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If you’re excited about making the telephone cool again, then check out jobs at Twilio--they have a variety of options in San Francisco, CA.

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The past few years have brought the Internet to our phones. It seems most of us have phones that can do more than what our laptops could do just a few years ago. But what about bringing the power of the telephone to the Internet? It doesn’t sound all that interesting at first, but after you take a look at Twilio you’ll change your tone. They’re a “cloud communications” startup located in San Francisco, CA, and they’ve been generating a ton of buzz lately. Why? Because they’ve built a platform that enables people to interact with web applications through the phone. For instance I could build an application that calls me if my site ever goes down. Or I could use someone else’s application to order pizza from any pizzeria in the U.S. Survey Monkey is using Twilio to automate phone surveys and StubHub is using it to confirm purchases instantly via SMS.

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At this point Twilio is all about creating tools that enable web developers to easily access telephony services. It sounds super complex, but it’s amazing how simple Twilio has made it. Even a non-developer can pretty easily understand how it works. The business is really simple too. Twilio charges 1 cent per minute for inbound calls to an app, 2 cents per minute for outbound calls, and 2 cents per SMS message. They may be generating revenue a penny at a time, but it’s going to be lots and lots of pennies. To get a better feel for how Twilio can be used, you should take a look at their gallery and their case studies. Most consumers will never realize that they’re using a Twilio-powered service, but that doesn’t matter–there are going to be a lots and lots of calls and text messages going through Twilio. The pennies will keep piling up. If you’re excited about making the telephone cool again, then check out jobs at Twilio. Right now they have a few options that could be appropriate for new grads including Customer Advocate, Software Engineer, Inside Sales Representative, and Developer Evangelist. Twilio is a company to watch, so might as well try to get in while it’s still early.

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