Body. I recently finished it, and it has encouraged me to try some new things at the gym. One of the suggestions that I’m excited to try is “kettlebell swings.” They were a bit hard to understand until I saw a video of how to do them in one of Tim’s blog posts. The video was hosted on, and when I went to check the site out I saw a link to a Careers section at the bottom of the page. I started looking around, and I learned that the Boise, ID based company is the most visited bodybuilding and fitness site in the world, the #1 sports nutrition e-commerce site, one of the top 500 e-commerce sites in America, and a former Inc. 500 company. I knew that online fitness could be big business, but I had no idea that owned such a dominant place in the market.

Build Your Body, Build Your Career has taken a really smart, two-pronged approach to growing their business. Instead of just focusing on e-commerce or just focusing on content, they do both. While most companies that build online communities do so to sell advertising, has done it to advertise their own e-commerce business. Apparently it’s working, as started in 1999 (not a great time for Internet companies) and has grown to more than 160 employees since. I think what really makes stand out is that they’re built for the long-term. Lots and lot of companies that push fitness products online are about tricking people into buying some miracle product. has built the ultimate online fitness resource for free—they want their customers to be well informed and trusting. They know that by consistently providing quality content, they will have a continuously growing group of loyal customers. If you want to join the growing ranks of employees, check out their Jobs page. They have quite a few opportunities including a bunch that look well suited for new and recent grads like Import/Export Specialist (Costanza!), Quality Control Coordinator, Competition Content Coordinator, B2B Account Specialist, and Java Software Engineer. Now flex your muscles and apply.

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