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SpareFoot is an Austin, TX based company that “has the largest inventory of storage units on the web.”

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I’ll fess up to it… I watch Storage Wars. How can you not enjoy a show where people make exorbitant bids for other people’s junk and then find out whether they won big or overpaid? Isn’t part of the American Dream finding treasure in someone else’s trash? I don’t know where they get the valuations on some of this stuff, but who cares if the “value” of all of the world’s antiques and collectibles is greater than the total amount of money in the world? (I’m making this up, but I’m convinced it’s true.) If you really want to make money from storage units, you’re better off owning them–or helping their owners market them. That’s what SpareFoot. They’re an Austin, TX based company that “has the largest inventory of storage units on the web” and allows you to “search by location, price, unit size and amenities.”

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I’ve never rented a storage unit, so I don’t know how hard it is to find a good one. But I assume that if you’re going to store your possessions, you want to make sure that they’re in a safe, well cared for place. You also want to make sure that you’re getting a deal, otherwise you’ll end up like those poor saps whose units are auctioned off to pay their bills. That’s why a consumer would use SpareFoot, but what about storage unit owners? They operate in a market where differentiation is tough. Most people want a storage unit that costs the least while meeting a bare minimum of certain standards. That means that they’ll pretty much go with the first place that they find. That’s why SpareFoot offers marketing solutions for self storage providers. Since buying storage units is not a suitable alternative for an entry level job, you might want to take a look at SpareFoot’s Careers page. Right now they’re looking for a Client Relations Specialist, an Inside Sales Representative, a PHP Developer, a UI Developer, and a Search Marketing Manager. You can also apply for an unlisted position if you don’t see something that you like.

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