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If you’d like to be a part of what ZoomInfo to help people find people and companies is doing, you should check out their Careers page.

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Senior Software Engineer
Bethesda, MD
Enterprise Sales Executive, Reston
Reston, VA
Business Development Manager
Arlington, VA
SDR Instructor
Herndon, VA

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Tracking people down isn’t all that hard anymore. If you want to find someone, there’s a really good chance that a simple Google search will give you a good enough lead to find some contact information. You should know all about this if you’re going about your job search properly. If you haven’t tracked down someone at a company that you want to work for and offered to buy him or her lunch, then what are you wasting your time doing? You should be able to get by with free tools, but sometimes you need something a little more powerful. ZoomInfo is a Waltham, MA based company that offers “continuously updated, multi-sourced, highly relevant business information and unrivalled tools to quickly pinpoint contacts and accelerate success.” ZoomInfo’s database “spans five million businesses and 50 million employees,” so if you’re looking for a company or a person, there’s a good chance that they have info on them.

Do You Zoom?

Your biggest question is probably Who Uses ZoomInfo? All kinds of people. You could use it for your job search. A sales or business development professional could use it to find prospects. A recruiter can use it to find people for jobs. And a writer can use ZoomInfo for fact checking. The use cases are pretty much endless. The business behind ZoomInfo is pretty simple–they sell a variety of products that are centered on offering access to their database. They certainly have a lot of competition from free sites like Google, LinkedIn, and even Twitter and Facebook, but as long as they can find and organize data that isn’t easy to find, then they’re going to have a solid business. If you’d like to be a part of what ZoomInfo is doing, you should check out their Careers page. Right now they’re looking for a Marketing Associate, a Software Engineer, and a Research Engineer. They also have a posting for General Rock Stars, so you can tell them exactly where you think that you’d fit in even if there isn’t a job posted for you.

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