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If you’re intrigued by ConsumerTrack's multi-disciplinary approach to marketing, then you should take a look at their jobs.

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Advertising is supposed to deliver results, but for the longest time it was nearly impossible to tell whether an ad was actually performing as it should. The Internet has changed that, and it’s caused problems for lots of businesses that rely on ad sales for revenue. However, there are plenty of other businesses that are reacting quickly to these market changes and giving advertisers what they want. One of these companies is ConsumerTrack, which is based in El Segundo, CA. They specialize “in creating, managing, optimizing and monetizing marketing campaigns for a variety of companies ranging from small lenders and finance groups, to Fortune 500 banks and blue chip companies.” These aren’t just any marketing campaigns though, they’re designed in a way to ensure that clients are getting a maximum return on investment for their advertising dollars.

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ConsumerTrack mentions three business areas on their What We Do page: Lead Generation, Performance Based Marketing, and Customer Acquisition. I have a hard time differentiating between the three, but the basic point is that ConsumerTrack helps their clients acquire new customers at a cost that ensures profitability. Some examples of how they’ve built web properties to do this include,, and By combining creative marketing techniques with a scientific approach to data, ConsumerTrack is able to offer an easier path to generating leads and sales. If you’re intrigued by their multi-disciplinary approach, then you should take a look at their jobs. The ConsumerTrack Careers page only includes two positions suitable for new grads: Local Sales Account Executive and Software Developer. However, I found two more job opportunities on Startuply: Online Media Coordinator and Internet Marketing Media Buyer. The jobs look pretty interesting, so see if they fit your interests.

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