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Wikia doesn’t appear to have received any new funding in over 4 years, yet their Jobs page shows quite a few openings for new and recent grads.

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If you’re not spending at least 15 minutes a week reading Wikipedia articles, you’re selling yourself short. As a job seeker you need to be constantly learning about new stuff. Wikipedia is an amazing, free resource for learning about general concepts, but what if you are seeking more specific knowledge? The Wiki format is great, but that’s not what Wikipedia is about. Luckily, there are all kinds of Wiki-powered communities that cover niche topics “ranging from video games, TV shows and movies to food, fashion, and environmental sustainability.” Wikia is a San Francisco, CA based company that provides the platform for many of these Wiki-based communities. The company was founded by Jimmy Wales, who also founded Wikipedia (he’s the creepy guy who stares at you and asks for donations on all of their pages). Both sites use very similar technology, but Wikia is a place for more focused communities that may or may not have a commercial purpose.

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There are a ton of cool communities built on Wikia, many of them are officially sanctioned. For instance in TV shows there are Mad Men and NCIS, in movies there are Harry Potter and Avatar, and in games there are Call of Duty and World of Warcraft. To get a feel for it, you should browse around Wikia—they do a great job of spotlighting their top wikis. The video below will give you a quick overview of how Wikia works (e-mail readers should click through).

Now, you’re probably wondering how Wikia makes money. It’s a combination of advertising and “partner programs.” You can get a look behind the curtains by looking at Wikia’s Media Kit. The network of Wikia sites gets a ton of traffic, and they must be monetizing it well. Wikia doesn’t appear to have received any new funding in over 4 years, yet their Jobs page shows quite a few openings. The ones that seem most suitable for new or recent grads include UI Designer, Junior Designer, Sales/Sponsored Links Coordinator, Online Advertising Account Executive, Community Manager, German Gaming Helper, German Entertainment Helper, and Italian Speaking Helpers. There’s a good mix of opportunities, so check them out.

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