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Most of the jobs at LibreDigital require a decent amount of experience, but a few positions seem as though they may be suitable for new grads.

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Considering that I’m a total Apple fan boy, it’s a huge surprise to me that I’ve only mentioned the iPad twice on this site so far. I’ve had some time to play with the device, and it really has impressed me. As someone who not only reads a ton of books but is also writing one, I’m really excited about how the iPad and other digital reading devices are going to change the way that we consume media. I’m also a little nervous about it (which is why I’m still buying hard copies—they also look good on my bookshelves). Still, it won’t be long before most of the reading that we do will be done on screens. LibreDigital is an Austin, TX based company that has been preparing for that day since 1999 when they were founded. Their business is all about helping publishers and producers get their content in the right formats and then distribute that content electronically. They even already have a way for publishers to get their books on the iPad seamlessly.

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While we’ve watched many major companies flounder as they try to grasp the concepts and changes surrounding “new media,” LibreDigital has been expecting these changes for years. They’ve been ready, and they’ve been building their brand as the goto place for publishers who want to go digital. They’re already working with “six of the top ten U.S. trade publishers” and “eight of the top ten newspapers,” so the strategy has worked. Now that the world of digital media is really getting exciting, LibreDigital has a prime opportunity to grow their business. Hopefully this will soon lead to a huge upsurge in hiring, but for now it’s just a strong amount of hiring—they have just over a dozen positions open with about 100 employees in the company overall. Most of the jobs require a decent amount of experience, but positions like Operations Account Coordinator, Digital Media Production Supervisor, and Software Development Project Manager seem as though they may be suitable for new grads. You can see all of LibreDigital’s jobs and descriptions here, and if you want to apply, you should send your cover letter and résumé to

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