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If you’re excited by Voxiva’s health care innovation through mobile technology, based in Washington, DC, you should check out their Careers page.

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If you’ve been a reader for a while, you probably know that I love using magazine lists to find interesting companies. I just found out that Fast Company released their list of Most Innovative Companies. It’s led by names like Apple, Twitter, and Facebook, but there are also some unfamiliar names on there–and that’s what we’re looking for. One of the names on the list that caught my eye was Voxiva. They’re a Washington, DC based company that delivers “interactive mobile health services.” They’ve been around since 2001, and they offer patient engagement services that “combine multiple technologies – SMS text messaging, interactive voice, email, mobile apps, devices, and the web – to support prevention and wellness, disease management, adherence, and more.”


When most people think about health care, they think about complex things like insurance, surgeries, and pharmaceuticals. These are all very important pieces of the overall health care picture, but the truth is that simple behavioral changes often offer far more benefits than most medical interventions. The trouble is that changing behavior isn’t easy; however, mobile technology is making it easier. While they do offer custom solutions, Voxiva has three core products: Text4Baby (Maternal Health), Text2Quit (Smoking Cessation), and Care4Life (Diabetes). Each of these services delivers customized messages and reminders to help individuals better address specific health issues. There’s much more to what Voxiva does, but these three services should give you a clear idea of how powerful mobile technology can be in health care. If you’re excited by Voxiva’s innovation, you should check out their Careers page. The current postings require some prior experience, but I know that they’ve had entry level jobs like Project Associate in the past.

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