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HelloFresh is a New York, NY based company that offers weekly subscription packages that include recipes and all of the ingredients to make healthy, delicious meals.

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Wayne, NJ
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Wayne, NJ
Associate Director of Operations
Newark, NJ

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I didn’t start cooking until my sophomore year of college, but I picked it up pretty quickly once I was off of a meal plan. If I was trying something new, I’d look up a basic recipe, but for the most part I just learned a few basic concepts and used those to come up with my own preparations. This made trips to the grocery store fun. I’d invent a meal based on what I saw at the store, and then try to make it at home. I’ve been doing that ever since, and I love it, but some people don’t want to spend the time shopping and creating meals even though they still would like to cook dinner at home. HelloFresh is for them. It’s a New York, NY based company (actually it’s Berlin, Germany, but the U.S. business is based in NYC) that offers weekly subscription packages that include recipes and all of the ingredients to make healthy, delicious meals. It’s kind of like those brownie mixes that come in a box (all you have to do is follow the instructions), except the end result is a dinner that your mother would approve of.

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HelloFresh is the kind of service that polarizes people. I would never consider using it (I tried grocery delivery and hated it), but I know a lot of people who would love everything about it. Here’s how it works. One might think that something like HelloFresh would be outrageously expensive, but it ends up being just over 10 bucks per meal per person including delivery. That seems extremely reasonable for the kind of food and level of convenience that they’re offering. All that HelloFresh has really done is add curation to grocery delivery, but they’ve done it in a way that matches up really well with a subset of consumers. HelloFresh already has more than $10 million in funding, and they plan to grow very quickly. If you’d like to help them do that, check out their Jobs page. I know you’ll be tempted to click on the Head of Chocolate Tasting position that is locate in Hawaii, but don’t. It’s not real (or maybe I’m lying and I just don’t want you competing with me for the job). The position that you should take a look at is Customer Service Intern. I know it’s an internship, but it’s paid and has the potential to become permanent. That’s almost as good as an entry level job in my book.

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  1. Claire Jacobs says:

    I just signed up for my first delivery–hope it’s good–or it will be all your fault :) Thanks for always featuring interesting places!

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