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We've seen a huge boom in businesses that help local customers find local businesses, so it seems logical that the model applies to the medical fields.

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Yesterday we talked about how regenerative medicine is making it more and more likely that you’ll be able to heal from a stupid Fourth of July injury. Today we’re going to talk about a company that makes it super simple to make an appointment for a doctor (or dentist) to check out that injury that you’re embarrassed to tell anyone about. The company is called ZocDoc, and they’re based in New York City. They’ll not only help you find a doctor or dentist who specializes in what you need, but they’ll also allow you to make an appointment with just a few clicks. You can even check up on reviews of the doctor before you book him or her, and once you’ve had your appointment, you can add a review. ZocDoc has only rolled out in a few areas so far, so you can’t find any kind of doctor in any city or town, but I’m sure that’s in the plans once the business model gets rolling.

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ZocDoc hasn’t fixed the fact that you have to wait in a waiting room before you can wait in an individual waiting room with most doctors, but I bet that their review system will bring down wait times over time. The best thing about ZocDoc is that they put a big emphasis on being able to schedule an appointment today. You get your problem taken care of immediately, and the Doctor is able to fill his or her schedule on days when there aren’t enough advance appointments. It’s brilliant, and surprising that nobody else has already conquered online booking for doctors. I also find it surprising that ZocDoc doesn’t charge Doctors a per-patient fee. New patients are key to growing a practice, so you’d think it would make sense to work with a focus on lead generation. Instead ZocDoc charges a few hundred bucks a month for the service.

We’ve seen a huge boom in businesses that help local customers find local businesses, so it seems logical that the model applies to the medical fields. If you’re interested in ZocDoc, you should check out their Jobs page. Right now they have a ton of jobs posted (must be growing) including a number of positions that seem suitable for a new or recent grad like Software Engineer, Coding Wizard/Ninja, Copywriter/Creative Writer, Finance and Operations Analyst, Recruitment Sourcing Specialist, Marketing Analyst, Operations Associate, and Sales Executive (New York/San Francisco/Washington, DC/Chicago). All of the jobs look awesome, so check them out and see what fits your interests.

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