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Beyond writing about a new company and its entry level jobs every day, there’s a lot of behind the scenes work that I have to do to continue One Day, One Job’s growth. A huge portion of that work falls under the categories of internet marketing and search engine optimization. Maybe I’m biased because I’m doing the stuff every day, but I think that being able to understand and implement internet marketing concepts will be essential in many of the career paths that today’s new college grads take. If you want to set yourself up with the internet marketing skills that aren’t being taught in most undergraduate curriculums, you should consider a first job at a place like HubSpot, a Cambridge, MA based internet marketing startup.

What’s a HubSpot

HubSpot is all about helping businesses with inbound marketing to generate sales. Let’s use One Day, One Job as an example, even though HubSpot is a bit out of our price range at the time (we almost won a free membership in a contest, but it fell through at the last minute). HubSpot offers web based applications in addition to consulting services that could help us bring more job seekers to our site. Beyond that, they’d also help us specifically target employers who are seeking out recruitment advertising opportunities or entry level and online recruitment consulting services. They’d use tools that they’ve created to analyze what we’re doing, how well it’s working, and what we can do better. It’s a pretty cool concept, and they seem to be having a lot of success with it. Put simply, HubSpot uses their internet marketing expertise to make small businesses “hubs” for incoming sales leads.

A Hub for Your Career

HubSpot recently landed an additional $12 million in VC funding to bring their total funding to $17 million. What do companies do with huge investments like that? They usually hire people, and that’s what HubSpot is doing. Their Jobs page currently has a number of great looking opportunities that seem like they might be good fits for new college grads. Each of the positions that they’re hiring for requires a certain level of experience and familiarity with relevant subject matter, but for the most part we don’t see it as something that you couldn’t have learned from school, internships, or spending many hours (productively) online. If you don’t quite have the skills to land a job at HubSpot yet, there’s still time to learn. A great place to start is HubSpot’s blog.

The jobs that we think are most likely to be suited to new grads are Support Engineer, Account Executive, Developer/Hacker, Marketing Maven, and Internet Marketing Consultant. Some of these jobs are probably reaches for even the brightest new grads, but it’s worth trying. HubSpot is a rapidly growing company that looks like a lot of fun. To apply for a job send a cover letter and resume to

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  1. peter caputa says:

    Thanks for writing about us. We’re flattered you think so highly of us and honored you’d take the time to write about us.

    Being employee #15, I would agree that HubSpot is an amazing place for someone to start (or grow) a career.

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